Homeopathic remedy Cantharis drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Spanish Fly. HAHNEMANN. Cantharis vesicatoria.


      Sudden loss of consciousness, face red. Dentition. Forgetfulness.

Confusion of head and pulsation in forehead, in morning.

Confusion; distraction of mind; inability to concentrate thought.

Furious delirium.

Irritable, dissatisfied with every one and everything.

Whining, and complaining, with anxious restlessness, worse on motion, better lying quiet.

Paroxysms of rage, with crying, barking and beating; renewed by the sight of dazzling, bright objects;when touching the larynx, or when trying to drink water.

Despondent and low-spirited, says she must die.

Insolent and contradictory mood in the afternoon.

Anxious restlessness.


      Vertigo; and staggering; and fainting; while walking in the open air, with transient attacks of unconsciousness; appearance of a fog before the eyes.

Inner Head

      Headache in the forehead.

Burning in the sides of the head, ascending from the neck, with soreness and giddiness; worse morning and afternoon; when standing or sitting; better while walking or lying down.

Heaviness in the occiput, with drowsiness and incapacity to think; heaviness of the head.

Inflammation of brain.

Pains deep in the brain, with constant expression of anguish on the face resembling a sullen scowl or frown, with eyes closed; or without expression, if open.

Painful tearing on the vertex, with sensation as if some one were pulling a lock of hair upwards.

Stitching, tearing or drawing pains in bones of skull.

Headache from washing or bathing.

Outer Head

      Hair falls out when combing.


      Objects look yellow. Eyes look yellow.

Dimness of sight.

Inflammation of the eyes; from a burn.

Smarting in the eyes.

Eyes protruding; fiery, sparkling, staring look.

Eyes sunken, surrounded by blue rings.

Lachrymation in the open air; must close the eyes; on opening lids, the margins pain as if sore, like raw flesh.


      Ringing, humming or roaring in the ears.

A hot exhalation passes, at intervals, and frequently from the ears.

Tearing in the right ear and right mastoid process.


      Nosebleed early in morning.

Erysipelatous inflammation of the dorsum of the nose, spreading to both cheeks, but more to the right; followed by desquamation Secretion of much tenacious mucus from nose without sneezing; hoarseness and painful hawking of touch mucus from chest; nightly dry, cutting stitches along trachea externally.

Mucus collects in posterior nares, difficult to dislodge.


      Expression of extreme suffering.

Death-like look during and after pains.

Face: much swollen and puffy: flushed when stooping; yellow, or very pale.

Lower Face

      Dry lips, without thirst.


      Painful red spot, size of a pin’s head, over the carious root of an upper incisor; discharges pus from a small opening in the centre, when pressed.

Lock-jaw with grinding of the teeth.

Tongue etc.

      Taste: bitter; of pitch; lost.

Gold tooth-plate tastes coppery.

Speech weak and timorous.

Tongue: thickly furred, red at the edges; swollen and thickly coated; at base, in part excoriated, in part covered with blisters; trembling of the tongue.


      Mucous membrane red and covered with small blisters; sore, burning or smarting.

Dryness in the mouth extending into posterior nares.

Burning pain in the mouth, throat and stomach.

Salivation; copious, tasteless; disgusting, sweet.


      Burning sensation in throat; throat feels “on fire.” Throat inflamed and covered with plastic lymph.

Throat swollen.

Stinging, dryness in pharynx.

Constriction and intense pain at the back of the throat.

Burning soreness of the throat, which is inflamed.

Aphthous ulcer at the back part of the fauces, covered with a whitish adherent crust; a similar one on right tonsil.

Swallowing of liquids very difficult.

Desires Aversions

      Aversions to all kinds of nourishment, particularly in the evening.

Immediately on cessation of pains, patient feels hungry.

Great thirst with burning pain in throat and stomach.

Thirst, with aversion to all fluids.

Disgust for everything.

Eating and Drinking

      After drinking coffee, sensation of fulness.

Drinking, even small quantities of water, increases the pain in the bladder.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations of sour, frothy mucus, tinged bright red.

Nausea and vomiting.

Vomiting: of the water drunk, also of blood; greenish, offensive; or bile and ingesta; of frothy mucus, tinged bright red; with violent retching and severe colic.


      Acute pain in region of stomach and bladder, with such exquisite sensibility that the slightest pressure produces convulsions.

Violent burning pain in stomach; also in pyloric region.

Patient tosses about, as if in despair, with pains in stomach.

Stomach: feels as if it were screwed together.

Sensation of fulness extending to chest and abdomen, after taking coffee.


      Incarceration of flatus under the short ribs.


      Abdomen swollen and tympanitic above; yields a dull sound below. Great distention and tenderness of the belly.

Cutting in the abdomen, as from knives, with burning.

Violent burning pain through the whole intestinal tract, with painful sensitiveness to touch.

Cutting, stitching or burning in the groins.

Abdominal symptoms are apt to be in sympathy or consonance with those in distant parts.

Hard tumefaction above the symphysis pubis, with burning pains in the loins.

Stool etc.

      Violent burning in the anus, after the diarrhoea.

Pain in the perineum, seemingly arising from the neck of the bladder.

Desire for stool while urinating.

Diarrhoea, of blood and mucus.

Dysentery, or diarrhoea, with dysuria; feces red, slimy.

Passage of white, tough mucus with stool, like scrapings from intestines with streaks of blood; slimy and bloody stools.

Constipation, with retention of urine, or with frequent urination, attended with cutting, burning pains, but little urine being passed at a time.

During stool: colic, pressing, cutting or burning pains in the anus, causing the patient to cry out.

After stool: cutting colic, burning, biting or stinging in anus; chilliness, as if cold water were poured over body.

Passage of pure blood from the anus and urethra.

Cutting in the rectum partially relieved by discharge of flatus, entirely relieved by stool.


      Pain in the region of the kidneys and urging to urinate, steadily increasing in severity.

Constant, dull, painful sensation in region of kidneys, late in evening.

Pain in the kidney extending into the abdomen, the axilla, along the urethra into the bladder.

Paroxysmal cutting and burning pain in both kidneys, the region very sensitive to the slightest touch, alternating with pain in tip of penis; urging to urinate; painful evacuation, by drops, of bloody urine, and at times of pure blood.

Cutting and contracting pains from the ureters down toward the penis; at times the pains pass from without inwards; pressure on the glans relieves pain somewhat.

Heaviness in bladder, feels sore on slightest motion.

Urging to urinate from the smallest quantity of urine in the bladder.

Violent pains in the bladder with frequent urging; intolerable tenesmus.

Violent burning-cutting pains in neck of bladder, extending to fossa navicularis, worse before and after urinating.

With the urging to urinate, stitching pain in forepart of neck of bladder; on continued urging, only a few drops pass Urging, worse when standing, and still more when walking; better when sitting.

Fruitless effort to urinate.

Urine passes in a thin and divided stream.

Retention of urine, causing pain.

Urine: turbid and scanty; cloudy during the night, like mealy water, with white sediment; albuminous, containing cylindrical casts, mucus and shreds; looks jellylike; contains large quantities of pus in vesical catarrh.

Before, during and after urinating, cutting pains in urethra.

Male Sexual Organs

      Sexual desire: increased; disturbing sleep at night.

Strong and persistent erection, painless and without voluptuous sensation.

Bloody semen.

Erection at night, with contraction and sore pain along urethra.

Painful gonorrhoea with chordee; painful priapism.

Drawing pain in the spermatic cord, while urinating.

Testicles drawn up.

Female Sexual Organs

      Ovarian region; stitches, arresting the breathing; violent pinching pains, with bearing down towards the genitals; great

burning pain.

Inflammation of the ovaries, with cutting or burning, Swelling of neck of uterus.

Uterine hemorrhage, with great irritation in neck of the bladder.

Menses: too early, too profuse, blood black or scanty breasts painful.

Amenorrhoea, with fulness and pain in the head.

Violent itching in the vagina.

Swelling and irritation of the vulva.

Pruritus, with strong sexual desire.


      Vomiting, with violent retching and severe colic and burning at the pylorus.

Promotes (when other symptoms agree) fecundity, expels moles, dead foetuses and the placenta.

Retained placenta or membranes, usually with painful urination, Puerperal convulsions:.


      Voice: hoarse; feeble.

Burning in the larynx; larynx sensitive to touch.

Irritation in larynx, causing short paroxysms of coughing, with hurried and difficult breathing; sometimes with pain in abdomen, or with bloody expectoration.

Burning or biting about the larynx, with contraction, or construction almost to suffocation.

Profuse catarrh of the air-passages, the mucus being tenacious, with painful hawking and nightly lancinating and dryness in the trachea.


      When breathing deeply, and when speaking she feels as if she dare not exert herself on account of extraordinary dryness or weakness of the respiratory organs; speech therefore weak and timorous.


      Dry, hacking.


      Stitches: in chest, more on right side, or first left then right; in the lower right chest, extending toward the middle of the sternum and axilla.

Burning in the chest.

Exudation within the pleura; dyspnoea, palpitation; scanty urine; tendency to syncope. See.

Heart Pulse

      Anxiety about the heart.

Drawing pain in the region of the heart.

Stitch in heart followed by a crawling sensation.

Pericarditis with effusion; pulse feeble, irregular; tendency to syncope.

Violent palpitation of heart.

Pulse: very variable mostly hard, full and frequent, at times intermittent; frequent and small; slow, feeble and scarcely perceptible.

Outer Chest

      Stitches in the sternum.

Burning on the chest.

Neck Back

      Burning, boring, stitching or lancinating pains in the back, either between or in the scapulae, or in the small of the back; sometimes the skin over these parts burns as if a fly-blister were there.

Stiffness in the neck, with tensive pain on stooping.

Drawing, tearing or lancinating pain in the neck sometimes with burning of the skin over the parts.

Tearing pain in the back, especially morning.

Pains in the loins, kidneys and abdomen, with such pain on urinating that he could not pass a single drop without moaning or screaming.

Pain in the loins, with incessant desire to urinate.

Lancinations and tearing in the os coccygis, causing him to start.

Upper Limbs

      Tearing and stitching pains in the arms.

Lower Limbs

      Tearing from the right, later left hip- bone, down to the knees.

Violent pains in the knees.

Knees totter when ascending steps.

Numbness of lower limbs, first of one leg then of the other.

Pain in the soles, as from an ulcer, could not step.

Limbs in General

      Weakness and trembling of the limbs.

Violent pains of various kinds in the upper and lower extremities, first of one leg then of the other.

Tearing in limbs, relieved by rubbing.

Position etc.

      Motion: Walking: Standing; Stooping: Sitting: Lying: Ascending:.


      Weakness, prostration, faintness.

Convulsions, with dysuria and hydrophobic symptoms; bright light, drink or sound of falling water, touching the larynx, or painful parts, cause or renew the spasm.


      Light sleep; full of wakeful illusions.

Sleeplessness; anxious dreams.


      Some symptoms appear every seventh day.

General aggravation after midnight and during the day.

Morning: Afternoon: Evening:, Night:.

Temperature and Weather

      Warm applications relieve pains in knees.

Rays of sun: Open air: Washing and bathing:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill in evening not relieved by external warmth.

Chill, succeeded by thirst without heat.

Chill running up the back.

Cold extremities.

Burning heat at night, which she does not feel.

Burning in the palms and soles.

Heat with thirst.

Sweat from every movement.

Cold sweat especially on hands and feet.

Sweat on the genitals.

Sweat smells like urine.

Intermittent fever, every paroxysms being characterized by the Cantharis dysuria.


      Right side:, Left side: Left to right: Right to left: Below upwards: Without inwards: Above downwards:,.


      Raw and sore pain in the whole body, internally and externally.

Every part oversensitive, and accompanied by excessive weakness.

Burning, stitching and tearing pains predominate.


      Inflammation of serous membranes; pleurisy after Aconite and Bryon.

Ulcerations and erosion of internal parts; patient lies in a stupor, with occasional twitches of the hands; symptoms of collapse.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch:, Pressure: Rubbing:. When combing:.


      Erythema, from exposure to the rays of the sum.

Burning, itching pains.

Erysipelatous inflammation of the skin; forming blisters.

Eczema rubrum.

Ulcerative pain when touched.

Gangrenous ulcers with itching and tearing pains.


Itching, as from lice, changing place.

Tearing pain in ulcers.

Bruns, before blisters form.


      Antidotes: Aconite, Camphor, Lauroc., Pulsat.

Oil increases the pernicious effects of Canthar.

Inimical: Coffea.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.