Homeopathic remedy Arum Triphyllum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Arisaema triphyllum. Araceae.



Absence of mind, giddy.

During delirium, boring in the nose; picking at one spot, or at the dry lips. Scarlatina Typhus.

Wakeful, restless, screaming; delirium part of the time.

Irritable disposition.


      Vertigo and fulness, with absence of mind.

Light headed disposition.

Inner Head

      Dull headache, upper part feels cold as if open and without covering.

Headache, pressing on right or both sides worse from hot coffee.

Tearing in right forehead and temple.

Stitches over left eye.

Sudden shooting over left eye and occiput.

Tearing, darting, or stitches in temples.

Outer Head

      Scalp sore to the touch, on the vertex.


      Aversion to light. Obscured sight, as from a veil.

Upper eyelids heavy, with headache.

Tension in the lower lids, as if swollen.

Quivering of upper lids.

Swelling of the edges of the lids.

Water in the eyes all day, most at the outer canthi.


      Burning in the right, tearing in the left ear.

Left parotid gland sore to the touch.


      Coryza, fluent, acrid.

Acrid, ichorous discharge, excoriating inside alae and upper lip.

Corrosive, yellow, nasal discharge in diphtheria : nostrils raw.

Nose moist, but obstructed; discharge in the morning streaked with blood, during day yellow, thick mucus.

Nose stopped up, worse left side, must breathe through the mouth : worse mornings. Scarlatina.

Sneezing, and sleepy, worse at night.

Nostrils sore, chapped, worse left.

Drink passes up and through the nose.

Constant pricking at the nose.


      Heat in the face, afternoons, with coryza.

Swollen. bloated face. Scarlatina.

Lower Face

      Lips nose and face chapped, as after exposure to cold wind.

Lips thick, burning, swollen, cracked and bleeding.

Lips as if scalded, mornings.

Picks the lips until they bleed; corners of mouth sore, cracked and bleeding,, Scarlatina. Typhus.

Swelling of submaxillary glands, worse left. Scarlatina.


      Toothache in hollow teeth of left side of lower jaw, towards evening.

Tongue etc.

      Tongue : cracked, burning, painful; sore. red, papillae elevated. Scarlatina.

Root of tongue and palate feel raw.

Sudden glossitis.


      Excessive salivation; saliva acrid.

The mouth burns, and is so sore that they refuse to drink, and cry when anything is offered.

Buccal cavity raw and sore, bleeding.

Putrid odor from the mouth.


      Constriction in the throat, with sneezing.

Sensation of swelling on the soft palate, when swallowing, with discharge of nasal mucus.

Soreness, burning, and pains in palate, worse when eating or drinking.

Throat and tongue very sore, burning pains, putrid ulcers in throat.

Refuses food and drink on account of soreness of throat.

Aversions Desires

      No appetite; dose not want to play; loses flesh; headache; scanty urine. Desires to drink a little at a time.

Eating and Drinking

      Worse drinking coffee :. Worse drinking or eating :.

Headache better after breakfast or dinner.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Nausea; qualmish; giddy.


      Cramps in the stomach.


      Pain in the liver, front then back.

Pain under left short ribs.


      Rumbling in bowels; flatulency; cutting pains.

Stool etc.

      Painful urging, with rumbling; tenesmus towards evening.

Fissura ani, with retention of urine.

Stool: watery, dark brown, with belching; soft, thin, yellow and painless; soft, with tenesmus; at night during sleep.

Burning at the anus.


      Urine scanty or suppressed. Scarlatina.

Male Sexual Organs

      Tearing pain in right testicle during morning; comes suddenly and disappears suddenly.

Smarting at the end of the penis.

Female Sexual Organs

      Cutting pains in ovaries.

Menstrual blood darker.


      Lumps deep in the left mammae, with aching pains.

Convulsions during dentition, right side lame, quivering of left upper eyelid.


      Voice hoarse; from over-use of the voice in speaking or singing, worse taking food.

OEdema glottidis.

Voice uncertain, uncontrollable, changing continually.

Mucus in the trachea when coughing.

Loss of voice: after exposure to N. W. wind; when singing.

Must hawk, in the morning: hoarseness more before talking, better afterwards.

Constant pain in the larynx.

Clergyman’s sore throat.


      Asthmatic breathing, with chronic catarrh.


      Head and breast feel obstructed, full of mucus, without spitting.

Frequent coughing, with much mucus, and much spitting.

Burning pain in the lungs when coughing.

Tickling cough from mucus in the trachea; an night after lying down inability to sleep; hoarseness.


      Lungs feel sore.

Soreness in left lung and upper arm pressing in forehead.

Stitches in right lung and under shoulder-blade.

Heart Pulse

      Pulse more frequent.

Neck Back

      Stiffness of the neck; with intolerable pressing headache.

Pain as if in atlas and dentoid vertebrae.

Glands of throat or neck swollen.

Upper Limbs

      Hands stiff and swollen.

Lower Limbs

      Cramp in the right leg on getting awake in the morning.

Stinging, pricking or bruised pain in the soles.

Limbs in General

      Heaviness of the limbs worse in legs.

Position etc.

      Better after rising:. Rest:,.


      Lassitude and low spirits.

Right side lame during dentition.

Very nervous.

Greatest weakness or exhaustion.

Spasms of arms and hand; thumbs drawn in.


      Sleepy yawning and sneezing at 11 A.M.; headache worse, eyes heavy.

Drowsy in the evening.

Sleeplessness from soreness of mouth and throat or from itching of the skin.


On falling asleep feels as if she would smother, starts as if frightened.


      All day Morning: 11 A.M.: Afternoon P.M.:Evening: Night: Before midnight Same hour:.

Temperature and Weather

      N.W. wind:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Repeated chill spreading from the vertex with sneezing like after taking a cold, afternoons.

Chills running over the body after much yawning at the same hour on two days.

Flushed with burning face.

Fever heat very intense. Scarlatina.

Typhoid forms of fever: picking the ends of the fingers, picking the dry lips till they bleed; boring the nose, restless tossing about the bed, wants to escape, unconscious of what he is doing or of what is said to him: urine suppressed; great weakness (last stages probably with uraemia).


      Sudden:Pains come and go suddenly: Same hour:.


      Right: Left: Both sides. Front of back (liver).


      Head feels open, as if calvaria were removed.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch: Pressure:.


      Itching. Scarlatina.

Desquamation a second or third time, in large flakes Scarlatina.

Little round, red, hard pimples all over the body, legs, arms and face.


      Buttermilk, which contains Lactic acid, antidotes Compare: Amm mur., Castor., Cepa., Kali hydr., Lycop., Mezer., Nitr-ac., Silicea (nasal discharge), Arg-nitr., Crocus (tongue), Capsic (throat), Caustic, Ferrum Phosph., (hoarseness), Mercur and Valer (salivation), Mercur. and Bryon. (lips and corners of mouth).

Concordances: Laches., Lycop., Ailanth., Arsen., Canthar. Acid Muriaticum Nitr. ac., Acid Sulphuricum, Hydrastis ac., Iodium. Phytol., Sanguin., Silicea, Sulphur.

In typhus: compare Caladium, Nitr. ac.

Arum has in high degree soreness and cracks in corners of mouth but Condurango not be neglected for the same site: especially if there is also superficial ulceration of the cornea.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.