Homeopathic remedy Carbo Animalis drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Animal Coal Charcoal HAHNEMANN.


      Confused, did not know whether he had been asleep or awake: morning.

Desire to be alone: she is sad, reflective: avoids conversation, taciturn.

Alternate cheerfulness and melancholy.


Anxiety: apprehensive, after an emission.

Fright in the dark.


      Vertigo and confusion on sitting up; better when reclining; nausea.

Brain feels as if loose, during motion.

Inner Head

      Pain in top of head, as if skull had been split or torn asunder; worse during wet weather and at night; must press the head with both hands. Heaviness: in head at night; weary feet; in the forehead on stooping; especially in cerebellum, worse forenoon, in cold air; better after dinner.

Rush of blood to head;l confusion in head.

Throbbing headache after menses; worse in the open air.

Outer Head

      Skin of forehead and vertex feels tight.


      Dim sight, eyes feel weak.

A net seems to swim before the eyes.


      Does not know from what direction sounds come.

Ringing in ears when blowing nose Ichorous otorrhoea.

Periosteum behind the ear swollen, Parotid gland swollen; lancinating pains.


      Nosebleed: every morning, preceded by dull feeling in head, preceded by vertigo.

Dry coryza, cannot breathe through nose in morning, on walking, and for sometimes after.

Coryza, scraping in throat, worse evening, night, and when swallowing.

Fluent coryza, with loss of smell, yawning and sneezing.

Tip of nose: red painful to touch: skin feels tight, is chapped; little boils inside.

Hard, bluish tumor on end of nose.


      Face has cachectic appearance; looks earthy.

Heat in face and head; in afternoon.

Erysipelas of face.

Copper-colored eruption.

Acne; young, scrofulous persons.

Lower Face

      Shooting and stitches in malar bone, especially left, running towards the ear.

Lips swollen, burning.

Vesicles, or cracks on the lips.


      Teeth loose, sensitive on chewing.

Gums: red, swollen, painful; bleeding.


Tongue etc.

      Taste: bitter, especially morning; sour.

Burning on tip of tongue, and rawness in mouth.

Burning blisters on tips and edges of tongue.

Knotty indurations in the tongue.


      Blisters, burning.

Mouth and tongue dry.

Frequent biting of the inside of cheek.


      Mucus in throat, hawking.

Raw sensation in throat and oesophagus, to pit of stomach; not increased by swallowing.

Raw feeling, like heart-burn, better after eating.

Desires Aversions

      Ravenous hunger.

No appetite; averse to fatty food.

Eating and Drinking

      Eating causes: fatigue; distress and burning in stomach; inflation; long’-lasting nausea, after meat.

Eating relieves rawness in throat.

After dinner:. After eating:,,.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations tasting of food long eaten.

Heart burn.

Saltish water runs from the mouth. retching. vomiting,. hiccough. cold feet. Cancer of stomach.


      Spasmodic cramps.

Like a load or weight in stomach on waking, mornings.

Sore feeling in pit of stomach.

Pressing, clawing, griping, burning in stomach.

Faint, gone feeling; also from suckling the child; eating does not relieve it.

Fullness, cold feeling in stomach after slight meal;, better lying lying hand-on stomach.


      Aching, almost cutting in region of liver, even while lying down.


      Abdomen greatly distended; much annoyed with flatus.

Painful sensation in right lower abdomen, as if something would be squeezed through.

Feeling in left groin on sitting down, as if a hard body were lying there; relieved after pressure, by passage in flatus.

Soreness in abdomen while coughing.

Hard buboes, begin to suppurate; or maltreated cases with callous edges, ichorous, offensive discharge.

Stool etc.

      Severe burning in rectum, in evening.

Anus sore; viscid moisture, oozing also from perineum.

Stitches in rectum and anus.

Stool hard lumpy, scanty.

Unsuccessful desire for stool; passes only offensive flatus; pain in the back, and feeling across abdomen as if there was no expulsive power.

Blood passes during stool.

Piles, burn and sting, worse during walking. Fissura-ani with severe burning.


      Frequent desire, urine increased; fetid; some times interrupted; more frequent at night.

Inefficient urging, with painful pressure in loins, groins and thighs, During urination: burning soreness in urethra.

Stitches and lancinating in the abdomen, better from urinating.

Male Sexual Organs

      Seminal emission; parts feel weak; exhausted mentally and bodily.

Syphilis; buboes.

Female Sexual Organs

      Tearing transversely across the pubes, and then through pudenda as far as the anus.

Induration of neck of uterus; burning.

Menorrhagia from chronic induration of uterus; also in delicate women, with glandular affections. Burning in thighs; labor-like pains in pelvis and sacrum; slimy, bloody discharge, very weak. Cancer uteri.

Menses: too early, too long, not profuse.

During menses: lameness in thighs; pressing in small of back, groins and thighs, unsuccessful desire to eructate,. chilly, yawning; the flow weakens her, she can hardly speak: blood dark.

Leucorrhoea: stains linen yellow; offensive; burning, biting; more when walking or standing; causes weak feeling in stomach.


      Nausea, worse at night.

Lochia long-lasting, thin, offensive, excoriating; numb limbs.

Mammae: darting pains of nursing women, arrest breathing, worse from pressure; hard, painful spots swollen, inflamed (erysipelatous) during confinement.

Tumor hard, uneven, skin loose; burning pains; dirty, blue-red spots; pains drawing towards axilla; night-sweat, low spirited. Scirrhus mammae.


      Rawness and hoarseness, morning after rising.

Hoarseness, worse evening; loss of voice during night.


      Dyspnoea and anxiety; low-spirited.

Painting and rattling.

Oppression in the morning and after eating.


      From tickling in the right side of chest, or lying on right side; sputum green.

Severe, dry cough, shakes the abdomen as if all would fall out, must support the bowels; loose rales until something is coughed up; morning on rising and nearly all day.


      Sensation of coldness in chest.

Chronic bronchitis, with night-sweats.

Burning (in right side of) chest.

Pneumonia in right lung, suppuration beginning, green sputum.

Pleurisy, lingering; skin livid, emaciation, hectic; or typhoid symptoms.

Sharp burning stitches in chest.

Heart Pulse

      Palpitation after eating: when singing in church; morning on awaking, must lie still, with eyes closed.

Pulse accelerated, especially evening; beating in blood vessels.

Neck Back

      Glands of neck indurated, swollen, painful. Pressing, drawing and stiffness in lumbar region, as if broken.

Sharp drawing across small of back, sensitive to every step.

Coccyx feels bruised; burning when touched; pain as from subcutaneous ulceration, worse sitting or lying.

Upper Limbs

      Axillary glands indurated.

Arms painful to touch.

Hands and fingers readily go to sleep.

Wrists pain as if sprained.

Hands numb; often with chest affections.

Gouty stiffness of finger-joints.

Lower Limbs

      Stitches in left hip when sitting.

Sweat at night on thighs only.

Painful tension in the calves, when walking,.

The foot turns under when walking, as from a weak ankle.

Painful contraction of tendo-achillis.

Pain in heels; feet sore.

Frost-bites; inflamed, burning.

Corns, painful to touch.

Limbs in General

      Bruised feeling, especially during motion.

Position etc.

      Sitting:, Motion:, Walking:. Slight exertion: After rising: Standing: Stooping: Reclining: Lying:, on right side: Must lie still: Lying on stomach:.


      Weak, want of energy: head confused; prostration.

Easily sprained from lifting even small weights.


      Anxious; frightful visions and restlessness keep him awake.

Sleepy all forenoon; yawning.

Sleep full of vivid fancies: talks, groans, sheds tears.


      Morning:,, Forenoon: Afternoon: Evening: Night: Toward morning: All day: Swallowing:.

Temperature and Weather

      Wet weather: Open air: In bed: Aversion to open air.

Cold and open air:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill, especially in afternoon and after eating; evening chill followed by sweat.

Heat always after a chill, mostly at night, in bed.

Sweat generally towards morning, also from slight exertion, even eating.

Night sweat fetid, debilitating, staining yellow.


      Right:,, Left:,.


      Venous plethora: Stinging in scars.

Benignant change into ichorous suppurations.

Glands indurated, swollen, inflamed, with lancinating, cutting or burning. Scirrhus.

Joints weak; easily sprained: Gummata.

Contact injuries etc.

      Touch: Pressure: Chewing: 1. Lifting:.


      Itching over whole body; evening in bed.

Erysipelatous swellings, with burning pain.

Stages and States

      Elderly persons, especially with venous plethora, blue cheeks, blue lips, debility, etc.

Young, scrofulous subjects.


      Antidotes: Arsen., Camphor., Nux vomica, Vinum.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.