Homeopathic remedy Lithium Carbonicum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Lithia. HERING. Alkali.


      Difficulty in remembering name.

Disposed to weep about his lonesome condition.

Anxiety, hopeless, all night.

Inner Head

      Early on waking, headache in vertex and temples after sudden cessation of menses.

Heaviness in sinciput, worse in frontal eminence, Pain and heaviness over the brows, worse toward evening.

Headache ceases while eating, but returns and remains until food is again taken.

Pain in left temple.

Throbbing headache.

Confusion of the head.

Pressure in right side of forehead.


      Black motes before eyes; eyes sensitive after using them by candle-light.

Vision uncertain; right half of objects invisible; second day of menses; pain over eyes.

Sunlight blinds him.

Eyes; pain as if sore; pain as from grains of sand; feel dry, and pain after reading.

Throbbing and drawing deep in right eye and around it.

Stitches in right eye.


      Earache, left side from the throat.

Pain behind left ear, in bone, extending toward the neck.


      Swollen, red, worse right side; internally sore and dry; shining crusts form.

Nose obstructed above, worse in morning and forenoon.

Mucous discharge in evening.

Dropping from nose in open air.


      Pain right side from root of tooth that has been sawn off, extending to temple; next day same on left side from throat to ear.


      Teeth feel numb, dull and loose, cannot bite on them.


      Sore throat in evening, right side.

Sore throat, pain into ear.

Solid lumps from choanae and fauces, worse morning and forenoon.

Eating and Drinking

      After fruit: diarrhoea.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Acidity of stomach.

Nausea with gnawing in stomach, fulness in temples, headache.


      Gnawing in stomach.

Fulness in pit of stomach; cannot endure slightest pressure of clothes.


      Pressure in hepatic region.

Violent pain in hepatic region, between ilium and ribs.

Sticking pain in left hypochondrium.


      Feels swollen, as if distended with wind.

Violent pain across upper part of abdomen.

Pain in left abdominal ring, like a pressing from within outward.

Stool etc.

      Stools soft, light, yellow, in the morning; offensive at night; stinking flatus in evening; Worse after fruit or chocolate.


      Flashes of pain in region of bladder, more toward the right, before passing water; pain extends into spermatic cord after urinating.

Tenesmus vesicae with micturition; in the evening, while walking.

Quick, strong tenesmus, with sensitive pain in middle of urethra.

On rising to urinate, a pressing in cardiac region, not ceasing until after urination; morning.

Urine : strong, scanty, dark, acrid; pain when passed, emission difficult; with dark, reddish-brown deposit; turbid, with mucous deposit; profuse, with uric acid deposit.

Frequent, copious urination disturbing sleep.

Male Sexual Organs

      Erection after urination at night.

Gonorrhoea, with alternate hemorrhage and discharge.

Burning in urethra.

Pain in testes, and when sitting, stitches in penis.

Female Sexual Organs

      Menses : late, scanty; cease suddenly, and headache comes on.


      On inspiring the air feels cold even into lungs.

Constriction of chest when walking in open air after breakfast, then expectoration of much mucus, by hawking, seemingly from middle of sternum.


      Violent, in quick shocks, evening while lying; must rise; no sputa; irritation to cough, starts at a small spot posteriorly and inferiorly in throat.


      Pressure in middle of chest from within outward towards both sides.

Heart Pulse

      Violent pain in region of heart, as she bent over the bed; morning after rising.

Valvular deficiencies, worse from mental agitation, which cause a fluttering and trembling of heart.

Sudden shocks in cardiac region.

Rheumatic soreness in cardiac region.

Pains in heart before and at time of urinating; also before and at time of menses.

Neck Back

      Sore feeling right side near the spine, on a small spot; worse from pressure; morning on rising.

Prostrate feeling in sacrum at night.

Stitch in sacrum.

Upper Limbs

      Pain near point of right pectoralis major on margin of right shoulder.

Burning stitch in ball of hand in the left thumb.

Itching, throbbing, sensitive pains, in all fingers, worse second and third of left hand, as if in the bones; it extends from hands to finger-ends, only during repose; better on pressure, when grasping and during motion.

Left middle finger painful through and through.

Soreness at margin of nail, with redness and pain.

Lower Limbs

      Itching-burning pain in small spot on right hip, then on thigh, then on little toe; all on external aspect of limb; also, internally on left thigh and knee.

Occasional rheumatic pains.

Knees weak, with pain, worse going up stairs.

Feet, ankles, metatarsus, toes, especially at border of foot and sole, as if gouty.

Ankle-joints pain when walking.

Position etc.

      Going up stairs: Motion : Walking : in open air; 2. Sitting :.


      Prostration of whole body, especially knee-joints and sacrum.

Paralytic stiffness in all the limbs and in whole body.


      Anxious, restless at night.

Sleep disturbed by pains in sacrum and feet.

Awakened by offensive diarrhoea, tenesmus vesicae, erections, which subside on urinating.


      Morning :, Forenoon :. Evening :, Night :,.

Temperature and Weather

      Open air : Cool air inspired :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Cold feet, soles worse; then sudden heat beginning in soles and extending over whole body.

General feeling of heat in the body; sweat on back of hands.

Copious sweat.


      Right, Left.Within outward :, Below upward :.


      Bones, joints, muscles, whole body sore as if beaten.


Contact Injuries etc.

      Pressure :, Grasping with the hand :.


      Itching and burning. Skin rough as a grater, harsh, dry; barber’s itch.

Ringworm, dry, itching.

Rough rash over body. Secondary syphilis.

Milk. crust.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.