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Homeopathic remedy Cistus Canadensis drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877.

      Rock Rose. BUTE. Cistaceae.


      All mental excitement increases the suffering. Bad effects of vexation.

Inner Head

      Headache in the sinciput after being kept waiting for dinner; better after eating.

Headache generally grows worse toward evening and lasts all night.

Outer Head

      Pressing pain at root of nose, with headache.

Pressure in the glabella.

Head drawn to one side by swellings in the neck.


      Scrofulous inflammation of long standing; feeling as if something were passing around in eye, with stitches.

Spasmodic piercing pain in the middle of the upper rim or the right orbit, with some headache on that side.


      Watery, bad-smelling pus discharged from the ears : inner swelling of the ears.

Tetters on and around the ears, extending into the external meatus.

Swelling beginning at ear and extending half way up cheek.

Swelling of parotids.


      Cold feeling in the nose.

Frequent and violent sneezing, mostly evening and morning; chronic nasal catarrh.

Left side inflammed and swollen.

Tip of nose painful.

Eczema of the nose.


      Flushes of heat in the face.

Vesicular erysipelas.

Heat and burning in bones.

Sharp shooting, intolerable itching and thick crusts, with burning on the right zygoma.

Lower Face

      Caries of the lower jaw; with suppurating glands in the neck.

Open, bleeding cancer on lower lip.

Lupus exedens on mouth and nose.


      Twitching, stitching toothache in an upper left decayed molar.

Scorbutic swollen gums, separating from the teeth; easily bleeding, putrid, disgusting.

Tongue etc.

      Dryness of tongue and roof of mouth.

Tongue sore, surface as if raw.


      Inhaled air feels cool to tongue.


      Fauces inflamed and dry, without a dry feeling; tough, gum like, thick, tasteless mucus is brought up by hawking, mostly morning.

Sore throat from inhaling the least cold air, not from warm air.

Must swallow saliva to relieve the unbearable dryness, especially during the night.

Dryness in the throat, worse after sleeping.

A small dry spot in the gullet; worse after sleeping; must get up and drink; better after eating; throat looks glassy; on the back of throat strips of tough mucus.

Stitches in throat cause cough; when mentally agitated.

Desires Aversions

      Desire for acid food; for acid fruits; but pain and diarrhoea follow after eating them.

Eating and Drinking

      Eating and drinking relieve dry throat; pain in sinciput less.

After eating : pain in stomach; cold feeling in stomach; after fruit or coffee, diarrhoea.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Cold eructations.

Frequent nausea.


      Cold feeling in stomach before and after eating.


      Cold feeling in whole abdomen.

Flatulence and bruised pain in hypochondria; evening and night.

Stool etc.

      Thin, greyish-yellow, hot stool; squirting out; irresistible urging; worse afterpart of night until noon.

Diarrhoea form coffee, acid fruits; diarrhoea, with goitre.

Discharge of much flatus.

Chronic diarrhoea.

Male Sexual Organs

      Itching on the scrotum.

Female Sexual Organs

      Catamenia does not appear, after erysipelas.


      Induration and inflammation of the mammae.

Let mamma inflamed, suppurating with a feeling of fulness in the chest; sensibility to cold air; scrofulous.


      Inhaled air feels cool, in larynx and trachea.

Chronic itching in larynx and trachea.

Pain in the trachea.

Goitre, size of hen’s egg; frequent diarrhoea.


      Asthmatic, in the evening after lying down and at night, loud wheezing, sensation as if the trachea had not space enough.


      From stitches in the throat; with painful tearing in the throat; the neck studded with tumors.


      Feeling of rawness from chest to throat.

Fulness in the chest.

Outer Chest

      Hurts when touched.

Pressure on chest.

Small painful pimples, which bleed easily and heal slowly, across the shoulders and on the breast.

Neck Back

      Scrofulous swelling and suppuration of the glands of the throat.

Drawing pains at nape, and each side of spine, headache in the temples.

Scrofulous ulcers on the back. Burning, bruised pain in the os coccygis, prevents sitting; worse from touch.

Upper Limbs

      Violent pain in left shoulder and chest : feels as if eructation would relieve it.

Tips of fingers sensitive to cold air.

Tetter on the hands; blisters, oozing after scratching, with hot swelling.


Hard, thickened places on hands of workmen; with deep, oblique cracks.

Lower Limbs

      Pains in knee and right thigh, walking or sitting.

Tearing in the knees; evening. Hard swelling around mercurio-syphilitic ulcers on legs.

Piercing pain in the right great toe; evening.

Cold feet.

Swelling of left leg, ulcer thereon; skin copper-colored.

Limbs in General

      Bruised pain, as from fatigue.

Position etc.

      Walking : Lying : Sitting :.


      Involuntary drawing and trembling feeling in muscular parts of hands and lower extremities, with pain in the wrists, fingers and knee joints.

Trembling with the fever.


      Restless at night; pain from flatulence.

Sleeplessness from dryness of throat.

Anxious dreams.

On awaking, pain under hypochondria.


      Morning :. Evening :,. Night : After part of night till noon : 20.

Temperature and Weather

      Cold air :,.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chilliness. Chill succeeded by heat, with trembling, accompanied by a quick swelling and great redness of the glands below the ear and in the throat.

Cold feeling : in the abdomen; in the larynx and trachea.

Cold feet.

Heat with thirst, drinks frequently.

In a warm room, skin grows moist; forehead cool externally, with an internal feeling of coolness.

Night sweats.

Sweats very easily.


      Right : Left :,.


      Glands swollen, inflamed, indurated or ulcerated.


Old ulcers.

Caries of the lower jaw.

Pains in all joints; drawing, tearing; worse in evening.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch :, Scratching :.


      Itching all over the body, without eruption.

Herpetic eruption on various parts.

Scrofula; extremely sensitive to cold air.

Mercurio-syphilitic ulcers surrounded by hard swelling; on the lower limbs.


      Bellad., Carb. Veg., Phosphor., act favourably between repeated doses of Cistus.

Sepia cured painfully swollen nose, resulting from Cistus.

Drinking coffee after Cistus may cause diarrhoea.