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Homeopathic remedy Mancinella drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877.

      Manzanillo. G. Bute. Euphorbiacae.


      Sudden vanishing of thought, forgets from one moment to the next what she wishes to do.

Reluctant answering.

Everything becomes irksome.

Aversion to work.

Fear of getting crazy.


      Stupefying vertigo.

Inner Head

      Sharp stitches, particularly in the temples. Headache, with impatience.

Headache, caused by candle-light.

Outer Head

      Itching of the scalp.

Hair falls out.


      Burning in the eyes from candle-light.

Burning of eyelids, only when closing them.


      Redness and heat of the ears.


      Heat rising to the face, and soon thereafter painful itching, stitching and burning, continuing the whole day; next morning face swollen; towards noon vesicles, size of small pin-head, and filled with a yellow fluid, from; next day they remove through desquamation.

Pale, yellowish face.

Bashful appearance.

Lower Face

      Large number of small vesicles on the chin.

Tongue etc.

      Very bitter taste in the mouth.

Tongue coated white, except several sharply defined clean spots.


      Unendurable burning and prickling in the mouth, not relieved by cold water.

Whole mouth and tongued covered with small vesicles.

Increased flow of saliva.

Offensive yellow saliva.

Offensive smell of the mouth.

Blister, size of a hazel-nut, on the palate.


      Great elongation of the uvula.

Heat in pharynx and down the oesophagus, without thirst.

Great dryness of the throat.

Choking sensation rises in the throat when speaking, Angina following scarlet fever.

Periodical thrust (as if electric) in upper part of the throat, waking from sleep.

Yellowish-white ulcers on the tonsils, with violent burning pain.

Tonsils swollen.

Great swelling and suppuration of the tonsils, with danger of suffocation; whistling breathing.

Desires Aversions

      Thirst for cold water, but is prevented from drinking by the choking sensation rising from stomach.

Eating and Drinking

      Can only take liquid food, on account of soreness of the mouth.

From drinking water, aggravation of the bloatedness and painfulness of the region of stomach.

Cold water :. Drinking water :.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Ineffectual desire to eructate.

Inclination to gagging, with nausea.

Excessive nausea.

Continual choking sensation, rising from the stomach as from pressure of wind, with weakness and palpitation of heart.

Repeated green vomit.

Sour, greasy vomit, with aversion to water : on the vomit floats a white mass like coagulated fat.

Vomiting of food, followed by severe colic and profuse diarrhoea.


      Pain in region of stomach.

Bloatedness and painfulness of region of stomach, with nervous fever.

Sensation as of flames rising from the stomach.

Sensation as if the stomach drew together in a lump, and then suddenly opened again.

Swelling in pit of stomach.


      Pains in the left hypochondrium.

Rumbling in the left side when bending to the right.


      Pains in the abdomen through the bowels, after drinking water.

Intestinal colic: with fainting; with constipation and diarrhoea in alternation.

Stool etc.

      Fulness of the rectum, with a hollow feeling in stomach.

Profuse diarrhoea, with colic and vertigo.

Many bloody stools, with colic, inclination to sleep and vertigo.

Greenish stools, without blood.

Diarrhoea, with burning in the abdomen and anus.

Diarrhoea in alternation with constipation.


      Tired feeling in region of kidneys, with inclination to rub the parts, and with frequent stretching backward of body.

Sensation of weakness and as if bruised, in region of the kidneys.

Urine : brown; whitish clouded, on standing.

Male Sexual Organs

      Increased sexual desire.

Female Sexual Organs

      Pale menstrual flow.


      Nasal tone.


      Whistling breathing.

During breathing: rattling in left chest; loud rumbling in abdomen; severe pain in middle of sternum worse from pressure.


      Violent cough and painful stitches in trachea from slightest exertion.

Cough, worse at night.

Expectoration relieves the oppression of chest.


      Oppression of the chest.

Rattling in the left chest.

Heart Pulse

      Palpitation of the heart and weakness.

Pulse weak and somewhat accelerated.

Outer Chest

      Stitches in the middle of the sternum.

Neck Back

      Painful stiffness in the neck, especially after sleep, could scarcely move the neck.

Painful stiffness of small of back.

Upper Limbs

      Painful stiffness of the finger-joints.

Hands as if too thick, “asleep,” and heavy.

Clumsiness of the hands.

Hands icy-cold.

Lower Limbs

      Quivering and jerking in the legs in the attacks.

Trembling of the legs.

Stitches under the heel, from without inward.

Burning and dry feeling in the soles.

Desquamation of the soles, at the end of the fever.

Large vesicles, especially on the soles.

Position etc.

      Slight exertion : Bending to the right :. Frequent stretching backward : Must lie down; the pulse is irregular, limbs cold, great anxiety.

Must lie down on account of the (moderate) fever and violent headache.


      When awaking, hands “asleep” and heavy, and feel as if too thick.

After sleep : bitterness in mouth; great dryness in throat; could scarcely move the neck.


      Noon : Night : All day :.

Temperature and Weather

      Throws off covering; Wants to cover :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chilly, icy-cold hands and feet.

Flushes of heat, with sensation as if flames rose from out region of stomach, on account of which threw off the covering.

Burning heat with inclination to cover himself, in bed.

Burning heat, with thirst.

Cold sweat.


      Left :, Below upward :, 4,,, Without inward :.


      Unnatural lightness, as if flying in the air.

Stitches in various parts of the body.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Pressure :.