Homeopathic remedy Baryta Carbonica drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Barium Carbonate. Hahnemann. Ba Co3. Symptoms marked plus are from the Acetate.


      Memory deficient; child cannot be taught, for it cannot remember; is inattentive.

Plus Forget; in the middle of speech the most familiar words fail him.

Great mental and bodily weakness, childishness; old people.

Child does not want to play, but sits in the corner doing nothing.

Sadness, dejection of spirits, grief over trifles.

Plus Dread of men, of strangers; imagines she is being laughed at or criticised, hence so fearful she will not look up.

Solicitude; about his future; plus about domestic affairs.

Plus Irresolute, constantly changing his mind.

Loss of self-confidence; desponding; pusillanimous.

Plus sudden ebullitions of anger, but coupled with cowardice.

Thinking of one’s complaints makes them worse.

Thinks his legs are cut off and he is walking on his knees.


      Vertigo: with nausea from stooping; of old people.

Apoplexy of drunkards; of aged people, who are childish, sensorium not clear, loss of speech, trembling of the limbs.

Inner Head

      Headache in the evening; every noise, especially male voices, affect the brain painfully.

Headache just above the eyes.

Pressive sticking on the vertex which extends through the whole head whenever he stands in the sun.

Outer Head

      Feeling of tension as if the skin were too tight; forehead and temples.

Plus Encysted tumor on the scalp.

Right side of the head feels burning hot, but is cold.

Baldness, especially on the crown.

Scalp, sensitive on the side on which he is lying, worse from scratching.

Head sensitive to cold.

Crusta lactea, dry scurf, or moist crusts itching, burning; causes the hair to fall out; cervical glands hard, swollen.


      Weakness of sight caused by old age.

Dim sighted, cannot read.

Flying webs and black spots before the eyes.

Light dazzles; fiery sparks before the eyes in the dark.

Quick succession of dilatation and contraction of the pupils; pupil irregular.

Pressure deep in the eyes, worse looking fixedly, or upwards and sideways; better looking downwards.

Opaque cornea; inflammation of the eyes with sensation of dryness; shuns the light.

Lids agglutinated.


      Difficult hearing.

Buzzing and jingling before the ears.

Roaring in the right ear like the sea, at each inspiration.

Cracking in ear when sneezing, swallowing or walking fast.

Itching in the ears.

Tearing with boring and drawing in bones in front of right ear.

Thick crust on and behind the ears : small flat tubercles behind the ears.

Eruption on lobe of the ear.

Right parotid hard and swollen. After scarlatina.


      Coryza, nose and upper lip swollen; children with large abdomen.

Frequent nosebleed.

Sneezing causing concussive pain in the brain.

Tormenting dryness in nose; secretion of thick, yellow mucus.

Formation of scabs in the posterior nares and behind the base of the uvula.

Scurfs under the nose.


      Face; pale; puffed.


Sensation as if the face were swollen.

Tension as from a cobweb over the face, temples, scalp.

Rough, dry place on the right cheek.

Lower Face

      Swelling of the upper lip which burning pain.

Pain in the articulation when closing the jaw.

Indurated swelling of the submaxillary glands.


      After eating some, feels too weak to chew any more.

Toothache in decayed teeth before menses or from a cold.

Drawing, jerking, throbbing toothache; right teeth feel tense.

Burning stitches in a hollow tooth when touched by warm food; left side.

Gums bleed, are swollen, pale red with a dark red border.

Toothache worse thinking about it: disappears when the mind is diverted.

Tongue etc.

      Paralysis of the tongue; loss of speech.

Hardness on the middle of the tongue; burning when touched; burning sense of excoriation at the tip; fissure on the left border, feeling excoriated.

Vesicles on the middle, tip, or under the tongue.


      the buccal cavity feels numb.

Dryness of the mouth early after rising.

Whole mouth filled with vesicles, especially the inside of cheeks.

Saliva runs out of the mouth while asleep, at daybreak.

Intolerable stench from the mouth, unnoticed by himself.


      Smarting in the throat when swallowing, worse from empty swallowing; throat sore to touch.

Liability to tonsillitis after every slight cold, or suppressed foot sweat.

Tonsils tend to suppurate, especially the right; palate swollen; dark brown urine; sleeplessness.

Chronic induration of the tonsil; sensation as of a plug in the throat; worse swallowing solids.

Sensation in the oesophagus as if a morsel of food had lodged there, On swallowing, sensation as if the food had to force itself over a sore spot.

OEsophageal spasm, in old people.

Desires Aversions

      Hungry, but cannot eat; or, feels as though she needed food, but did not want it.

Thirst, with dryness of mouth, not relieved by drink.

Eating and Drinking

      Sudden nausea while eating.

Pressure like a stone in the stomach after eating bread; repletion after a little food.

Heaviness of the stomach, nausea, goes off after breakfast.

Soreness in the stomach as if food passed over sore places.

Cough from eating warm food.

Better from cold diet.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations: as if air were forcing its way through the stomach, causing a feeling of soreness; sour a few hours after dinner.

Nausea, palpitation and anxiety in the early morning.

Long-lasting nausea.

Water suddenly accumulates in the mouth.


      Pressing in stomach, also after eating.

Sensation of soreness in the stomach.

Pressure as from a stone, better from eructations.


      Aching at a small spot in right hypochondrium, when drawing a deep breath, or from pressure.


      Distended, hard.

Cutting in the hypogastric region at night.

Distention and fullness above the pubes, as if the parts would burst, when lying on the back.

Tension and sensitiveness of the abdominal walls.

Stool etc.

      Scanty, hard or lumpy stool, expelled with difficulty.

Sudden, irresistible urging to stool; soreness in the lumbar region; chills over head and legs; then loose stools and renewed urging; after taking cold.

Burning and soreness around the anus as if excoriated.

Frequent passage of blood with distended abdomen.

Crawling in the rectum; expulsion of ascarides.


      Great desire to urinate; cannot retain the urine.

Constant urging and frequent emission of urine, every other day; passes much at night.

Dark brown urine also with the tonsillitis.

Male Sexual Organs

      Diminished sexual ability.

Excoriation between the scrotum and thigh.

Sweat about the scrotum.

Female Sexual Organs

      Menses scanty, last only one day.

Before the menses; toothache, swollen gums, colic with swelling of the limbs; immediately before leucorrhoea.

During the menses, weight over the pubes; bruised pain in the small of the back.


      Feeling as if inhaling smoke or pitch.

Voice imperfect, aphonia, from tough mucus in fauces and larynx; old people.


      Oppression with anguish; in the evening must loosen her dress.

Short breath from fulness in the chest when ascending a height; stitches in the chest on inspiring.

Suffocative catarrh of old people with impending paralysis of the lungs.


      Chronic cough in scrofulous children, with swollen glands and enlarged tonsils; worse after slightest cold.

Cough in the presence of strangers.

Spasmodic cough excited by tickling and roughness in the throat and epigastrium; worse: evening until midnight; lying on the left side; active motion, ascending or stooping; in the cold air; from thinking of it; eating.

Nightly cough, chest full of phlegm.


      Sensation of soreness in the chest when coughing.

Heart Pulse

      Feels the heart beat.

Palpitation when lying on the left side, with soreness in the region of the heart, great anxiety; renewed by thinking about it.

Orgasm of blood, with anxiety.

Neck, Back

      Stiffness in the nape of the neck.

Tension in neck and scapulae; pain in the loins in cold air.

Stinging pains in the neck.

Chronic torticollis.

Swelling of the glands in the nape of the neck and occiput.

Pain in small of the back.

Tensive pain n the small of the back; worse in the evening; he can neither rise nor bend backwards.

Upper Limbs

      Pains in the arms, with hard, swollen axillary glands.

Pain in the deltoid muscle when raising the arm.

When lying on the arm it goes to sleep.

Tension in small places of the arms.

Fingers numb as if asleep.

Panaritium, with nightly throbbing and ulceration, from a splinter.

Lower Limbs

      Plus Tearing from above downwards in right buttock, periodically increasing and decreasing.

Plus Drawing pain down entire left leg.

Pain in legs at night as after excessive walking or dancing.

Has to drag the legs when going up stairs, on account of lameness in the middle of the thighs.

Severe stitching on thighs.

Tension, as if the tendons were too short, less lying down; worse when standing.

Tremor of the feet while standing, must hold on to something to steady himself.

Soles feel bruised, at night, keeping one awake; better after rising and walking.

Aching lymphatic swelling on the ball of the great toe.

Fetid foot sweat.

The hard skin on the sole is painful when walking.

Limbs in General

      Tearing in the limbs, with chilliness.

Stitches in the joints, they feel relaxed.

Positions, etc.

      Motion: Walking: Walking fast : Dancing: Ascending: Sits in a corner : Stooping: Cannot rise:, Cannot stand: After rising:, Rising up in bed : Standing: Standing in sun: Cannot bend backwards : Inclined to lie down: Lying down : Lying on back : Lying on left side: Lying on arm: Raising arm: Worse lying on painful side.


      Nervousness, excessive irritation of all the nerves.

Jerking and starting in day time.

Prostration, cannot stand, the knees give way.

Weariness, constant inclination to lie down.

Heaviness of the whole body.

General paralysis of old people; loss of memory, childishness, trembling of the limbs after apoplexy; in old age.

Great weakness, can hardly sit up in bed; if attempted the pulse immediately becomes quick and somewhat hard, after a while imperceptible.


      Talking in sleep (old men) Awakes often at night, feels too hot; soles of feet feel bruised.

Twitching of muscles of the whole body during sleep.

Ravings of the fancy at night and stupefaction.

On awaking, pressure in limbs; tired, weary limbs.


      Morning:. Early morning: Afternoon :. Evening : Evening till midnight : Night :, Daytime :.

Temperature and Weather

      Warmth, external: Sun : Warm food:,. Cold :,, Cold food :. Cold air : Sensitive to cold air: great liability to take cold; sore throat, cough, diarrhoea, pain in back and loins.

Worse from moistening or washing the diseased part.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill and chilliness predominating: often as if cold water were poured over one; better from external warmth; thirst during chill.

Chill from the face or pit of the stomach down the body; or beginning in the feet.

Chill alternating with heat; evening and night.

Frequent flushes during the day; nightly attacks with great anxiety and restlessness.

Anxiety sweat.

Debilitating night sweat.

Offensive sweat of one (mostly left) side, Sweat returning every other evening.

Sweat increased by eating.


      Every other day : Every other evening: Increasing and decreasing periodically:.


      Right : Left :,, Above downward : Below upward : Upper left with lower right.


      Feels “hide-bound”; tension of the skin, Sensation of swelling.


      Tension, shortening of the muscles.

Dwarfish, defective mental and physical growth.

Atrophy, great weakness; face red and abdomen bloated; glands swollen.

Steatoma; sarcoma with burning.

Glands indurated, swollen.

Glandular sequelae of scarlatina.

Fatty tumors; encysted tumors.

Tearing and tension in the long bones; boring in bones.

Ulcers, fistulous, in glands; mostly glands of neck; feeling of tension.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Sensitiveness of part lain on.

Touch, pressure. Rubbing. Scratching.


      Pimples on the feet suppurate and spread like ulcers.


Skin humid, sore.


A small wound, as from a splinter, throbs and ulcerates.

Itching, pricking, burning, here and there; not relieved by scratching or rubbing.

Scratching causes pricking, pimples.

Stages and States

      Old people; especially when fat.

Scrofulous children; dwarfish; mind and body weak; scurf on head, ears, nose; eyes inflamed, opaque cornea; abdomen swollen; face puffed; general emaciation.


      Cognates Ant. tart. (paralysis of lungs); Calcarea ostr. (scrofulosis, coryza, etc.); Calcarea iod. (large tonsils); Caustic. (paretic symptoms); Conium (old people); Dulcam. (tendency to catch cold); Fluor ac. (old people) Iodium. (glands); Lycop. (tonsils); [Mercur], (colds, glands, diarrhoea); Phosphor; Pulsat; Sepia (ringworms); Silicea (glands, foot-sweat, etc.) Sulphur; Tellur. (ringworms).

Antidotes to Baryt carb.: Ant.tart. Bellad, Camphor, Dulcam, Zincum.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.