Homeopathic remedy Mephitis drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Skunk. Hering. Mustelidae.


      Fancies so vivid they unfit for mental labour.

Talkative, as if drunk; excited, with heat of the head.

Angry about trifles, or imaginary things.


      Vertigo, sitting, stooping, turning in bed.

Numb and dull, with sensation as if head became enlarged, with ill-humor and nausea.

Inner Head

      Fulness in head, worse on vertex, worse studying.

Headache while riding in a carriage.

Heaviness and pressure in back part of head, as if fingers were pressing on it.


      Inability to read fine print.

Letters become blurred, he is unable to discern them, they run together.

Weakness of sight, generally with headache and pain in eyes.

Pain in eyes; when turning them in certain directions; as from a foreign body; as from overexertion.

Stitches in eyes as from needles.

Stinging and itching in eyes evenings and mornings.

Inflammation of eyes and lids, especially right side.

Redness of the conjunctiva.

Heat and burning of the eyes.


      Fetid discharge from ears.

Erysipelas of the ear, with itching, heat, redness and blisters.


      Dry nose; bleeding from the nose.

Fluent coryza, cough and soreness in chest.


      Bloated face.


      Sudden jerks in roots of teeth; strumming toothache.

Tongue etc.

      Coppery taste in the mouth.

Talking :.

Desires Aversions

      Wants every dish very much salted.

Eating and Drinking

      After eating : Drinking :.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Nausea, with emptiness in the stomach, and sensation as if the head were distended.


      Pressure in the stomach, and colic.


      Rheumatic pain in region of liver.

Stool etc.

      Thin, infrequent.


      Difficulty in urinating all day; stream interrupted.

Frequent micturition, with clear urine.

Urine is turbid in the morning after evening fever.

Male Sexual Organs

      Warmth of the genitals at night.

Itching of the scrotum.

Female Sexual Organs

      Burning leucorrhoea.

Soreness of genitals and swelling of labia.


      When drinking or talking, liability to have something get into

the larynx.


      Asthma : as from inhaling vapor of sulphur in sleep; of drunkards.

Inhalation difficult, exhalation almost impossible; or barking.


      After drinking, talking or loud reading; spasmodic, hollow or deep; with rawness, hoarseness and pain through chest; with suffocative feeling when inhaling; cannot inhale; vomits all food some hours after eating; convulsions; worse at night and after lying down; in the morning it is loose, with some expectoration.


      Pains in the chest (last left short rib) when touching it; more when coughing and sneezing.

Neck Back

      Stitches in the spinal column during motion.

Pain in the back and all the limbs, with lameness.

Upper Limbs

      Rheumatic pains in arms, relieved on motion.

Restless in left arm, with insensibility.

Trembling of arm when leaning on it.

Painful twitching of the left hand.

Lower Limbs

      Rush of blood to the legs at night.

Rheumatic pains from hips to feet; arthritic pain in heel.

Legs restless as if becoming insensible; knees feel bruised.

Spasmodic pain in left foot.

Stitches in the feet.

Pain in big toe as if being pinched off.

Corns, with pain and burning.

Position etc.

      With slightest manual work sweat breaks out.

Motion : Turning in bed : Sitting : Stooping :.



Inclination to stretch with disinclination to do anything.



      Frequent yawning; lachrymation.

Sleepy during day, even in company.

Cannot sleep the whole night.

Awakens early and feels refreshed.

Awakens at night with congestion to legs.

Night walking, open eyes, angry face.

Hair on head rises, cannot be made conscious.

Vivid dreams, which he recollect.

Asthma during sleep: not waking; continues after he has waked



      Morning : Evening : Morning and evening : Night :, Day :,.

Temperature and Weather

      Cold: colic worse.

Feels less chilly in cold weather; feels pleasant after ice- cold washing.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Cold feeling predominates; evening chilliness, with desire to urinate, colic as if diarrhoea would set in.

Increased warmth, especially in the morning.


      Right : Left :.


      Strumming through the body; anxiety.

Feels as if threads had been drawn through head and trunk.

Wandering pains with pressure to urinate.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch : Riding :.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.