Homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Leopard’s bane. Hahnemann Compositae.


      Unconscious; when spoken to answer correctly but unconsciousness and delirium at once return.

Stupefaction, loss of sight and hearing. Concussion of brain.

Stupor with involuntary discharge of faces. Typhus.

Forgetful; what he reads quickly escapes his memory, even the word he is about speaking. Typhus.

Absent minded thoughts wonder from their object and dwell on images and fancies.

Confusion of head, changing to pressive right-sided headache.

Delirium, low murmuring.

Delirium tremens.

Sheds tears and makes exclamations. AFter rage.

Picks the bedclothes.

She does not speak a word; declines answering questions, dislikes sympathy.

Indisposed to think; after a walk in the open air.

Fears being touched or struck by persons coming toward him. Gout.

Fears of public places; agoraphobia (dread of crowds) Hypochondriacal anxiety.

Hopelessness; indifference. After concussion.

Oversensitive mood, peevish, quarrelsome.

Frightened; unexpected trifles cause him to start.

Ailments from fright or anger.

Violent attacks of anguish. Angina pectoris.


      Vertigo; when moving the head she feels as if everything turned with her or was falling on her; from a too copious meal, nausea, with obscuration of sight; when shutting eyes; ears feels stopped up when speaking, etc.

Vertigo: Stomachal (gastric), with nausea vomiting and diarrhoea.

Inner Head

      Pressive pain in forehead when walking, ascending stairs, reflecting or reading.

pressive headache over the eyes and towards the temples, with sensation as if the tissues of the forehead were spasmodically contracted.

Pressive headache as if the head were being distended.

Pains over one eye, with compression in forehead and greenish vomiting.

Stitching tearing pain in the left temple.

Headache as from nail thrust into the temple, with general sweat about 12 p.m. followed by faintness.

Pain as if a knife was drawn through the head transversely from the left side, followed by internal coldness of the head.

Feels like a heavy weight pressing shooting in temples.

Burning in the brain, with natural heat of the body, night and morning worse from motion, better at rest.

Heaviness in the middle of the brain.

Apoplexy, loss of consciousness, with involuntary evacuations from bowels and bladder, paralysis (left-sided) : pulse full, strong; starter; sighing, muttering.

Exudations in brain and spine.

Meningitis after mechanical or traumatic injuries.

Bad effects from falls or blows on the head.

Outer Head

      Sensation as if integuments of forehead were spasmodically contracted.

Cold sensation at a small spot on the forehead.

Unbearable feeling as from ice on top of the head; after breakfast.

Burning or hot spots on top of the head.


      Flickering before eyes, worse when reading or writing.

Dilated pupils; sensitiveness to light.

Diplopia after injuring the eye.

Loss of sight after a violent blow.

Traumatic ulceration with much hemorrhage into the anterior chamber.

Retinal hemorrhage expedites absorption of clots.

Margin of upper lids painful when lids are moved as if they were dry and slightly sore.

OEdema of dry, hot, inflamed lids, with much subconjunctival suggillation.

Congestion to the eyes; balls bloodshot.

Inflammation of eyes; with suggillations after mechanical injuries.

Severe ciliary neuralgia; head hot, body cool.


      Noises in the ear caused by rush of blood to the head: with great sensitiveness to sound.

Head hearing. From concussions.

Bruised pain in ears, stitches in behind ears; with great sensitiveness to loud sounds; ears very dry.

Discharge of blood from the ear.


      Bruised pain in the nose.

Nosebleed: preceded by tingling; copious after every exertion; from mechanical causes; after washing the face.

End of nose cold.

Swelling of nose.

Violent sneezing, after overlifting the day before.


      Pale sunken; sallow; red, swollen.

Red swelling of right cheek, with throbbing and pinching pain swollen lips and great heat in head with cold body.

Redness and burning in one cheek.

Dry heat in face toward evening, without thirst; nose cold.

Lower Face

      Lips: burn; swollen and cracked.

Lower lip trembles.

Bruised pain in (right) articulation of jaw, from motion early in morning.

Lower jaw hanging down.


      Toothache after operation plugging etc.

Excruciating pains, cutting tearing in all teeth of right upper jaw, radiating to ear; worse from external warmth or from inhaling fresh air.

Tooth feels as if forced out of socket; throbbing toothache.

Gums sore, swollen. Teething children.

Beating and tingling in the gums. Toothache.

Tongue etc.

      Taste: putrid of rotten eggs; bitter.

Biting sensation on the tongue with soreness burning and stinging in the back part of the throat.

Tongue: Coated white;dry with a brown streak down the middle; dry or coated yellow. Typhus.


      Dry, with much thirst.

Putrid smell from mouth. Typhus.


      Stinging in back of throat between acts of deglutition.

Chronic pains in fauces and larynx, worse for a long time after an animated talk.

Desires Aversions

      Longing for vinegar or sour things; for alcoholic drinks.

Appetite lessened.

Repugnance to food.

Aversion; to meat; broth; milk; smoking tobacco.

Thirst for cold water, without fever.

Eating and Drinking

      After eating distress in epigastrium (after a blow).

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations: bitter and like rotten eggs in the morning; empty.

Belches after coughing.

Hiccough. Meningitis.

Nausea: empty vomiturition; burning scratching in the throat; general relaxation during forenoon.

Vomiting of dark red coagula, mouth bitter; general soreness.

Vomits the least food; retching at night.


      Pinching spasmodic griping in stomach, also with pulmonary and cardiac constriction and with dysenteric stools.

Pressive, cutting pains in epigastrium; nausea and retching.

Stomach feels full with nausea and satiety.

Stomach distended with wind; pressure on praecordia, oppression of chest.

Haematemesis from injuries; sore all over.

Heaviness in the stomach.


      Stitches in region of liver; painful when turning in bed Pressure in region of liver; bellow the heart, day and night.

Stitches in the splenic region, with soreness on pressure.


      Hard swelling of the right side of abdomen with severe pain when touched.

Sharp pains from side to side through abdomen.

Colic with strangury Pains around the navel when moving.

Stool, etc.

      Undigested food; bloody; purulent bloody slimy mucus, with urging and violent bellyache; dark, bloody mucus, with sore, bruised feeling in abdomen brown, fermented (like yeast); averse to food fetid breath; very offensive papescent, at times involuntary; involuntary during sleep; frequent, small, mucous.

Dysentery with ischuria, or tenesmus of neck of bladder, with fruitless urging.

Flatus smelling like rotten eggs.

Obstinate constipation after a blow on epigastrium.


      Agonizing pains in back and hips.

Piercing pains, as from knives plunged into the kidneys; chilly, inclined to vomit.

Chill followed by nephritic pains, nausea and vomiting, without relief.

Bladder affections after mechanical injuries.

Tenesmus from spasms of neck of bladder.

Bladder feels overfilled ineffectual urging.

Has to wait a long time for urine to pass.

Involuntary urination at night during sleep.

Constant urging while urine passes involuntary in drops.

Urine in small quantity staining napkin yellow-brown.

Scanty, red urine, very offensive.

Frequent discharge of pale urine.

Retention of urine from exertion.

Ischuria with dysentery.

Urine dark-brown scanty; brick dust sediment; red in liver complaint acid increased specific gravity.

Bloody urine: haematuria from mechanical causes.

Infants scream from pain in bladder.

Male Sexual Organs

      Pains and testicles swollen purplered; after injuries.

Spermatic cords painfully swollen; stitches in abdomen.

Phimosis from friction; parts bruised and much swollen.

Erysipelas of scrotum extending to the anus.

Hydrocele caused by a bruise.

Female Sexual Organs

      Metrorrhagia after coition.

Menses of uterus with a tendency to bleed.

Labia painfully swollen.

Prolapsus, caused by concussion.


      Threatened abortion form falls, shocks, etc.; nervous excited, feels bruised.

Labor-pains; violent yet they do but little good; weak or ceasing wants to change position often; feels bruised.

Soreness of parts after labor.

After-pains violent return while suckling.

Constant dribbling of urine after labor.

Hemorrhages bright-red or mixed with clots; head hot, body cool.

Sore nipples.

Mastitis from bruises; erysipelatous inflammation.

Asphyxia neonatorum.


      Voice deep; or low, muttering.

Hoarseness from over-using voice; also early in morning.

Raw, scraped sensation along trachea and bronchia.


      Breath fetid, short panting.

Children when angry lose their breath altogether..

Dyspnoea head hot, face red, body cool.

Asthma with inclination to move about; sleepless, before midnight; looks as if dying; with fatty heart.


      Constant insupportable tickling in larynx and trachea, causing cough day and night. Pneumonia.

Dry slight cough from tickling low down in the trachea, every morning after rising.

Paroxysms of cough at night during sleep not awaking.

Tickling in lower part of trachea, and dry hacking cough, most at night;scanty, difficult expectoration of transparent glairy slime, mixed with black dots or bloody.

Expectoration: offensive green, purulent, blood streaked, when loosened, must be swallowed; day and evening.

Whooping-cough; child cries before the paroxysm.

Cough causes bloodshot eyes, nosebleed; expectoration of foaming blood or clots of blood; sometimes in evening of putrid tasting mucus which must be swallowed.


      Hemorrhage after mechanical injuries slight spitting of black, thick blood or bright red, forty blood mixed with mucus and coagula.

Burning or rawness in the chest.

Chest sore when coughing, sputum blood – streaked; cannot raise the loosened mucus.

Pressive pain in (right) chest at a small spot not increased by motion touch or inspiration.

Stitches in chest (left side) worse form a dry cough; worse from motion; from external pressure.

Pleurisy after mechanical injuries; must continually change

position bed feels so hard.

Pneumothorax from external injuries.

Heart Pulse

      Stitches in cardiac region.

Region of base of heart feels as if bruised.

“Strain of the heart” from violent running.

Palpitation after almost any exertion; goes off by rest.

Pain from liver through left chest and down left arm veins on hand swollen purplish sudden pain, as if heart were squeezed or as if it got a shock.

Pressure under the sternum anguish collapse small irregular pulse dyspnoea; angina pectoris.

Fatty degeneration of heart.

pulse: accelerated full, hard; sometimes quicker than beat of heart; intermittent, feeble hurried, irregular; feeble fluttering.

Outer Chest

      Articulations and cartilaginous connections of chest feels as if beaten when moving breathing or coughing.

Violent stitches in middle of left chest.

Neck Back

      Weakness of cervical muscles; they do not support the head steadily.

Great sensibility of cervical vertebrae to pressure.

Violent spinal pain, as from sudden rising after long stooping.

Right scapula and small of the back painful as if beaten.

Bruised pain at inner portion of right scapula.

Sacrum pains, as if beaten.

Upper Limbs

      Violent twitching pain from the left shoulder joint to the middle finger.

Tingling in the arms.

Arms feel weary as if bruised.

Sensation as if joints of the arms and wrists were sprained.

Tearing in tips of the left ring and little finger Cramps in fingers of left hand Acute bruised pain in the balls of the thumbs.

Lower Limbs

      Drawing, pressive pains in the left hip-joints, thigh being extended, when sitting.

Hips pain as if sprained.

Formication; lame feeling; must often change position, bed or chair seems so hard; after exertion, long marches, etc.

Pain in thighs when walking as from a blow.

Stitch like from a needle when touching the knee.

Knee-joints suddenly bending when standing feet numb insensible.

Hygroma patellae.

Pain in the calf of the right leg, as from a blow with lassitude of legs.

Tarsal joint pains as if sprained.

Want of power in ankles and feeling of a heavy weight in each instep.

Hot erysipelatous inflammation and painfulness of foot.

Feet feel tired or inflamed after a walk.

Arthritic pains in foot, worse towards evening; fears passers may strike it; big too joint red, feels sprained.

Limbs in General


paralytic pain in all joints during motion as if bruised.

Limbs as if bruised at rest or in motion painful concussion from jolting of carriage or stepping firmly, Limbs ache as if beaten.

Tearing with soreness, swelling or tingling.

Position etc.

      Rest: Motion: Walking: Walking in open air; Ascending: Must change position: Exertion: Moving head; Turning in bed: Attempting to sit Up Sitting: Standing: Lying with head low: Must lie down; After riding:.


      Twitching of the muscles.

Whole body, especially skin and joints excessively painful and sensitive.

Tired feeling, as after hard work or as if beaten.

Wearing bruised sore, great weakness must lie down, yet bed feels to hard.

Great sinking of strength, Lassitude and sluggishness of the whole body; scarcely able to stand.

Paralysis : generally painful; left-sided (after apoplexy); partial, from concession of the spine.


      Sleepiness; too sleepy early in the evening.

Languor, drowsiness.

While answering, falls into a deep sleep before finishing.

Unrefreshing sleep, loud, blowing breathing.

Is often kept awake until 2 to 3 A.M. from heat, restlessness and constant desire to change position; or from pricking, stinging, biting, now here, now there, on the body.

On falling asleep : starts as in fright; is aroused by heat.

Lies preferably with head low, or horizontally.

Worse after a long sleep, or on awaking.

Dreams : vivid, frightful, of graves, black dogs, struck by lightning, etc.; unrefreshing; anxious.


      Morning: Forenoon: Evening: Night : Midnight: Before midnight: Day and night: Day and evening : 2 to 3 A.M.:.

Temperature and Weather

      Inclination for open air; better in open air.

Sudden cooling after overheating, followed by a cough, like consumption.

Open air: Warmth: Washing:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill felt worse in pit of stomach.

Chill most in evening, with much thirst already before chill.

Chill after every sleep.

Chilly internally, with external heat.

Chilly, with heat and redness of one cheek.

Chilly morning or forenoon; before chill yawning, thirst for large quantities of water; drawing in periosteum.

Head alone, or face alone hot, body cold.

Dry general heat after walking; early morning, violent thirst; uncovering makes him chilly; chilly even when moving in bed.

Heat, with in difference, stupor, drinks less.

continuous heat, with such weakness, that when attempting to sit up he faints.

Elushes of heat; with thirst.

Great internal heat; hands and feet being cold.

Sweat: sour or offensive; sometimes cold; nightly sour. Several transitory sweats all over at night, with anguish.

Hectic fever, emaciation: after a blow on stomach.

During apyrexia in intermittent fever, headache, yellow face, bitter taste, aversion to meat.

Fevers: intermittent: typhoid; traumatic,.


      Worse during the increase of the moon.

Periodical attacks of megrim.

Spasms of cough.

Heat in oft repeated short attacks.


      Right: Left:.


      Pains insufferable, drive him crazy; increased by every motion or nose; change quickly from part to part; scratches at the wall or bed, apparently for relief.

Feels as if beaten or bruised.

Parts feel as if sprained, especially joints.

Tearing, drawing in outer parts.

Tingling in outer parts.

Bruised parts tingle, feel numb, or as if dead.

Torpidity from mechanical injuries or failure of vital powers.


      Concussions and contusion.

Bleeding of internal and external parts.

Inflammation of skin, cellular tissue; tender on pressure.

Prevents suppuration.

Burrowing pus, not painful.

Muscles rigid.

Myalgia; particularly after over-exertion.


Septic states; tendency to typhoid forms.

Hyperinosis (increase of fibrin in blood) is rather a contra- indication for Arnica.

Gout and rheumatism.

Dropsy of internal parts.

Bones (periosteum) ache.

Osteo-myelitis (in beginning).

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch: Pressure: Mechanical injuries: concussion of brain while there are unconsciousness, pallor, or drowsiness, Weak, intermitting pulse, cold surface, and other indications of depressed vitality from shock.

Worse after riding; sick stomach from car riding.

Everything on which he lies seems too hard.

Sprains with much swelling, bluish redness, intense soreness.

Contusions without laceration.

Stings of bees or wasps; splinters.

Compound fractures, and their profuse suppuration.


      Hot, red, oedematous.

Hot, hard, shining swelling, from insect sting.

Petechiae, ecchymoses.

Many small, painful boils, one after another; extremely sore.

Red spots first on limb, then upon the trunk.

Bed-sores; especially sacral region and hips.

Erysipelatous inflammation, left hand dark blue.

Phlegmonous erysipelas.

Varicose ulcers: torpid; dirty, bluish bottom; no pus, but watery, fetid secretion, half transparent crusts, like thick glue, fetid.

Painful ulcers.

Corns (part them and apply externally).

Stages and States

      Dark hair, rigid muscles.

Plethoric very red face.

Hydrogenoid constitution of grauvogl.

Compound fractures and their profuse suppuration.

Light complexion sandy hair sanguine. Whooping cough.

Nervous cannot stand pain. Especially suitable to the those who remain long impressed by even slight mechanical injuries.


      Antidotes to massive doses; Camphor, Ipec, Antidotes to potencies; Aconite, Arsen., Cinchon., Ignat., Ipec Arnic., antidotes: Amm -carb., Cinchon., Cicut., Ferrum Ignat.,

Ipecac., Seneg.

It follows well after : Aconite, Ipecac., Veratr.; after Apis, in hydrocephalus.

After it follows well: Aconite, Arsen., Bryon., Ipecac., Rhus tox., Sulphur – ac.

Arnic: is indicated in ailments from spirituous liquors or from charcoal vapors.

Complementary to Acon Alternated successfully in cases where the change of symptoms indicated it, with Acon, and Rhus tox Injurious after the bite of a dog or any rabid or angry animal.

Wine increases the unpleasant effect of Arnic.

Hypericum is preferable in spinal concussions; and Calend, in wounds with loss of substance or with suppuration.

Cognates: Aconite, Amm-carb; Croton (swashing in abdomen); Arsen; Baptis., Bellad; Bryon; Chamom., China; Euphras (injuries to eye); Calend; Ferrum; Hepar.; Hypericum; Hamam; Ipec; Mercur; pulsat; Ranunculus scel. (pain in intercostal muscles); Rhus tox; Ruta; Staphis; Silic; Symphyt., Sulphur (traumatic pleurisy); Acid Sulphuricum, Veratr; Bellis., peren (Wounds, boils, etc.; erysipelatous tendency).

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.