Homeopathic remedy Psorinum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      The salt from a product of Psora. Hering A Nosode.


      Thoughts vanish, after overlifting. Memory so weak, cannot remember does not even know his room.

Thoughts which he cannot get rid of, they constantly reappear in his dreams.

As if stupid, in left half of head, morning.

Dull, stupid, foggy, as after a debauch, on awaking in night; dizziness he falls down.

Dull all forenoon disinclined to work.

Sad depressed; even suicidal thoughts.

Despairs of recovery thinks he will die, hopeless; especially after typhus, better from nosebleed. Religious melancholy. Anxiety, full of evil forebodings.


Cheerful takes pleasure in his work.

Irritable, peevish passionate noisy; nervous, easily started; restless hands tremble.

Mental labor causes: fulness in head; intense headache; throbbing in brain; pain in left temple.

Every moral emotion causes trembling.

Severe ailments from even slight emotions.


      Vertigo: mornings; objects seem to go around with him; with headache; eyes feel pressed outward.

Fulness in vertex, as if brain would burst out.

Congestion to head, heat; awakened at night stupefied; could not recollect after sitting still awhile had to rise to collect his senses.

Inner Head

      Morning headache, with pressing in forehead stupefaction staggering, eyes feel sore.

Sensation as from a heavy blow received on forehead awakens him; 1 A.M.

Pain in if brain had not enough room in forehead when rising in morning, forcing outward; better after washing and eating.

Pain in back of head, as if sprained; pressure in right side of occiput as if luxated.

Cramp-like contractive headache.

Like hammers striking the head from within outward.

Pressing headache on small spots in forehead and temples, worse left side; feels intoxicated, stupid.

Congestion to head, cheeks red and hot, eruption on face reddens; great anxiety every afternoon after dinner. Fifth month of pregnancy.

Outer Head

      Hair: dry, lustreless; tangles easily.

Viscid sweat about the head.

Whole head burns.

Pustules boils on head, mostly on scalp, which looks dirty and emits an offensive odor.

Moist suppurating fetid eruption. Also dry eruption.

Averse to having head uncovered; wears a fur cap even in hottest weather.


      Fiery sparks before eyes.

Objects seem to tremble for a few moments, get dark. Aversion to light.

Confusedness before eyes, after anxiety.

Eyes feel tired in evening.

Photophobia when walking in open air.

Eyes water, inflamed; hurt so she can scarcely open them; pains over eyebrows down nose, also back of head; complained mostly of her head.

Right eye inflamed, pressure as from foreign body when lids closed.

Ciliary blepharitis right to left, worse morning and during day; chronic cases.

Blepharitis, photophobia, child cannot open its eyes, lies on its face.


      Humming or buzzing in left ear; afterward stinging; hard of hearing. Discharge of reddish ear-wax.

External ears; raw, red oozing; scabs form; sore pain behind ears.

Otorrhoea very offensive, purulent watery, stinking diarrhea.

Severe pain in ear, confined him to bed for four days; ear swollen; thought pain in would drive him crazy.

Pustules on and behind concha.

Scabby eczema behind right ear came out, curing the child’s old, dry deafness.

Herpes from temples over ears to cheeks; at times throws off innumerable scales; at others shows painful rhagades, with yellow, discharge, forming scurfs; fetid humor; itching intolerable.


      Loss of smell.

Smell of blood.

Nose sensitive when inhaling air.

Boring, stinging in right nostril, followed by excessive sneezing.

Burning, followed by thin nasal discharge which relieves.

Tough mucus in nose; feels like a plug there; it nauseates him; better when stooping.

Catarrh, with cough and expectoration of yellow green mucus.

Septum inflamed, large pustules.


      Pale, yellow sickly; broad blue rings around eyes.

Burning heat and redness of face.

Pimples on forehead.

Cheek-bones pain in as if ulcerated.

Ulcers in face.

Scabby face; especially cheeks from ears; lips and eyelids swollen, sore about eyes.

Red, small pimples on face, especially on nose, chin and middle of cheeks.

Lower Face

      Upper lip swollen.

Lips dry, brown black; ulcers on lips.

Lips painful swollen.

Soreness of jaw, right side, around the ear; could not open in his mouth, even wide enough to admit his fingers.

Corners of mouth ulcerated; sycotic condylomata.

Submaxillary and lingual glands swollen, sore to touch; at the same time suppurating pustules on same place.


      Stitching in teeth from one side to other, radiating to head, with burning in right cheek, which is swollen.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.