Homeopathic remedy Aurum Metallicum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Common Gold. HAHNEMANN. Au.


      Weak memory.

Religious mania; prays all the time.

Uneasy, hurried, desire for mental and bodily activity; cannot do things fast enough.

Suicidal mood.

Hallucinations; sees dogs, a hand on the wall, etc., mania.

Apprehensiveness, full of fear; a more noise at the door makes him anxious.

Melancholy, disposed to weep; imagines he is unit for this world, that he can never succeed.

Great anguish, coming form the precordial region, driving him from place to place palpitation.

Weary of life; especially in evening, with longing for death.

Has no confidence in herself, thinks others have none; this makes her unhappy.

Alternately peevish and cheerful.

Contradiction excites wrath.

Mental labor fatigues.

Ailments from grief, disappointed love.


      Vertigo : when stooping, as if turning in a circle, goes off no rising; as if drunk, when walking in open air; feels as if he would fall to left side; must lie down; even then for some time it returns on slightest motion.

Inner Head

      Tearing headache deep in the forehead and temples, abating in the open air.

Rush of blood to the head; sparks before the eyes, and glossy, bloated face; worse from mental exertion.

Bruised pain, especially in the early morning or during mental labor, ideas become confused; roaring in head. Headaches of students, with precordial anxiety and flashes of heat to the head.

Megrim, stitching, burning pains, beating in one side of forehead; nausea, even bilious vomiting.

Fine tearing from the right side of the occiput through the brain to the forehead; worse during motion.

Outer Head

      Skull bones painful, as if broken; worse lying down.

Exostoses on the head; boring pains; worse form touch.

Falling out of hair.


      Objects as if divided horizontally; sees only half of an object, other half as if covered with a dark body.

Tension in the eyes; sees things double or mixed up.

Fiery sparks before eyes; optical illusions in bright colors.

Pupils most frequently contracted.

Cutting pain through the eyes.

Iritis serosa and cornea spotted.

Opacity of the cornea. After keratitis.

Eyeballs protrude.

Red sclerotica; burning, stitching, drawing and itching at the inner canthus.

Photophobia, profuse scalding tears on opening the eyes; eyes very sensitive to touch.

Pressive pain in orbit from above downward, within out.

Bones around the eye feel bruised.

Ulceration of the cornea in the course of pannus; pains from within outwards; worse from pressure.

Little blisters turning into crusts on the edges of lids, with some trichiasis.

Eyelids red, suppurating; stinging, prickling, itching; agglutination in the morning; cilia fall out.


      Roaring in the ears; oversensitiveness to noises.

Annoying dryness in ears and nose, with difficult hearing.

Caries of the mastoid process; obstinate otorrhoea.

Burning, prickling, itching; boring pain behind left ear.

Parotids swollen; painful to touch as if pressed or contused.


      Complaints caused by strong odors.

Sensitive smell; everything smells too strong.

Putrid smell when blowing nose; want of smell.

Ulcerated, agglutinated, painful nostrils, cannot breathe through the nose; crusts in the nose.

Nose feels obstructed as in dry coryza, yet air passes through freely.

Ozoena, excessively fetid discharge; severe frontal headache.

Coryza, thick discharge like the white of egg; frequent sneezing.

Carries of nasal bones; right nasal bone and adjoining parts of upper jaw painful to touch.

Boring in left side of nasal bone toward the maxilla.

Burning, itching, stitching, smarting; feeling of soreness in nose especially when touched.

Mucous discharges form the posterior nares in the morning.

Tip of the nose “knobby,” red. Nose red and swollen.


      Bloated, glossy, worse from mental exertion; cyanotic.

Drawing deep seated tearing in the left side of the face.

Swelling of one cheek, with drawing and in tearing in upper and lower jaws; teeth feel too long.

Inflammation of bones of face; caries of cheek-bones; tearing, boring, burning stitches in the zygoma.

Violent tearing in the malar bone.

Fine eruption on lips, face or forehead.

Lower Face

      Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.


      Toothache caused by drawing air into the mouth.

Gums swollen dark red, sore when touched or when eating; bleed easily.

Tongue etc.

      Bitter taste; putrid taste, as of spoiled game, between meals.

Loss of taste, with complete immovability of the tongue, which is hard as leather.

Aphthae on tongue and mouth.

Ulcers on the tongue.


      Copious saliva; saliva sweetish.

Inside of mouth blistered.

Stench from the mouth; smell like old cheese.

Offensive odor; girls at puberty.


      Red and swollen tonsils.

Boring in the hard palate; caries of roof, palate and nose.

Stinging soreness in throat only during deglutition.

Difficult raising of phlegm.

Dull, pressive pain, with or without swallowing, in a gland below angle of jaw.

Desires Aversions

      Hunger, immoderate; relishes his meal but appetite not appeared.

Immoderate appetite and thirst with qualmishness in the stomach.

Appetite for milk, wine, coffee.

Aversion to meat.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations of gas relieve attacks of palpitation.

Nausea from mental labor.


      Burning sensation at stomach with hot risings.

Pressure in region of stomach, at noon.

Pressure to the left of the scrobiculum, below cartilages of upper false ribs; worse during expiration.


      Burning heat and cutting in right hypochondrium.

Painful accumulation of gas below left ribs, causing stitching pains.

Pressure in hypochondria, as from flatulence; worse after food or drink and motion.


      Colic, frequent discharge of wind.

Spasmodic contraction of abdomen with great anguish, inclined to suicide.

Tensive pain, as if laced together.

Heaviness in abdomen, with icy coldness of hands and feet.

Ascites from disturbances of abdominal organs.

Stool etc.

      Passes fetid flatus.

Stools offensive, painful; greyish, ashy.

Nightly diarrhoea, with burning pain in the rectum.

Hard, knotty or large stools; constipation worse during menses.

Piles with rectal catarrh; costive; external piles bleed during stool.


      Constant urging to urinate.

Urine scanty, greenish-brown, in jaundice; clear, gold-colored, in dropsy.

Turbid, like buttermilk; much sediment of mucus.

Urine ammoniacal, decomposes rapidly, smells like the otorrhoea.

Paralysis of the bladder with retention of urine.

Ischuria painful, with pressure in bladder.

Male Sexual Organs

      Discharge of prostatic fluid from a relaxed penis; settled melancholy, with suicidal mania.

Right testicle swollen, pressive pains when touching or rubbing.

Testes indurated; testes undeveloped; boy pining, depressed, weak.

Itching of the scrotum.

Ulcers on the scrotum; cutting and singing in perineum.

Inguinal glands suppurate.

Female Sexual Organs

      Uterus prolapsed and indurated; bruised pain, with shooting or drawing; heaviness in abdomen; after lifting a heavy load : worse at time of menses.

Sterility in syphilitic women; also in the ill-nourished, who are mentally depressed because of their barrenness.

Menses : too late, scanty; preceded by swelling of axillary glands : accompanied by colic; prolapse of the rectum.

Amenorrhoea, with prolapsus uteri and melancholy.

Constant oozing form the vulva.

Thick white leucorrhoea; burning-smarting of the vulva; labia majora red, swollen.


      Suppressed milk.

Palpitation following metrorrhagia after a mole or in childbed, after overexertion.

Labor-pains make her desperate, she would like to jump from the window or dash herself down; often with congestion to head and chest; palpitation.


      Voice : nasal; husky, as if he had a cold.

Phlegm deep in the larynx, not easily hawked.


      Dyspnoea : with dull stitches in chest when inspiring; cannot be relieved in any position; takes deep breaths.

Asthma from congestion to chest : great oppression at night and when walking in the open air; suffocative fits, with spasmodic constriction of chest; face bluish red; palpitation; falls down unconscious.

Morning asthma : face cyanotic; light-haired persons; worse after mercury; in wet weather and warm air.


      With tough yellow sputa on walking in morning.

Cough from want of breath, at night.

Dry, spasmodic, nervous cough, peculiar to women; periodically, every night from sunset to sunrise.


      Shooting pains in chest after attacks of palpitation.

Dull stitches in both sides of chest, with heat in the chest and dyspnoea; increased by inspiration.

Persistent dry catarrh on the chest, early in the morning, on walking : with great difficulty he raises little phlegm, and this only after rising form bed.

Heart Pulse

      Frequent attacks of anguish about the heart, the tremulous fearfulness; palpitation with great agony.

Strong beating of heart, with anxiety and congestion to the head, after metrorrhagia; also after exertion.

When riding or walking, palpitation compels him to stop.

Palpitation, with irregular, intermittent pulse; short breathing.

Pain in region of heart, extends down left arm to fingers.

Pains wander from Joint to joint, and and finally become fixed in the heart, must sit upright; feels as though heart ceased and then suddenly gave one hard thumb.

Puls small, but accelerated.

Weak pulse, cardiac asthma, mental depression; great debility.

Neck Back

      Swollen cervical glands.

Tension in neck, as if muscles were too short, even at rest, mostly when stooping.

Spine disease, with gressus galinaceous.

Pain in small of back as from fatigue.

Tendons of lumber muscles so painfully stiff, that the thigh cannot be raised; thigh feels paralyzed.

Upper Limbs

      Boring in left shoulder.

Inflammatory swelling of axillary glands.

Difficult movement of arms; they feel fatigued; forearms feel heavy.

Severe bone pains in right elbow.

Boring in right forearm.

Cramp-like tearing in bones of both wrists.

Palms itch. Herpes of the palms.

Boring in finger-joints.

Lower Limbs

      All the blood appeared to rush from her hand into lower limbs; they feel paralyzed, she has to sit down.

Tottering of the knees; stiffness, paralytic feeling; they pain as if firmly bandaged, when sitting.

Right knee becomes weak from walking; drawing when walking or setting foot on floor.

Boring in tibiae: ankles; dorsum of feet.

Swelling of legs and feet when getting up in the morning, better after walking.

Toes red.

Itching on soles.

Limbs in General

      Limbs go to sleep, numb, insensible on awaking; more lying than moving.

Paralytic drawing in of the limbs in the morning when awaking; also on getting cold.

Has to seize hold of left arm during attacks of palpitation.

Swelling of periosteum of forearm and thigh bones.

Pain as from bruises in head and limbs, early in bed; mostly at rest; passes off after rising.

Position etc.

      Rest: Sitting: Must sit up-right: Lying: Must lie down: Walking: Walking in open air: Motion: Exertion: Mental exertion and labor: After over exertion: stooping: Rising: Setting foot on floor: In bed:.


      In the morning completely exhausted, as if he had not slept at all.

Tremulous agitation, as in joyous hope.

Hysterical spasms; alternate laughter and crying.

When thinking of a motion, he makes small motions without knowing it; when speaking he smiles involuntarily.

Sensation of internal emptiness and weakness of whole body.

Great nervous weakness.


      Sobs aloud during sleep; frightful dreams about thieves, with loud screams.

Awake all night, on pain; no lassitude or sleepiness in the morning.

Sleeplessness after midnight.

Awakened by bone pains, suffering so great he despairs, does not want to live.

Bruised feeling, mornings in bed.


      Morning: Morning and evening: Evening: Noon: Night: Sunset to sunrise: Evening till midnight: After midnight:.

Temperature and Weather

      very sensitive to cold.

Generally better growing warm.

Warmth: Room: Cold:. Air: Wet weather: Open air: Many symptoms disappear after washing.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Cold hands and feet; sometimes lasting all night want of thirst.

Chill lessened after getting out of bed; shivering in bed; legs cold as far as the knees, Coldness of whole body, nausea chill predominates.

Heat only in face; aversion to uncovering cold hands and feet.

Heat alternating with chill.

Auric fever: temperature raised, pulse frequent then profuse, lasting sweats salivation, sore mouth: profuse urine, or turbid, fetid urine.

Sweat early in morning, mostly on and around genitals.


      Sunset to sunrise: Every three or four days: Every two or three weeks palpitation. Evening till midnight:.


      Right: Left: Behind forward: Without in: Within out: Above downwards:.


      Oversensitive to all pain, pains drive to despair, does not want to live.

Susceptible to all sorts of pains; on thinking of them, he imagines he already feels them.

Boring pains, mostly in the bones.


      Violent orgasm plethora.

Cold at first causes a feeling of strength even of buoyancy later come depression, sense of illness etc.

Cancerous ulcers.

Pus yellow, with cheesy flocculi; lumbar abscess.

External parts become black Dropsy.

Exostoses of skull and other bones.

Boring in the bones caries especially after mercury; pains drive to despair worse at night.

Corpulency fat about the heart.

Glands painfully swollen scrofula, ruddy complexion.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch: Pressure: Chewing: Seize hold of left arm:. Rubbing : washing:.


      Violent itching, first in the soles of the feet and then over the whole body, from evening till midnight.

Fine popular eruption on the face.

Deep ulcers, affecting the bones after abuse of mercury.

Small and large blotches, burning feeling like hard knots, of a dirty yellow color;less indoors than in open air.

Stages and States

      Women nervous cough.

Girls at puberty pre-public boys.

Open indicated with old people; weak vision; corpulency; heart disease.

Scrofula; light haired; sanguine temperament; ruddy complexion.

Syphilitic and mercurial patients; especially advanced cases with melancholy, malnutrition and excessive debility. Syphilis in the strumous after abuse of mercury.


      After daily use of whisky, blind.

Antidotes to Aurum: Bellad, Cinchon., Coccul., Coffea, Cuprum, Mercur., Pulsat., Spigel., Sol-nigr.

Aurum antidotes: Mercur., Spigel.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.