Homeopathic remedy Apocynum Cannabinum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Indian Hemp. ALLENTOWN SCHOOL Apocynaceae.



Low spirited and nervous. Ascites and chronic diarrhoea.

Inner Head

      Heaviness of the head evenings; aching in the small of the back and limbs.

Hydrocephalus; stupor, sight of one eye totally lost, the other eye slightly sensible; constant involuntary motion of one arm and leg; forehead projecting; sutures open. Stage of exudation.


      Heat, redness of the left eye, feeling as of sand in the eye; early in the morning.


      Nostrils and throat filled with thick, yellow mucus, on waking in the morning.


      Bloated after lying down; passes off after sitting up.

Tongue etc.

      Taste; bitter, sub-acrid, in the fauces.


      Dryness of the mouth on awaking; thirst.

Constant spitting; increased secretion of mucus and saliva in mouth and fauces.


      Thick, yellow mucus in the throat in the morning; unpleasant degree of heat.


      Aversions Great thirst, but water disagrees, causing pain or is immediately thrown off. Dropsy,.

Eating and Drinking.

      Distention about the stomach and hypochondria after a moderate meal.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Nausea after sleep.

Violent vomiting, prostration and drowsiness, cold skin.

Distressing vomiting a intervals. Menorrhagia.


      Sinking at the Stomach on awaking.

Stomach so irritable not even a draught of water can be retained. Dropsy.



Stool etc.

      Bilious stool; loose, but not very copious.

Bowels sluggish, but feces not hard or costive.


      Scanty; no uneasiness.

Retention of urine, with paralysis of lower extremities.

Urine light, or sherry yellow in color, no sediment on cooling.

Female Sexual Organs

      Amenorrhoea in young girls; abdomen and legs bloated.

Metrorrhagia continuous or paroxysmal; fluid or clotted; nausea, vomiting, palpitation; pulse quick, feeble, when moved fainting, when raising the head from pillow.


      Oppression of the chest on awaking.

Oppression about the epigastrium and chest, difficulty in getting breath enough to speak; after a light meal.


Irresistible disposition to sigh.


      Loose, rattling, with oppression of the chest; short, dry, evening or night.

Scanty expectoration of white mucus.

Heart Pulse

      Pulse 45 between attacks of vomiting; feeble. Metrorrhagia.

Neck Back

      Slight soreness in region of kidneys when bringing muscles into action.

Lower Limbs

      Hard aching in both knees.

OEdema of the feet and ankles.

Limbs in General

      Itching in the limbs, weakness.

Position etc.

      Using muscles; 3 Raising the head, fainting: 2. Lying, face bloated, better sitting up:.


      General restlessness with debility.

Involuntary motions of one arm and leg. Hydrocephalus.


      On going to be desire for sleep, inability to sleep.

Drowsiness; vomiting; weakness.


Restlessness, little sleep.


      Morning: Evening: :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Heat of the skin on going to bed.

Sweat: when the skin moistens, the dropsy improves.




      Excretions diminished, especially urine, sweat.

Acute inflammatory dropsy.

Dropsy: With great thirst, but water causes pain or is vomited, after typhus, scarlatina, cirrhosis; but mostly uncomplicated with organic disease.

Profuse (uterine) hemorrhages.


      Skin cold, with vomiting. See.

Skin hot, evening going to bed.


      Concordances:[Acet. ac] [Apis] (which has no [thirst in dropsies); [Arsen]; [Bellad.; [Bryon].: [Cinchon]; [Colchic]; [Digit] (dropsy; slow pulse); [Elat.;] [Helleb]. (hydrocephalus. ascites, etc.); [Kali carb]; [Lyc], [Mercur]; [Mercurius sulph]; [Scilla]; [Sulphur]; [Veratr. alb].

Dropsy after abuse of quinine.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.