Homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Arsenious oxide HAHNEMANN. AS2 O3.


      Weakness of memory.

Confusion of the head.

Aversion to meeting acquaintances because he imagines having formerly offended them, though he knows not how.

Sad, tearful anxious mood.

Fears to be left alone, lest he do himself bodily harm. Determined to commit suicide he suffers so.

Fears he will have to murder some one.

Sees vermin; throws away bugs by the handful.

Tears his body injuries his own person; insanity.

Dread of death when alone, or on going to bad.

Anxious and depressed, fears permanent loss of health. Intense anxiety and with restlessness, worse after midnight driving out of bed.

Great anxiety with constriction of chest and dyspnoea.

Great fear, restlessness, trembling, cold sweat, prostration.

Self-willed and tearful.

Vexation with anxiety, restlessness and chilliness.

Child captious wants to be carried.

Cannot find rest anywhere changes place continually, wants to go from one bed to another.


      Sensation as if the brain moved and beat against skull during motion.

Vertigo as if he would fall. Vertigo of malarial origin, with hyperaesthesia of hearing or during pregnancy; lips and face bluish; jugular veins undulate.

Vertigo with loss of consciousness during coughing fits, in asthmatics.

Heaviness in the head with humming in the ears; goes off in open air, but returns on entering the room.

Inner Head

      Intense frontal headache with vertigo.

Drawing pressive pain in right side of forehead.

Pain as if bruised or sore, over the sore the nose and in the forehead rubbing relieves temporarily.

Throbbing frontal headache over root of nose. Ozaena.

Headache: beating; or pressure as from a load on brain; rising up in bed or motion aggravates; cold washing relieves temporarily, walking in open air permanently.

The pain in head and face is especially severe on left side; cannot lean or rest on that side.

Outer Head

      Erysipelatous burning an swelling of the head with great weakness and coldness worse at night.

Cannot scarcely bear hair to be touched scalp so sensitive.

Falling out of the hair.

Great sensitiveness of head to open air; wraps up head warmly.

Chronic eruptions, with pustules and vesicles filled with pus.


      Sensitive to light; photophobia.

Snow dazzles with lachrymation.

Flickering before the eyes.

Everything appears green; sees as through a white gauze.

Weakness of sight; dim sight.

Pupils contracted or dilated.

Eyes sunken or protruding.

Yellowness of the sclerotica.

Pain in right eyeball particularly during motion.

Pulsative throbbing in eyes (at midnight) at every pulsation a stitch.

Feeling of sand in eyes.

Violent burning in eyes.

Chronic trachoma, inner surface of lids rubs eyeballs; burning etc.

Croupous conjunctivitis from ophthalmia neonatorum.

Conjunctiva looks like a piece of raw beef.

Trembling of upper eyelid, with lachrymation.

Eyelids oedematous and spasmodically closed; also for non- inflammatory oedema (like Apis) Agglutination of lids.

Edges of lids painful during motion, as if dry and rubbing on the ball.

Extreme redness of inner surface of lids, with uneasy sensation rather than pain.

Burning in margins of eyelids.

Ophthalmia of children skin rough, dry and dirty looking photophobia and profuse, acrid lachrymation; relieved by hot applications.


      Unusual sensitiveness to sound.

Ringing in the ears.

Roaring in the ears with each paroxysms of pain.

Hardness of hearing cannot hear the human voice. (Compare Phosphor) Stitching tearing from left meatus auditorius outwards, more in the evening.

Yellow discharge from the right ear, with dryness of the nose the hearing is not weakened.

Discharge of cadaverous odor, profuse ichorous.


      Offensive smell before the nose.

Smells of pitch and sulphur alternately, before the nose.

Cannot bear the smell or sight of food.

Dryness of the nasal cavity.

Discharge of burning mucus from the right nostril.

Fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing; with hoarseness and sleeplessness; with swollen nose; alternating with stoppage.

Watery discharge causes and smarting at nostrils as if sore.

Distressing stoppage at the bridge of the nose.

Nosebleed a fit of passion or vomiting.

Knotty swelling of the nose.


      Expression anxious but not wild; distressed; of suffering mental agony; surly; wild; hippocratic; sunken.

Appearance very pale yellow waxy; grey earthy; livid, bluish; flushed; red and swollen.

OEdematous swelling of face.

Twitching of facial muscles.

Tearing in left half of face.

Burning stinging pains as from red-hot needles.

Pimples and vesicles, with acrid discharge; itching burning worse at night in cold air, better from warmth.

Cancerous ulcers on the face; scabbing; burning pain.

Lower Face

      Severe pains along inferior maxillary nerve.

Bites tumbler when drinking.

Sore lips and ulcers in the mouth.

Contractive quivering or jerking on one side of upper lip, especially when falling asleep.


      Grinding of the teeth while asleep.

Teeth seem longer, become loose, and are sensitive to pressure and to cold water.

Pain in some of the teeth, as if loose and would fall out, pain not increased by chewing.

Jerking toothache extending to the temple relieved or removed by sitting up in bed and by external warmth.

Toothache relieved by heat of stove.

Swollen bleeding gums, painful to touch.

Tongue etc.

      Taste: woody, dry unpleasant; sweetish in throat; sour; metallic; bitter; putrid.

Food taste: too salty; not salty enough; insipid; sour.

Beer tastes flat.

Less of power of speech.

violent burning on the tongue.

Swelling about root of tongue externally and internally.

Coating: sides furred, with red streak down the middle and redness of tip; thickly furred edges red; whitish; yellowish- white as if painted white; brown.

Tongue: dry, and morbidly red, with papillae considerably raised at the tip lead colored.

Pale, doughy, takes print of teeth; neuralgia.

Edge of tongue red, takes imprint of teeth.

Gangrene of tongue spots on tongue burning like fire.


      Dryness of mouth with violet thirst.

Burning in mouth pharynx and oesophagus.

Much saliva; must spit often.

Saliva decreased.

Aphthae in mouth; they become livid or bluish.

Painful blisters in mouth and on tongue.


      Dryness, soreness, scraping and burning in fauces and throat.

Sensation of constriction of throat.

Swallowing very difficult and painful.

Paralytic condition of pharynx and oesophagus.

Burning when swallowing; food goes down to region of larynx, when it is ejected again.

Diphtheritic membrane is dry looking and wrinkled.

Desires Aversions

      Appetite increased.

Desire for : sour things; brandy; coffee; milk; lard.

Loss of appetite with increased thirst.

Aversion : to food; to butter.

Thirst and dryness of mouth, with peculiar thick while saliva.

Excessive thirst, drinking does not refresh.

Drinks often, but a little at a time; or may drink much and often. Frequent unquenchable thirst.

Great thirst but water molests the stomach. Dropsy.

Burning thirst, without especial desire to drink.

Eating and Drinking

      Gastro intestinal symptoms worse; after ice; ice cream; ice water; vinegar sour beef; tobacco (chewing); alcoholic drinks bad sausages cheese fruits.

Bad effects from inordinate use of spirituous liquors Delirium tremens; vomiting; diarrhoea; hemorrhages.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Hiccough frequent; also when fever ought to have come.

Abortive eructations fruitless retching; irregular, convulsive action of stomach, instead of ordinary peristalsis.

Qualmishness 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. Nausea and complete loss of appetite.

Long lasting nausea, with faintness, tremor; heat all over and shuddering.

Violent vomiting of food and gastric fluids; vomits usually scanty.

Vomit bitter green yellow liquid ingesta; brown turbid matter; streaked with blood; blood; black first water, then thick glairy, or grass green mucus, lastly blood.

Also immediately after food or drink.

Frequent vomiting with apprehension of death.


      pressure in the region of the stomach weight as of a stone.

Stomach tender to pressure.

Intense heat and burning in stomach and pit of Violent, tearing, boring pain and cramp, in the stomach and intestines.

Pain in the stomach relieved by sweet milk.

Great anxiety about the epigastric region.

Epigastrium distended and hard; umbilicus sensitive to touch.

Pain in the pit of the stomach arresting breathing.


      Painful bloatedness in the right hypochondrium, with burning pain.

Pain in region of liver increased on pressure.

Stitches in right hypochondrium, extending to region of stomach, ending as violent pressure over whole abdomen.

Drawing, stitching pain under the left hypochondrium.

Tensive, pressive pain in spleen.

Induration and enlargement of spleen and liver.


      Abdomen distended and painful.

Rumbling in bowels.

Cutting pains in abdomen.

Violent pains in abdomen, with great anguish, has no rest anywhere, rolls about on floor and despairs of life.

Pains about navel, aggravated by lying on back.

Pain in right side of abdomen, near lumbar region, spreading through abdomen to right groin and same side of scrotum.

Groins : contractive pain in left; as if sprained in right, when stooping; digging, burning like a boil; stitches.

Stool etc.

      Involuntary stools and urine.

Diarrhoea after chilling stomach by taking cold substances.

Diarrhoea : slimy, green mucus; of pieces of mucus, with tenesmus and cutting pain in anus; stools small, with tenesmus, first dark green feces, afterwards dark green mucus; black mucus, with persistent vomiting; black, acrid and putrid; yellow, with tenesmus and burning pain; like dirty water; of blood and water.

Purging, with extreme coldness of the extremities.

Diarrhoea worse after midnight, also in morning after rising.

Anus red and sore. Burning in anus.

Constipation with pain in the bowels.

Hemorrhoids : with stitching pain when walking or sitting, not when at stool; with burning pain, relieved by heat.

Hemorrhages from bowels, dark, offensive. Typhus.


      Frequent urging, with profuse discharge.

Involuntary micturition.

Urine scanty, passed with difficulty, burning during discharge.

Retention of urine, as if the bladder were paralyzed.

Urine : dark brown; dark yellow; turbid; sediment of red sand; mixed with pus and blood.

Haematuria. Albuminuria.

Uraemia, anguish with thoughts of murder, especially in drunkards.

Male Sexual Organs

      Glans blue-red, swollen and cracked.

Excessively painful inflammation and swelling of the genitals, increasing almost to gangrene.

Herpes preputialis chronic (after failure of Rhus).

Scrotum oedematous.

Emissions during diarrhoeic stool.

Female Sexual Organs

      Increased sexual desire, with involuntary discharge of mucus.

Menses : too early; too profuse; exhausting menorrhagia.

Hemorrhage, with lancinating, burning pains; sudden, of profuse dark blood.

During menses, sharp sticking in rectum, thence to anus and pubes.

Painful menses.

Amenorrhoea. Scanty pale menses.

Thin, whitish, offensive discharge instead of the menses.

Leucorrhoea : profuse, yellowish, thick and corroding.

Stitches from the abdomen down into the vagina.

Burning or tensive pain in the ovary.

Pressive, stitching pains in region of right ovary.

Drawing, stitching pain from region of ovary into the thigh, which feels numb and lame; worse from motion. bending, or sitting bent.

Burning, throbbing, lancinating pain in uterine region.


      Burning pains in mammae; relief from motion.


      Voice : trembling; weak; unequal, now strong and again weak; hoarse; rough; hollow; loss of voice.

Simulating membranous croup; caused by checked or non appearing eruptions, especially by hives or urticaria.

Laryngeal lining dirty red or anaemic, with bluish-red patches; indolent, or burning ulcers; laryngeal phthisis.

Sudden catarrh, threatening suffocation at night.


      Respiration short and anxious.

Difficult breathing with much anxiety.

Breathing asthmatic; must incline the chest forward; must spring out of bed at night. Asthma.

Air passages seem constricted, cannot breathe fully.

Dyspnoea increased after coughing, with sensation of constriction of chest or stomach.

Loss of breath immediately on lying down, in the evening, with whistling and constriction in the trachea.

Oppression increased by stormy weather and heavy air; walking quickly; ascending; warm and tight clothing; but especially from discharges of warmth and cold.

Wheezing respiration, with cough and frothy expectoration, looking like beaten white of egg.

Great dyspnoea; face cyanotic and covered with cold sweat; great anxiety. Emphysema.

Whistling expiration.


      Excited by smoky sensation or as of vapors of sulphur in larynx, or by constant titillation of larynx.

Preceded by jerking in hips, which seemed to excite cough.

Cough : When going into cold, open air; especially after drinking; evenings, directly after lying down; has to sit up; afterwards contractive pain in the epigastric region, causing the cough to continue; weakness.

Cough with bloody sputum.

Night cough; must sit up as soon as cough commences; 1 A.M., with gasping for breath.

Deep, dry, unceasing cough; coughs dependent upon asthma, cyanosis, heart diseases; also associated with great exhaustion, collapse, anaemia, nervous irritability.

Expectoration; frothy saliva; thick yellow; green, bitter; salty; mucus streaked with blood.

Haemoptysis after loss of blood; burning heat all over, especially with pain between scapulae; in drunkards or from suppressed menses.


      Tightness of chest as if bound with a hoop.

Constriction of chest : with great anxiety and restlessness, evenings; when going up hill.

Stitches in upper right chest; in left chest only during inspiration.

Stitching pain in sternum, from below up, when coughing.

Pleurisy with tendency to syncope.

Chilliness in chest, evenings.

Burning in the chest.

Catarrh on the chest, great suffocation; child tosses about in agony.

Gangrene of the lungs with green, ichorous sputum,.

Heart Pulse

      Palpitation; after suppressed herpes or foot sweat; with small, irregular pulse; strong, visible and audible, chiefly at night.

Palpitation of heart, with anguish, cannot lie on back; increased by going up stairs.

Heart beats more rapidly and stronger when lying on back.

Angina pectoris; sudden tightness above the heart; agonizing precordial pain; pains into the neck and occiput; anxiety, oppression; breathing difficult, fainting spells; least motion makes him lose his breath; sits bent forward or with head thrown back; worse at night, especially from 1 to 5 A.M.

Hydropericardium with great irritability, anguish and restlessness : especially in uraemia, etc.

Pulse : accelerated; quick and small; quick and weak; rapid and weak; small, very frequent, and irregular, sometimes imperceptible; thread-like.

Outer Chest

      Yellow spots on chest.

Stitches and pressing in sternum.

Neck Back

      Nape stiff, as if bruised or sprained.

Neuralgic pains on left side of neck.

Drawing pains: between scapulae; necessitate lying down; from small of back to the shoulders.

Stiffness of the spinal column, beginning in the region of the os coccygis.

Loss of strength in small of back.

Bruised pain in small of back.

Upper Limbs

      Tearing-jerking pain in right shoulder-joint and shoulder.

Pain in the arm of the side on which one rests, at night.

Drawing, jerking and tearing from the tips of the fingers into the shoulder.

Hands and lower half of forearm dark and livid.

Small reddish spot on left elbow-joint, soon forming a blister, becoming in a few hours as large as a hazelnut and turning black; similar blisters appear on right elbow and next day on left leg.

Trembling of hands.

Ulcers in finger tips with burning pains.

Tingling in fingers,.

Lower Limbs

      Violent shooting-tearing pain in the tip, thigh, groin and left foot.

Pain back of great trochanter, extending down the thigh, posteriorly, then toward the knee, anteriorly, embracing the patella, down the tibia to the ankle; pain relieved somewhat by flexion of the knee.

Cracking of knee when walking.

Swelling and pain of knees.

Stiffness of knees and feet, alternating with tearing pains.

Pain as if beaten in knee-joint.

Coldness, especially of knees and feet.

Itching tetters in the bend of the knees.

Cramp in calves.

Drawing pain in legs when resting feet upon the floor, while sitting.

Swelling of feet, oedematous.

Weakness of weariness of feet, numbness.

Tearing in the heels.

Intolerable itching of feet and thighs.

Toes drawn downwards.

Ulcers on soles of feet and toes.

Sore pain in ball of toes, while walking, as if chafed.

Sensation as if the lower limbs would break down, on going up stairs.

Uneasiness in lower limbs, cannot lie still at night, has to change, position of feet constantly or walk about to get relief, Gressus galinaceous.

Limbs in General

      Twitching; trembling; violent starting while falling asleep; numbness; lassitude; Weariness.

Excessive weakness and exhaustion of limbs oblige him to lie down.

Violent tearing in the upper and lower limbs; cannot rest on the affected side; pain least felt when moving affected part.

Position etc.

      Walking : Ascending : Motion : Moving affected part :. Rising up: After rising : Sitting : Sitting up : Must sit up : Sitting bent : Chest forward : Stooping : Leaning : Resting : Bending : Bending knee : Lying down : Lying on back: Lying on affected side :. Must lie down : Cannot lie still : Must spring from bed : Rolls on floor : Asleep : Exertion :.


      Great restlessness, cannot find rest in any position.

Starting when falling asleep.

Hysterical spasms, followed by exhaustion.

Frequent fainting.

Convulsions with opisthotonos; from at mouth.

Chorea, uncomplicated cases.

Child lies as if dead; pale but warm; breathless for sometime.

Epileptic convulsions : tetanic spasm.

Exhaustion from the slightest exertion.

After great exertions; climbing mountains, etc.

Very rapid sinking of strength.


      Yawning and stretching.

Frequent startings in and from sleep; awakened by pains, worse 12 P.M.

Sleeplessness with restlessness and moaning; mal-nutrition; nerves exhausted.

After sleep, feels as if he had not slept enough; eyes are weary; cannot get out of bed.

Dreams : full of care, sorrow and fear; about thunder-storms; fire; of black water and darkness; of death,.


      General aggravation at night, especially after midnight (1 A.M.) Morning : Forenoon : Evening : Night Before midnight : After midnight : 1 A.M. : 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. :.

Temperature and Weather

      Warmth almost always relieves the pain.

General aggravation from cold except headache, which is relieved by cold washing and cold air.

Cold damp cellars aggravate or bring on complaints Sciatica.

Cold ailments : cold water : washing: Cold air : Open air : Cold : Room : Warmth : Must be covered: uncovered : Change of temperature: Stormy weather : Heavy air :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Undefined development of chill (and heat); either simultaneously, or in alternation.

Shuddering without thirst, worse in open air.

Chill in forenoon not relieved by anything.

Internal chill, with external heat and red cheeks.

Chill without thirst, followed by heat with much thirst and no sweat; a sweat comes hours afterwards whereupon ailments increase; liver and spleen swollen. Dropsy.

External coldness, with cold, clammy sweat.

During chill (and during heat) aggravation of symptoms which existed previously, but were a slight importance.

Nursing children having no distinct chill must be covered; are very thirsty.

Blue nails and lips during chill.

Internal burning, dry heat; inclination to uncover.

Dry heat, evening and night, with thirst and frequent drinking of but a small quantity at a time.

Excessive heat with small, feeble and very frequent pulse; mouth dry, tongue so dry it is painful to move it; thirst followed by adipsia. Typhoid.

Heat at night, as if hot water were poured over one.

Sweat at the end of fever, with cessation of all previous symptoms; sweat relieves with pains; rheumatism.

Sweat in the morning without relief; cold clammy or sour and offensive smelling.

Sweats on going to sleep : goes off after sweating a little.

Profuse sweat about the knees, at night.

During the sweat unquenchable thirst.


      Periodically returning complaints.

Typhus tertianus antepones.


      Right : Left : Left to right : Above downward :Below upward : Within outward :.


      Burning in internal and external parts.

As if hot water flowed through the blood-vessels, preventing sleep.

Sense of warm air streaming up the spine into the head Preceding epileptic attacks.


      Great emaciation, clay colored face, blue margins around eyes, great weakness of all limbs, want of disposition to do anything and constant inclination to rest.

Muscles lax.

General dropsy or of thoracic or abdominal cavities.

Post-Scarlatinal dropsy; waxy skin. Morbus Brightii.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch : Pressure : Rubbing : Scratching : Snake bites.


      Skin very white and pasty looking, later yellow, scaly. Skin dry and scaly.

Blue spots on skin.

Burning, itching parts painful after scratching.

Very painful black eruption.

Pimples burning violently, causing almost unendurable anguish.

Herpetic eruption itching and burning; eczema, dry desquamation burning pruritus.

Urticaria, large and very prominent.

Eruption resembling red petechiae, from the size of a fleabite to that of a lentil.

Eruption delays or suddenly pales, becomes livid or intermixed with petechiae, malignant sore throat: dropsy; or eruption well

out, but with disproportionate weakness, mild delirium, vomiting, etc. Scarlatina.

Black vesicles causing burning pain.

Variola, asthenic cases; pustules sink, areolae grow livid; also in hemorrhagic and septic forms.

Ulcer, with high edges; discharges black, coagulated blood.

Ulcer on leg covered with grey crust and surrounded with an inflamed border; burning and painful.

Painful sensitiveness of old ulcers.

Purulent, fetid secretions from eruptions.

Gangrenous aspect of sores.


Cancers with burning pain.

Itch-like eruption in bend of knees.

Stages and States

      Hydrogenoid constitution of Grauvogl.

Suits the complaints of drunkards.


      Cognates : Anthrac (carbuncle; anthrax; pyaemia, etc.); Acet ac. (dropsy); Aconite (fever, paralysis, sudden chilling); Apis., Apocynum can.; Baptis. (sepsis; typhoid); Bismuth (vomiting); Borax (psoriasis); Cinchon. (debility, loss of fluids, dropsy, ague, gangrene ulcers, haemoptysis, diarrhoea, effects of putrid water, marsh-poisons, etc.); Carb. an (debility, glandular affections): Carbo veg. (debility, want of reaction, sepsis, especially ailments from putrid meats, fish or water etc.); Calcarea ars. (in epilepsy with heart symptoms); Camphor. (collapse, coldness, etc.); Capsicum (stomacace); Crotal. (blood poisoning); Cuprum (cholera, lack of reaction, paralysis, etc.); Cuprum ars (neuralgia of viscera); Ferrum (eruption lienteria, dropsy,

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.