Homeopathic remedy Kali Bromatum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Potassium Bromide.


      Imagines she is a devil; cannot sleep; fears to be alone (medicine developed urticaria with relief).

Excited, hands constantly busy; timid, suspicious.

Frightful images at night during pregnancy; or in children, who awake screaming, unconscious, recognize no one; followed by squinting.

Delirium, with delusions; thinks he is pursued; will be poisoned; is selected for divine vengeance; that her child is dead, etc.

Delirium tremens, flushed face, horrid illusions.

Melancholy, with delusions; often childish; fits of uncontrollable weeping. Feels as if he would go out of his mind. Apathetic, indifferent.

Mentally dull, torpid; perception slow, answers slowly.

Inability to express oneself; loss of memory; amnesic aphasia.

Single words forgotten or syllables are dropped.


      Vertigo : as if ground gave way; and staggering gait: with confusion and heat of head, drowsiness, stupor; fainting and nausea followed by sound sleep.

Inner Head

      Brain irritated, face flushed, pupils dilated, eyes sunken : rolls head; awakes now and then screaming : extremities colds; cholera infantum. Active congestion; inflammation before effusion has occurred.

Outer Head

      Scalp feels tight, brain numb, confused; difficult walking.


      Vision dim, pupils dilated : with heavy lids and invincible drowsiness.

Squinting Hallucinations of sight and sound, with or without mania precede brain and paralytic symptoms.

Gaze fixed. Eyes sunken, lustreless.

Vessels of fundus enlarged. Conjunctivae congested.


      Sounds echo in ears; headache.

Hardness of hearing. Roaring in ears at night synchronous with pulse.


      Smell lessened.

Thick mucus and yellow scabs in nostrils.


      Expression : pale, but otherwise appeared as one drunk, with hallucination, etc.; wearied, anxious; dull, stupefied; imbecile.

Complexion yellow, cachectic.

Tongue etc.

      Tongue; red, dry, enlarged; red, later dry and brown; white, with languor and sleepiness.

Tongue red and tender; gums spongy; diabetes.

Difficult speech; action of tongue disordered; also slow and difficult after waking; stammering.


      Breath fetid; tongue white.

Saliva profuse, with fetid breath.

Taste : foul; lost.



Uvula and fauces congested, then oedematous.

Dysphagia of liquids (in infants); can swallow only solids.

Anaesthesia of the mouth, throat and pharynx; chronic alcoholism.

Desires Aversions

      Thirst intense with dry mouth.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Sick and giddy.

Repeated retching and emesis.


      Abdomen spasms, walls retracted, convulsive motions of eyes and limbs; frequent green, watery stools; summer complaint.

Sensation as if the bowels were falling out.

Stools, etc.

      Discharges watery; cholera infantum, especially with cerebral irritation and collapse. Constipation; stools dry, hard, infrequent.


      Diabetes, the urine is loaded with sugar.

Profuse, with abundance of phosphates.

Urine scanty; even suppressed in collapse.

Dribbling of urine at beginning of stool.

Incontinence of urine.

Male Sexual Organs

      Desires lessened even to impotence.

Seminal emissions, with depressed spirits, dull thought, backache, staggering gait and great weakness.

Female Sexual Organs

      Has removed ovarian cysts.

Is claimed to be useful in uterine fibroids and subinvolution.

Ovarian neuralgia from ungratified sexual desire; nervous unrest.


      Paroxysmal, dry, at intervals of two or three hours; difficult respiration; followed by a vomiting of mucus or food; worse at night and when lying down.

Heart Pulse

      Action : Action : lacks energy; sounds seem distant and feeble; slow, fluttering.

Pulse : accelerated, later slower; slow, small weak.

Upper Limbs

      Hands and fingers in constant action; busy (); twitching of fingers.

Trembling of hands during voluntary motion; or, as in delirium tremens.

Position etc.

      Lying down : Motion : Staggering gait :.


      Lessens reflex excitation, hence its antipathic application to epilepsy and kindred affections.

Nervous, busy, must occupy oneself; often in nervous women.

Nervous excitement, irritation and congestion of the cerebral meninges, with mania, etc.

Inco-ordination of muscles; nervous weakness, even paralysis of motion and numbness.

Gait : unsteady, reeling as if drunk, with rolling and staggering: (22) as one walks with locomotor ataxia. Looks to see if legs are really moving.

Weakness of the extensors of legs and feet.

Languor, disinclined to talk, or use mind or work, indifferent, sleepy, yet by a strong effort of will can act as usual.

General delirium, hallucinations, fancies about being persecuted, ataxia; as in general paralysis.

Restlessness, fitfulness of motion, with giddiness.


      Sleepiness; deep sleep, often broken by a start, though waking is very difficult; confused dreams.

Awakes from a profound sleep, not knowing where he is.

Sleeplessness, especially in anaemic patients, or nervous persons who are exhausted but irritated.

Waking :.


      Night :.

Temperature and Weather

      High temperature: Winter : Summer complaint :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Lowers the temperature degree to degree Pulse Skin cold, clammy. Painful flushings of the face at the climacteric period.

Sweat abundant, viscid; long-lasting and exhausting.


      Muscles irritated, rendered inco-ordinate () and then paralyzed.

Lowers temperature, with coldness of extremities, hands and wrists icy-cold and wet, cerebral irritation, in cholera infantum. Emaciation; weak, pallid.


      Acne simplex and indurata; bluish-red, pustular; worse on face and chest; especially in lymphatic constitutions.

Rose-colored, mamilated eruption on the lower extremities; sometimes pustules in centre of patches that become umbilicated, exuding a creamy moisture and forming thick, yellow, scabs.

Slightly elevated, smooth, red patches, like urticaria, but with hardened bases, like erythema nodosum, itching at night in bed and in a high temperature; appear in winter.

Moist eczema of legs with pityriasis of the scalp.


      Compare Ambr.gris., Hyosc., Gelsem. (sleepless from nervous exhaustion): Bellad, (but latter has sthenic symptoms; Kali brom, symptoms of debility, muscular coldness and redness as in collapse); Opium, Camphor., Camph. brom. (collapse in cholera infantum).

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.