Homeopathic remedy Antimonium Crudum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Native Sulphide of Antimony. CASPARI. SbS 3.


      Insensible; bed-sores formed, yet he complained of no pain.

Child delirious, drowsy, with nausea, hot and red face; pulse irregular; feverish heat; cries when washed in cold water; better washed in warm water.

Loathing of life.

Inclined to suicide by shooting himself.

Great sadness and woeful mood.

Anxious reflection in relation to his present and future.

Sentimental mood in moonlight, particularly ecstatic love.

Child is fretful and peevish. does not wish to be touched or looked at.

Sulky, does not wish to speak with any nosebleed.


      Vertigo, nausea nosebleed.

Weakness of the head.

Heaviness in forehead.

Rush of blood to the head.

Inner Head

      Slight, dull headache and vertigo, increased by ascending stairs.

Stupefying, dull headache in the forehead so violent that sweat broke out from anxiety, when walking in the open air.

In left temporal region : pressure inwards : drawing; slow pulsation with fine pricking.

Headache : after bathing in the river, with weakness of the limbs and aversion to food; from deranged stomach; drinking alcoholic drinks; after a chill; after suppressed eruption; from taking cold.

Outer Head

      Small spot on left parietal bone, painful to touch.

Lentil-sized flat tubercles here and there on the scalp, painful to pressure, crawling sensation around them.

Formicating itching on the scalp; losing the hair.

Disposition to take cold about the head after getting wet or bathing in cold water; worse in the evening and on getting warm; better in the open air and when at rest.


      Looking into the fire increases cough.

Eyes red, inflamed, with itching and nightly agglutination.

Eyes worse from glare of the snow.

Redness of the left eye, with aversion to light.

Pustules on the cornea, with profuse mucus; pustules on margins of lids and on face.

Soreness of outer canthi.

Gum in the canthi, forenoon.

Small, moist spot at the outer canthus, very painful when sweat comes in contact with it.

Lids red and inflamed.

Chronic blephar-ophthalmia of children.


      Ringing before the ears. roaring in the ears.

A kind of deafness of right ear, as if a leaflet was lying before the tympanum; boring with the finger does not relieve it.

Drawing pain in through the right ear, and into the eustachian tube, after dinner.

Redness, burning and swelling of the left ear.



      Stoppage in nose.

Nosebleed : evenings; after headache, with giddiness; with rush of blood to head.

Coryza : fluent or dry.

Nose painful when breathing, as from inhalation of cold air or of acrid vapors.

Sore, cracked or crusty nostrils.


      Sad expression.

Face red. See Twitches in facial muscles.

Heat and itching on cheeks.

Pimples, pustules and boils on the face.

Eruption like nettle-rash.

Yellow crusted eruption on the left cheek, painful to touch and easily detached.

Suppurating and long-lasting eruption on cheeks.

Lower Face

      Lips dry.

Cracks in the corners of the mouth.

Burning, stinging on the chin, as from a hot spark.

Small honey-colored granules on chin, with sore feeling when touched.


      Toothache in hollow teeth, pain sometimes penetrates into the head; worse at night; after eating, and from cold water; touching the tooth with the tongue, causes pain as if nerve was torn; better walking in open air.

Stitches in the tooth when drawing air into mouth.

Jerking on gnawing pain in yellow teeth.

Gums detach from teeth and bleed easily.

Tongue etc.

      Taste : bitter or lessened.

Tongue coated : thick and white: milky white: yellow, Much saltish saliva in the mouth.

Sore feeling and redness on border of tongue.


      Dryness of the mouth.

Ptyalism, excessive secretion of saltish-tasting saliva.


      Rawness of palate, with expectoration of much mucus when clearing throat.

Must draw quantities of thick, yellowish mucus from posterior nares into throat, and expectorate it.

Desires Aversions

      Desire for acids and pickles.

Long-lasting loss of appetite, with disgust for all food.

Hunger early on waking, without appetite: eating does not relieve it; at the same time sense of emptiness in pit of stomach, and want of animal heat.

Intense thirst, with dryness of lips; more at night; or thirstlessness.

Eating and Drinking

      Bread and pastry particularly occasion nausea and cutting colic.

Laziness with desire to lie down, after eating.

Fulness and tension, after eating, alternating with lightness cheerfulness and activity of mind and body.

After bad, sour wine, vomiting. Gastric catarrh. After nursing diarrhoea.

Nursing children throw up a little sour milk, as soon as they take the breast or bottle.

Worse from pork: from acids. Diarrhoea, whooping-cough.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Hiccough after smoking tobacco Belching with taste of what has been eaten.

Burning at pit of stomach like heartburn, with good appetite.

Nausea: after drinking a glass of wine; from overloading the stomach.

Vomiting: of mucus and bile; slimy; of drink only; renewed by food or drink; persistent, tongue white no thirst. Marasmus of children, gastric catarrh, etc.

Violent vomiting and diarrhoea.


      Stomach weak, easily disturbed digestion.

Painful sense of fulness of stomach, which is sore to pressure.

Pain at stomach as after too much eating, with distended but not hard abdomen.

Cramp-like pains at the stomach.

Burning, spasmodic pain at pit of stomach, driving to despair; is resolved to drown himself.

Gastric catarrh; white tongue, nausea and vomiting; cough; bowels loose or stools in lumps caused by: overeating, sour wine, hot weather, bathing; during measles; metastasis of gout or rheumatism.


      Slight tension in the hypochondria.


      Abdomen very much distended.

Incarcerated flatus; costive.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

Pinching and sensation as if diarrhoea would come on.

Sensation of emptiness in intestines, going off after meal.

Colic, with loss of appetite, hard stool, red urine.

Violent cutting in abdomen, feeling of oppression coming from stomach, indisposition to work, dull mood and pain at stomach, with eructations.

Hard gland in left groin, painful to pressure.

Cutting in the bowls with watery diarrhoea.

Stool etc.

      Acrid diarrhoea.

Stools: watery, with vomiting; watery: profuse; Watery, with little, hard lumps, or containing undigested food; mucous, mornings.

Diarrhoea, worse from vinegar and other acids; sour wine: overheating; after cold bath; night and early morning.

Alternate diarrhoea and constipation, with old people.

Diarrhoea of old people.

Difficult, hard stool, feces too large, costive, with incarcerated flatus.

Stools white, dry, irregular. Hard lumps of curd.

Sensation of copious stool, but only flatus escapes, with finally very hard stool.

Pain in rectum during stool; feeling of soreness as if an ulcer had been torn open.

Copious hemorrhage from bowels, with solid feces; haemorrhoidal.

Mucous piles, pricking, burning; continuous mucous discharge, staining yellow; sometimes ichor oozes out.


      Tenesmus of the bladder rouses him from sleep at night.

Frequent urination, with much mucus, intense burning in urethra and backache during emission.

Cutting in urethra while urinating Urine: gold-yellow, with scarcely perceptible cloud; brown red; with small red corpuscles after standing twenty-four hours.

Involuntary urination.

Male Sexual Organs

      Excited sexual desire, with uneasiness of whole body, which prevents him sitting long.

Nightly pollutions, with or without voluptuous dreams.

Itching : of penis; of tip of glans.

Biting, itching, as from salt on left side of scrotum.

Female Sexual Organs

      Tenderness over the ovarian region; after catamenia has been checked by taking bath.

Pressure in the womb, as if something would come out.

Menses commence at an early period, are profuse, then cease; subsequently chlorosis.

Before menses, toothache, with boring into the temples.

Discharge of acrid water from the vagina, which caused a smarting down the thighs.

Leucorrhoea watery and containing lumps.


      During pregnancy: gastro-intestinal and hemorrhoidal affections.


      Feebleness of voice.

Loss of voice; from getting overheated; better after rest.

Violent spasms in the larynx and pharynx as if the throat were filled with a plug, which becomes alternately thicker and thinner, accompanied by a feeling of soreness.


      Short, heavy breathing; dyspnoea.

Deep, sighing breathing, as from fulness of the chest, afternoon and after eating.

Oppression coming from stomach.

Constriction almost to suffocation.

When exhaling, sharp stitches in left cheek.


      Frequent dry cough.

Cough shaking the whole body, with involuntary escape of copious urine.

Cough : after rising in the morning, in attacks; as if arising from the abdomen; the first attack is always most severe, the subsequent ones weaker and weaker until the last resemble only a hacking, Whooping-cough. Stomach cough.

Cough :in the hot sun; on coming into warm room from cold air; whooping-cough after measles.

Looking into the fire increases cough.


      Oppression and pressive pains in chest, more right.

Stitches in the chest.

Pain in the chest with heat.

Burning and sticking in the chest.

Heart Pulse

      Violent palpitation of the heart.

Pulse extremely irregular: now accelerated and again slow, changing every few beats.

Outer Chest

      Severe continual itching upon the chest the whole day.

Neck Back

      Swelling of the cervical glands.

Spasmodic drawing pain in muscles of nape of neck, reaching to scapulae, evening after lying down and in morning; aggravated by stooping, exerting arms and turning head to left.

Itching of neck and back.

Spasmodic stitches in right scapula when sitting.

Violent pain in small of back when rising from sitting; disappeared when walking.

Upper Limbs

      Cracking in elbow-joint when moving it.

Drawing pain: in arms; in fingers and their joints.

Arthritic pains in fingers.

Finger nails do not grow as rapidly as formerly, and skin beneath the nail painfully sensitive.

Crushed finger nails grow in splits, and like warts, and with horny spots.

Lower Limbs

      Legs fall asleep while sitting quietly.

Painful drawing in hip joints.

Painful stiffness of the knee.

Pain just below the knee, as if it had been tied too tightly.

Drawing pain: in knee; in lower part of the left tibia; in left heel; and tearing through right great toe.


Violent pain in lower limbs.

Large horny places on the soles, close to the toes.

Corns on soles and toes.

Great sensitiveness of soles when walking.

Limbs in General

      Convulsions and trembling of Limbs Lassitude, tremulous fatigue and heaviness of all the limbs, as if coming out of the abdomen; with trembling of hands when writing and subsequent discharge of much stinking (excessively offensive) flatus; abdomen distended after dinner.

Rheumatic or gouty pains.

Position etc.

      Rest : Sitting : Stooping : Lying : Rising : Ascending : Walking : Moving arm : Writing :. Exerting arms : Turning head :.


      Disposition to start, even at slight noises.

Twitching of muscles; of many parts of the body.

Great lassitude.

Convulsions with the vomiting.


      Great sleepiness during the day; mostly in forenoon.

At 7 P.M. feels overwhelmed with sleep.

Coma. Deep, unfreshing sleep.

Slight raving during sleep.

Wakefulness, with shivering over the left side, on which he does not lie; or with sexual desire and erections when getting warm.

Frequent waking at night as from fright.

Dreams : of quarreling : voluptuous; anxious, as if he were to be hurt; horrible, about mutilation of men.


      Morning : Forenoon : Noon : Afternoon : Evening : Night : Day


Temperature and Weather

      Getting warm : Warm room : Heat of sun : Warm water : Bathing : in river : Cold water : Open air : Worse in warm weather; exhaustion with night-sweats, sleepiness, nausea, vomiting.

Cannot bear the heat of the sun.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill predominating during the day, even in warm room.

Violent, shaking chill toward noon, with thirst (for beer).

Shivering over the back; feet cold as ice, with sweat on rest of body.

Heat at night.

Sweat in the morning when awaking, which causes a shriveling of the tips of the fingers.

Sweat, which returns at precisely the same hour, usually every other (third) morning.

After the sweat is over, heat and thirst return.


      Symptoms repeat every five, six or twelve weeks.

Returning periodically; coma, earache.

Sweat at same hour every other day.


      Right : Left : Gout commencing right side going to the left.


      Hemorrhages dark.

Dropsical swellings of the whole body.

Mucous membranes generally effected.

Swelling pain and redness of the glands.

External parts turn black; dry gangrene.

Obesity of the young.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch : Pressure : Boring in the ear : : Scratching :.


      Eruption like boils and blisters.

Pustules like varicella.

Itching of skin, feels sore when scratched.

Pimples and vesicles as from stings of insects, especially on face and joints of extremities.

Measle-like eruption; smooth warts; horny excrescences.

Boils on the perineum; burning around them.

Deep, spongy ulcers.

Eruption with thick, hard scabs; often honey-yellow.

Bed-sores :.

Stages and States


Young people grow fat.

Old people : alternate diarrhoea and constipation.


      Similar to [Apis] (skin); [Arsen] (gastric catarrh, burning eruption, dropsy); [Ammonium mur] (mucous flux); [Bryon] (rheumatism, gastric symptoms, effects of heat, etc.); [Chamom]; Hepar.; [Ipec]. (gastric ailments); [Mercur]; [Nux vom]; [Pulsat]. (gastric symptoms. relief in open air, mind, chills and fever etc.); [Ranunculus bulb] (horny exanthemata); [Rhus tox]; [Sulphur]; [Scilla].

Related to : [Ipec]., still more to [Lycop] (Teste).

Similar in gastric vertigo to [Pulsat].; gastric headache from sour things, to [Pulsat]. or [Arsen].; inflamed eyes to [Acon].; [Euphras].; in toothache in hollow teeth, to [Pulsat].; in lessened appetite from summer heat, to [Bryon]., [Carb. veg].; cramp in stomach, to [Pulsat]. or [Ipec].; watery diarrhoea, to [Ferrum]; after getting overheated, gastric symptoms, to [Bryon]., [Antim]. [sulph]. [aurat]., preferable for asthma from muco pus in bronchi.

Useful [Ipec]. or [Pulsat]. in intermittent.

Polypi with [Pulsat]. and [Mercur].

After [Ant]. [Crud]. follow well : [Pulsat]., [Mercur]., [Sulphur].

Antidotes to [Ant]. [crud].: [Calcar]., [Hepar], [Mercur],.

[Ant]. [crud]. antidotes : stings of insects.

Complementary : [Squilla].

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.