Homeopathic remedy Bryonia Alba drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      White Bryony Hahnemann. Curcurbitaceae.


      Patient desires to go home.

Great depression and very morose mood, without cause.

Anxiety, worse in room, better in open air; fears not to have the wherewithal to live.

Irritable mood, wishes to be alone. Very irritable; inclined to fright, fear and vexation.

Obstinate and passionate. Bad effects from violence and anger.


      Pressing outward in frontal region and left eyeball, especially on stooping.

Headache worse by so slight a motion as moving eyelids.

Confusion of head, especially of forehead.

Benumbed, stupid from suppressed eruptions.

Head confused and aching, as after a night’s dissipation; does not wish to rise in morning on awaking.

Confusion in head, with drawing in occiput, extending into neck before going to sleep.

Vertigo : as though all objects were reeling; as though the brain were turning around; as if the head were turning in a circle; on rising, or on raising the head; with reeling backward; better from cold.

Great heaviness of head and pressure of brain forwards.

Pressure in the head, as if the brain were too full and pressed outward, mostly when sitting.

Rush of blood to the head.

Inner Head

      Headache commences in morning not on waking, but when first opening eyes.

Pressive pain above left eye, followed by dull, pressive pain in occipital protuberances, thence spreading over whole body; on quick motion, and after eating, pain so severe that it seemed a distinct pulsation within head.

Digging pressure in forepart of brain toward forehead, especially severe on stooping and walking rapidly; walking fatigues him very much.

Tearing across the forehead, then in cervical muscles, then in right arm.

Drawing, tearing pain in right temple, mostly extending to upper molars and muscles of neck.

Throbbing ache on top of head, morning when walking.

Continued stitch deep in the brain, on left side, when coughing.

Headache in occiput, extending to shoulders, while lying on the back, in bed, after waking in the morning.

Pressive pain in occiput, drawing down into neck, relieved toward noon.

Headache as though the head would burst, commencing in morning and gradually increasing till evening.

Outer Head

      In the morning the head seems very greasy, with cool head.

Scalp very tender to touch; cannot bear even a soft brush.

Dandruff, rough and uneven.


      Very sensitive pressive pain (coming and going) in left eyeball, especially violent on moving the ball with a feeling as if eye became smaller and was retracted within the orbit.

Severe burning and lachrymation of right eye.

Eyeballs so painful that the patient cannot bear to have them touched.

Puffiness of right upper lid.

Painless twitching-drawing together in left upper lid, with a persistent sensation of heaviness therein.

Frequent lachrymation.


      Intolerance of noise.

Chirping in the head, as from locusts.

Ringing; roaring; humming in the ears.

Swelling, redness, painful sensitiveness and heat of external right ear; at times piercing stitches deep into ear accompanied by swelling and painfulness of right parotid gland.


      Frequent sneezing.

Nosebleed in morning after rising; less frequently during day; but sometimes during sleep, about 3 A.M.; vicarious : Fluent coryza, watery or greenish.

Catarrh extending to the frontal sinuses or into chest Swelling of tip of nose, with twitching pain in it, and on touch feeling as if it would ulcerate. Boils.


      Hot, red, soft puffiness of the face. Erysipelas begins on upper lip and nasal septum.

Face bluish-red, with difficult inspiration.

Pinching pressure in articular cavity of right jaw, more violent on motion.

Twitching, tearing in right malar bone up to right temple externally, sore to touch.

Lower Face

      Upper lip and nose swollen, red and hot.

Crack in the lower lip.

Lips parched and cracked; he wishes frequently to moisten them.

Lips swollen, rough.

Constant motion of mouth, as if chewing. In brain affections of children.


      Teeth seem too long.

Toothache relieved by cold water, aggravated by taking anything warm in mouth.

Tearing stitching toothache while eating, extending to muscles of neck, aggravated by warmth.

Jerking toothache when smoking.

Tongue etc.

      Taste : flat, insipid; sweetish; bitter (which cold drinks relieve); offensive; bitter; has no taste for food; when not eating mouth is bitter.

Tongue coated white.

Tongue rough, cracked, and often of a dark brown color.

Dryness of tongue; tip moist.

Several small blisters on tip of tongue.


      Collection of much soapy, frothy saliva.

Mouth and lips very dry; only momentarily relieved by drinking.

Lower lip dry, burning and sensitive; especially in smokers.

Dryness in mouth, without thirst, or with thirst for large quantities of water.

Offensive smell from mouth, with hawking of offensive, tough mucus, sometimes in round cheesy lumps, the size of a pea.


      Dryness of throat; dry and raw, on empty swallowing.

A short of scraping and roughness in the throat posteriorly.

Pain and difficulty on swallowing, as if a hard body was in throat.

Pressive pain in right tonsil.

Sight pain in left tonsil.

Back of throat seems swollen.

Stitch in the throat when swallowing.

Tough mucus in the fauces, loosened by hawking.

Desires Aversions,

      Too great appetite; appetite soon satisfied.

Desires things, immediately, which when offered are refused.

Great desire for oysters and sweets : for coffee.

No appetite for milk : but if the takes it the appetite returns and he begins to relish it; loss of appetite.

Great thirst, desire for large quantities of cold water; also for warm drinks, which relieve.

Great thirst, with longing for wine.

Eating and Drinking

      After eating : Eats little and often.

Drinking :, Wine :.

Frequently drinking of cold water relieved the bitter taste and inclination to vomit.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Hiccough after eating, and on every shock caused by it pressure in forehead as if the brain shock from behind forwards.

Eructations after eating; sourish, bitter.

Heart-burn from wine, evenings.

Nausea on assuming an erect position.

Nausea, increased or brought on by the slightest motion; must lie quiet.

Nausea and vomiting in morning when waking.

Vomiting : of solid food, not of drink; of food, immediately after eating; of bitter, musty or putrid liquid, which leaves a similar taste in the mouth.


      Stomach full, and sensitive to pressure.

Distention of the stomach, and eructations of wind.

Stomach distended, with vomiting after eating.

Feeling of emptiness of the stomach, with distention of the whole abdomen.

Painfulness of stomach after eating oysters and chicken-salad in evening; pain excessive when in motion, perfect relief from quiet or from eructations of wind or passing wind per anum (anus).

Pressure in the stomach, after eating, like from a stone, makes him fretful.

Epigastric region painful to touch; so sensitive cannot endure the clothes.

Cutting as with knives in epigastric region.

Soreness in pit of stomach when coughing.

Stitching pain in region of stomach, worse from motion, especially from a misstep.


      Tensive pain below false ribs in right hypochondrium, especially sensitive on deep inspiration; even a little flatus causes pain in the liver.

Transient stitches in right hypochondrium, with painful sensitiveness of this region to hard pressure or deep inspiration.

Burning and stitches pain in hepatic region.

Stitches in region of spleen, worse motion.


      Griping pains about the navel.

Rumbling and gurgling in the bowels.

Sudden painful cuttings in the intestines, with a feeling as though one were digging him with the fingers, compelling him to bend double, relieved by profuse pasty evacuations.

Great sensitiveness of abdomen.

Pain in abdomen flying upwards.

Stitches and other pain in the abdomen, which hinder respiration.

Stool etc.

      Diarrhoea : bilious, acrid stools, with soreness of anus; like dirty water, with whitish granulated sediments of undigested food; urging followed by copious pasty evacuations, with relief of all symptoms excepting confusion of head; mostly at night or after eating; after eating fruit or sour krout; morning, after getting up, preceded by cutting pains in bowels; burning, worse in warm weather.

Alternation of diarrhoea and constipation.

Obstinate conspiration; stools very dry, large and hard; only after much straining.

Stinking flatulence.

Aching hemorrhoids.

Hard, black and dry stool, as if burnt, and rather scanty.


      Urine : copious and pale; scanty and dark; brown, like beer; red; deposits white sediment.

During motion, some drops of urine pass out of the urethra without sensation.

Male Sexual Organs

      Increased sexual desire.

Stitches in the right testicle and spermatic cord.

Female Sexual Organs

      Stitching pain in the ovaries on deep inspiration.

Severe pain in region of right ovary like from a sore spot, causing an irritation and dragging, pain extended down to the thighs, while at rest; pain aggravated by touch.

Hemorrhage of dark red blood, with pain in small of back.

Menses : too early, too profuse; blood dark; suppressed, with frequent bleeding of the nose.

Membranous dysmenorrhoea.

Hard black pustule on a swollen portion on left labium.

Dropsy of uterus, the swelling increases during the day and diminishes at night.


      After pains excited by least motion, even taking a deep inspiration.

Lochia too profuse, with burning pain, in region of womb.

Suppression of lochia, with sensation as if head would burst.

Drawing or lancinating pains from hip to foot, worse from touch or motion.

Mammae feel heavy; pale, but hard and painful; tensive burning, and tearing pain.

Flow of milk suppressed; scanty secretion of milk.

(Infant) sore mouth; child does not like to take hold of breast, but after mouth becomes moistened it nurses well.


      Voice rough and hoarse, Tickling in larynx.

Tough mucus in trachea, loosened only after frequent hawking.


      Respiration : impeded; quick and deep, without motion of the ribs, better in cold air and from drinking cold water.

Frequent desire to take a full inspiration, which, however, cannot be done in consequence of a feeling as if there was something should expand but would not.


      Hacking, dry cough from the upper part of trachea.

Dry cough : with sticking pain under the sternum; as if coming from the stomach; with a crawling and tickling in pit of stomach.

Sensation as if the head and chest would fly to pieces on coughing.

Cough, with constant crawling, upward, in the throat followed by expectoration of mucus.

Cough compels the patient to spring up in bed involuntary and immediately; or, to press hand on sternum.

Cough worse after eating or drinking, with vomiting of ingesta; worse coming into a warm room.

Nausea excites cough, and coughing often excites vomiting, Expectoration of mucus streaked with blood.


      Constriction of chest; felt the need of breathing deeply; when attempting to breathe deeply, pain in chest.

Stitch in upper part of chest, through the shoulders, on inspiring.

Chest very sensitive, with stitches in left side, on inspiration.

Sensation of heaviness beneath sternum, extending towards the right shoulder, impeding respiration; deep inspiration was difficult; oppression of right side of chest, with very fine, extremely severe stitches in the right axillary gland.

Stitches in the sternum on coughing; was obliged to hold the chest with the hand.

Sharp pain in left inframammary region; worse during inspiration.

Sharp stitching pain in chest, below right nipple, extending outward, only on expiration.

Short but violent stitches in right side of chest, so that he must hold the breath and cannot cry out.

Tearing stitches in left side of chest extend from behind forward, are better during rest, worse during motion and on deep inspiration.

Stitching pain in region of diaphragm, worse from motion or coughing.

Heart Pulse

      Oppression in the region of the heart, Stitching pain in the region of the heart.

Camp in region of heart, aggravated by walking, raising one’s self, or using slightest exertion, even raising arm.

Heart beats violently and rapidly.

Pulse : full, hard, rapid and tense; at times intermittent with strong orgasm of blood.

Outer Chest

      Painful spot, as from a bruise, on the second rib of the right side, extending to the sternum.

Neck Back

      Pain in nape of back, as after taking cold.

Painful stiffness of muscles of right side of neck, on moving the head.

Dull stitches between the scapulae, extending from behind forward, in the afternoon while lying.

Pain in the small of the back; which makes walking or turning difficult; as if bruised, when lying on it.

Upper Limbs

      Painful tension and pressure in the right shoulder, when at rest.

Painful pressure on the top of right shoulder, worse upon touch; on deep breathing it becomes a dull stitching, which extends downwards and outwards to shoulder joint.

Drawing and tearing and pains in the right upper arm.

Swelling of right elbow-joint, with stitches.

Tearing pains on inner surface of forearm, on a line form the elbow to the wrist.

Pain in wrists, as if wrenched or sprained, on every motion.

Fine stitches in wrist, if the hands become warm, and during rest; they do not disappear on motion.

Rather hot pale swelling in last joint of little finger, with sticking in it on moving the finger, or on pressing it.

On writing or taking hold of anything, a sensation as if the finger-joints were swollen and puffed; they are painful on much exertion and on touch.

Stitching pain in the fingers when writing.

Lower Limbs

      Legs so weak they scarcely will hold him.

Stabbing pain in the hips.

Great weariness in the thighs, worse going up steps.

Great painfulness of right thigh: the pain comes from the head of femur, extends along the anterior surface of thigh to knee.

Knees totter and knock together when walking.

Pain in right knee, so that in evening he could scarcely walk, and was obliged to keep the leg very quite; inner side of knee very painful to touch.

Pinching, tearing in right calf.

Bruised pain or outer side of left calf, on moving and turning the foot, as also from touch; during rest a numb sensation in this place.

Tension in ankles on motion.

Feet are tense and swollen in the evening; pain in feet, as if sprained.

When walking, a prickling sensation like “pins and needles” is felt in the soles of the feet, which hinders or prevents walking.

Hot swelling of the instep, with bruised pain on stretching out the foot.

Tensive pain on the back of the feet, even when sitting.

Limbs in General

      Heaviness in the limbs; seem like lead. Weariness and stiffness of limbs; especially the lower.

Rheumatism, with redness and swelling of joints.

Weakness of the limbs obliges him to sit.

Position etc.

      Rest, Motion : of eyeball: Walking : 2, Misstep :,. Exertion : 2, 2, Ascending stairs; Sitting, rising Raising head : body or arm, Lie quiet. Bend double Stooping : Lying : On back, When smoking. Drinking Hawking, swallowing.


      Very tired and prostrated; great weariness.

Great weakness and exhaustion, worse from walking.

Sudden prostration, shunning all motion.

Faintness : when rising from bed; from slightest motion.

Spasm developed through repercussion of measles.


      Frequent yawning, the whole day.

Much sleepiness during the day.

Sleeplessness on account of uneasiness in the blood and anxiety; the thoughts crowd upon one another.

Night very restless, disturbed by frightful dreams; frequent waking.

No sleep before midnight, on account of a frequent shivering sensation over one arm and foot, followed by sweat.

Starts in affright before falling asleep.

Motion of the lower jaw, during sleep, as in masticating.


Dreams; about household affairs; about business of the day; of dispute and vexation; anxious.


      Morning : Noon : Afternoon Evening : Night : Before midnight : 3 A.M. : Increases gradually morning till evening. Increases by day, decreases during the night, day.

Temperature and Weather

      Better in cold weather and from taking cold food.

Facial neuralgia relieved by cold applications.

Cold water, Cold air. Cold Warmth, Warm weather, Warm drinks. Coming into a warm room. Room.

Open air : Complaints on the first warm days.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill : with external coldness of body and chilliness, frequently with heat of head, red cheeks and thirst; and coldness, mostly in the evening, and frequently only of the right side; worse in the room than in the open air.

Dry, burning heat, mostly only internal, the blood seems to burn in the veins.

Great aggravation of sufferings during the heat.

Sweat in short spells and only on single parts.

Profuse and easily excited sweat, even when slowly walking in cold open air; profuse night and morning sweat.


      Right, left Right to left. Left to right.Behind forward. Above downward.Below upwards Within out.


      Every spot in the body is painful to pressure; worse mornings. Drawing rheumatic pains in various parts of the body.

Transient drawing and tension in almost all the limbs and joints.


      Dropsical swellings, which gradually increase as the day progresses, and disappear during the night.

In acute abscess, promotes resorption of pus.

Large abscess at pit of stomach after a blow.

Stitches in the joints, on motion and on touch.

Bone inflamed, sensitive tense, slightly swollen integuments; in the beginning.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch, Pressure. After a blow.

Pain relieved by hard pressure. Facial neuralgia.


      Yellow skin of the whole body, even of the face.

Red, round, hot spot on the cheek over the malar bone.

Dry, itching eruption over the whole body.

Rash, peculiar to lying-in women and their infants.

Red, elevated, rash-like eruption over the whole body.

Nettle-rash or other eruptions characterized by sensation of prickling, particularly when the parts are touched.

Slow development of rash in eruptive fevers; or, sudden receding of rash, with difficult respiration, or inflammatory affections of chest.

Erysipelas when confined to the joints.

When scarlatinal eruption delays, or suddenly recedes; dropsy, pleuritis or meningitis.


      Bryon. is frequently suitable after Aconite, Nux vomica, Opium, Rhus tox.

After Bryon. are frequently indicated Alumina, Kali carb., Nux vomica, Phosphor., Pulsat., Rhus tox., Sulphur.

Antidotes to Bryon. : Aconite, Alumina, Camphor., Chamon., Clemat., Coffea., Ignat., Acid Muriaticum, Nux vomica, Pulsat., Rhus tox., Seneg.

Bryon. antidotes : Rhus tox., Rhus ven., Chlorine.

Conjunctive relation : Coloc.

Compare : Arctium lappa (muscular pains, dull, heavy, worse motion; sleepiness, fatigue.).

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.