Homeopathic remedy Bovista drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Puffball. Hartlaub. Fungi.


      Misapplies words in speaking or writing.

Awkwardness, which makes him drop things from his hands.

Absence of mind and difficulty in fixing his attention.

Slowness of understanding and comprehension.

Sad, depressed and desponding when alone.

Sensitiveness, great excitability, takes everything amiss.

Moroseness. Ill-humor, aversion to all things.


      States vacantly into space. Vertigo, early in the morning, falls over, losing his senses for awhile.

Inner Head

      Headache deep in; sensation as if the head were much enlarged.

Headache at night, worse from sitting up.

Head seems bruised.

Pressing pains in the head.

Headache, right side in the morning; left, evening.

Outer Head

      Violent itching of the scalp, especially when getting warm, scratches on forehead until sore; not relieved by scratching.

Scalp tender to the touch.

Falling off of the hair.


      Inflammation of eyelids, with nightly agglutination.

Eyes dim, without lustre.

Staring at one point.

Blindness of right eye from paralysis of optic nerve.

Objects appear too near.


      Hearing indistinct, misunderstands much that is spoken.

Itching in ears relieved by boring with the finger in ear.

Discharge of fetid pus from the ears.

Boil in the right ear, with pain when swallowing.

Thick oozing scurfs on the ears.


      Scabby nostrils.

Nose stopped up, cannot breath.

Watery coryza, with dizziness : on blowing the nose drops of blood come out.

Nosebleed during morning sleep, with vertigo.


      Alternating red and pale.

Cheeks hot, feel as if they would burst.

Convulsive motions of facial muscles, before asthma.

Pale swelling of cheek after toothache.

Lower Face

      Lips cracked, in some places blistered.

Corners of the mouth sore.

Pale swelling of the upper lip.

Stitching like from a needle or splinter, in the lips.


      Scorbutic gums; bleed easily.

Tearing in the lower jaw anterior to the ears; glands under the jaw swollen and throbbing.

Violent drawing-aching in carious teeth. less in the air and in warmth; worse in the evening.

Tongue etc.

      Taste; putrid; bitter.

Stammering, stuttering speech.

Cutting pain in tongue, as with a knife, before asthma.


      Numb feeling in the mouth.

Putrid smell from mouth.

Increased flow of saliva.


      Burning in the throat, Sore throat, with scratching and burning in oesophagus.

Great dryness in throat; when awaking in morning.

Tongue feels almost like wood.

Stitching in the throat.

Desires Aversions

      No appetite for breakfast, relish for other meals.

Hunger, even after meals.

Longing for cold drink.

No appetite for cooked food, desire for bread only.

Eating and Drinking

      A little wine intoxicates.

After eating.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Hiccoughing before and after dinner.

Frequent empty eructations.

Nausea with shivering all forenoon.

Morning sickness, vomits only water; always relieved by taking breakfast.


      Pressure and fulness in the pit of the stomach; tension in the temples; mental anguish.

Tension as if a lump of ice lay in the stomach, with pain.


      Stitches in region of last rib, either side.


      Cutting pains around navel.

Griping worse when at rest.

Stitches in the abdomen.

Cutting colic, with coldness, teeth chattering, limbs tremble; worse after stool.

Colic, with bright red urine; relieved by eating.

Stool etc.

      Disposition to diarrhoea, frequent attacks, each evacuation being followed by tenesmus; diarrhoea before and during menses.

Fruitless urging to stool.

Diarrhoea with cutting pains.

Stools first hard and difficult; last thin, even watery, with much pain in belly.

After stool, tenesmus and burning at the anus, the latter continues long after the watery stool.

Stinking flatus.

Itching in the rectum, as from worms.

Darting from the perineum to the rectum and genitals.


      Frequent desire to urinate, even immediately after urination.

Urine : bright-red, with violent sediment.

In the urethra; stinging, itching, burning, orifice inflamed, feels glued up : hard node in the urethra.

Male Sexual Organs

      Seminal emissions.

After coition, reeling and confusion in the head.

Complaints from sexual excess.

Female Sexual Organs

      Voluptuous sensation in genitals.

Menses : every two weeks, much dark and clotted blood; too late; only at night, or only in the morning.

During the intervals, occasional show of blood.

Burning in the genitals.

Leucorrhoea : like the white of egg, a few days before or after the menses; while walking; yellow-green, acrid, corrosive, leaving green spots on clothes : thick, slimy, tough.

Painful bearing down in vulva and weight in small of back, after midnight.


      Hoarseness in the morning.

Roughness in the throat, mornings, with catarrhal speech.

Scratching sensation in the larynx, with viscid phlegm.


      Shortness of breath from every exertion with the hands.

Oppression of chest, desires to loosen the clothes.

Spasmodic laughing and crying, with asthma, face dark red.


      Evening loose; morning, dry.

Dry cough from tickling in throat.

Cough from tickling in the chest, mornings, after coming into the the room from cold air.


      Stitches in various localities of chest.

Heart Pulse

      Palpitation of heart, with tremor of hands.

Visible palpitation after going up stairs; as if the heart was working in water; after over-exertion.

Pulse accelerated.

Neck Back

      Stitches in the neck.

Stiffness of neck in the morning.

Backache, with stiffness after stooping.

Shooting and other pains between shoulders, along borders of scapula; has to “straighten up” to be relieved.

Intolerable itching at tip of os coccygis; must scratch until the parts become raw and sore.

Upper Limbs

      Stitching, boring and tearing pains.

Heaviness and powerlessness in arms and hands; drops even light things from the hands.

Joints of arms and hands feel disabled and wrenched.

Itching on the arms.

Moist tetter on back of hand.

Whitlow on fingers.

Lower Limbs

      Sensation of soreness in the hip joints.

Limbs “go to sleep” cannot stand on them.

Stitching pains in the knees.

Muscles of the calves feel too short, cramp in the morning.

OEdematous swelling of (right) foot even years after a sprain.

Violent stitching in outer malleolus of right foot, with painfulness of the inner.

Limbs in General

      Great weakness of the joints.

Sensation : as if beaten; lame, aching; tearing; tension; stitches.

Position etc.

      Rest : Exertion with hands Overexertion : Walking, After ascending.On rising, Standing, Must straighten up. Sitting Stooping :.


      Rheumatic lameness.

General languor and enervation, particularly in the joints.

Drops things from the hands, as from weakness.


      Spasmodic gaping before asthma, morning sweat in bed.

Great drowsiness in afternoon and early in evening.

Night-rest disturbed by burning and itching of nettle rash.

Restless sleep, with many anxious, frightful dreams.

On awaking head aches as from too much sleep; on rising, face pale.


      Morning :, Forenoon :. Afternoon, evening, night After midnight, Every two weeks, 5- A.M. : 7 A.M. : Full moon.

Temperature and Weather

      Warmth :Hot weather, Coming in room from cold air, Open air, Very sensitive to draughts.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill predominating, even near a warm stove, morning and evening, and even at night, generally with thirst.

Chill, with pains.

Shivering in the evening spreading from the back; drawing pains in bowels.

Heat in evening, daily at 7 p.M.

Alternate shuddering and flying heat, most in afternoon with burning thirst, more with the shuddering.

Sweat every morning, 5- A.M.-most profuse on chest.

Sweat in axilla smells like onions.


      Full moon.


      First right, then left; Right.


      Ebullitions, with much thirst.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch, Scratching.

Boring in ear : Unusually deep impression on finger from using blunt instruments (as scissors or knife).

Sensitiveness to touch, pressure with hand is painful.

Cannot bear clothing.


      Urticaria covering nearly the whole body, some blotches nearly two inches in diameter; caused by tar.

Rash, pimples, with burning-itching.

Warts and corns, with shooting pains.

Itching on getting warm, continues after scratching.

Red, scabby eruption on thighs and bends of knees, appears, with hot weather and with full moon.

Moist or dry herpes; vesicles forming thick crusts.

Tetter on back of hand; after bright red pimple, rough, dark red, moist spots.

Stages and States

      Old maids; palpitation.

Children stammering.


      Where Rhus tox. seemed to be indicated, but did not relieve; urticaria : Bad consequence of external application of tar : Coffee disturbs action of Bovist.

Alumina followed Bovist. well in rheumatic pains after asthma.

Antidote to Bovist. : Camphor.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.