Homeopathic remedy Anacardium Orientale drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Marking Nut. STAPF Anacardiaceae.


      Great weakness and loss of memory.

Memory quite useless, particularly single names, mornings.

Difficult recollection.

From 9 to 1 P.M. first extreme excitement of fancy and projective ideas; later, by degrees, becomes dull and does not think at all.

Imagines he hears voice of mother or sister, who are far away.

Feels as though he had two wills, one commanding to do what the other forbids.

Extreme merriness; laughs when he should be earnest.

Every motion extremely awkward and sluggish.


Aversion to work.

Sadness; looks on the anxious side of everything.

Hypochondriasis. Hemorrhoids and constipation.

Hypochondriac mood in forenoon, dejected and desponding, with foolish, clumsy actions.

He feels separated from the whole world and has so little confidence in himself that he despairs of being able to do that which is required of him.

Anxiety and feeling of impending misfortune.

Very indifferent and insensible to pleasant or unpleasant circumstances.

Extremely irritable; passionate and contradictory.

Irresistible desire to curse and swear.

Exertion of mind brings an tearing, pressing headache.

Sensorium Vertigo : getting black before the eyes; when

      walking; when stooping; as if surroundings, or self were tottering; rising from stooping, feels as if turning to the left.

Weakness of all the senses.

Inner Head

      Pressure : in the forehead, mornings when awaking, and in the evening; in the right side of occiput.

Violent pressure in the right or left temple.

Dull pressure, like from a plug, on the left side of vertex.

Constrictive headache in the forehead, with very irritable mood, pains increase hourly; momentarily relieved by strong pressure; finally whole head affected.

Headache worse during mental work, with sensation of heat in the head; better during a meal, worse after.

Tearing pain in the occiput.

Stitches : over the right eye; in the left side of the head.

Throbbing headache.

Heat in the head.

Headache, worse during motion and work.

Gastric and nervous headache.

Outer Head

      Violent itching of the scalp; also on forehead.

Many lentil sized boils on the scalp, with sore pain when touched or scratched.


      Great sensitiveness to light.

The light seems to have a halo around it.

Optical illusions dark colors; flickering before eyes.

Short-sightedness, Pupils first contracted, later dilated.

Vision indistinct.

Pressure, like from a plug, on the upper margin of orbit.

Pressure on eyeball form before backwards.


      Humming in the ears; roaring before the ears.

Hearing at times very weak, at others very acute.

Tearing or stitching pains in left ear : worse swallowing.


      Illusory smell as of burning tinder, morning, rising.

Constant smell before nose like pigeon or chicken dung, especially when smelling his clothes or his body.

Smell seems quite lost, though the nose is not obstructed.

Red pustule in right nostril on the septum, with sore pain when touched.

Sneezing, followed by fluent coryza and lachrymation.


      Pale, wan looking; blue rings around the eyes.

White, scaly herpes on right cheek, near the upper lip.

Lower Face

      Rough, scaly skin around the mouth, with crawling-itching.

Burning dryness of outer border of lips, almost like form pepper.


      Toothache on taking something warm in the mouth.

Toothache in one lower incisor, worse by contact with tongue and the open air; tearing in the teeth.

Teeth of lower jaw seem most affected.

Swelling of gums; bleeding of gums upon slight rubbing.

Tongue etc.

      Bitter taste in mouth after smoking tobacco.

Everything tastes like herring-brine.

Flat, offensive taste in the mouth and of food.

Heaviness of tongue and sensation as if swollen; impedes speech; speech firmer and surer in after-noon than forenoon.

Tongue is white, and rough like a grater.


      Fetid odor form mouth, without his perceiving it. painful vesicles in the mouth.


      Roughness in throat; sensation as of scraping in throat.

Sensation of rawness in throat during cough, after eating.

Firm, tough mucus comes in pharynx and lodges over posterior nares.

Desires Aversions

      Constant thirst; yet drinking takes the breath, must stop frequently during a draught.

Thirst during the heat.

At times violent hunger, at others no appetite.

Eating and Drinking

      Symptoms disappear during dinner; begin anew after two hours.

Worse after eating; head, stomach and bowel symptoms.

Nausea and Vomiting


Eructations : empty, frequent fluid, causing choking; with spasmodic pain in stomach.

Heartburn after eating soup; burning, rising from stomach to throat.

Nausea, in morning, with empty feeling in stomach.

Nausea, with retching, returning soon after drinking cold water. with vomiting of the water, accompanied by pain, as if the oesophagus were distended by a large ball.

Vomiting of ingesta, which gives relief, after the cough.


      First, sensation of fasting in pit of stomach, then pressure in stomach.

Stitch in pit of stomach during inspiration.

Rumbling and fermentation in pit of stomach.

week digestion, with fulness and distention of abdomen.


      Stitches in hypochondria.


      Pain around the navel, as if a dull plug were pressed into the intestines.

Continual rumbling in abdomen, especially in umbilical region.

Pinching and griping in the abdomen.



Moisture from the rectum.

Great and urgent desire for stool, but with the effort the desire passes away, without an evacuation; the rectum seems powerless, with sensation as if plugged up.

Inactivity of rectum, even soft stool passed with difficulty.

Stools of very pale color.

Frequent profuse hemorrhage when at stool.

Itching at the anus.


      Constant desire to urinate.

Frequent urging with but small discharge.

Urine: clear as water; turbid when passed, deposits a dirty sediment; when shaken looks clay-colored.

Male Sexual Organs

      Violent sexual desire.

Erections during the day.

Seminal emissions at night, without amorous dreams.

Cutting pain along the penis.

Voluptuous itching of scrotum, exciting sexual desire.

Female Sexual Organs

      Leucorrhoea, with soreness, also causing itching.


      Nausea during pregnancy, worse before and after, better while eating.


      Voice hoarse and deep.

Talking excites cough.


      Shortness of breath, oppression in region of the sternum.

Anxiety in region of sternum, without pain, feels as if he must go into the open air and be busy.


      Excited by: talking; tickling in trachea. Cough after eating, with vomiting of food; with pain in occiput.

Coughing excited by fits of vexation; dyspnoea during and after spells; in children who have an uncontrollable temper.

Expectoration: of sweetish, flat tasting mucus; tenacious, greyish yellow, purulent.


      Dull pressure, as from a plug in right side of chest.

Sharp stitches in the precordial region, extending thence to small of back.

Heart Pulse

      Stitch in the region of the heart; during inspiration, at night.

Stitches piercing through and through at the heart; each time two quickly succeeding each other.

Pulse generally accelerated.

Beating in the blood vessels.

Outer Chest

      Itching on chest.

Neck Back

      Stiffness of nape of neck.

Dull, intermittent pressure, like from a heavy load on right side of neck and on left acromion.

Painful tearing between the scapulae.

Upper Limbs

      Dull stitches in left scapula, return slowly and radiate on all sides.

Left arm “goes to sleep” also the fingers.

Sensation of weakness in the arms, with trembling.

Very painful strokes, like from a heavy body at the middle of the left upper arm.

Short, painful inward pressure here and there on forearms.

Cramp like pain at metacarpo-phalangeal articulations.

Great feeling of dryness of the hands.

Hands, even the palms, covered with warts.

Numbness of the fingers.

Lower Limbs

      Dull pressure, like from a plug, in the left glutei muscles.

Painful, dull, pointed pressure in the thigh, at times in rhythmical intermission.

Painful uneasiness about the knees, with sensation of stiffness, as if bandaged or made tense, when sitting.

Wave like stitches, here and there, in the legs.

Knees feel paralyzed, with stiffness and great lassitude, is scarcely able to walk.

Painful drawing in the tibia.

Cramp in the calves when walking, or rising from a seat; better lying down.

Cramp-like pressure in the calves, externally.

Cram-like, intermittent drawing, from heel up into calves.

Pain in ankle, as if sprained, when stepping on left foot.

Stitches in dorsum of foot.

Cramp-like, drawing and tearing pains, from toes to dorsum of foot.

Burning in soles of feet while sitting.

Coldness of feet in the morning.

Limbs in General

      Tired feeling in the limbs.

Repeated tearings in paroxysms, through upper and lower limbs at the same time.

Position etc.

      Restlessness of body, cannot keep still.

Must lie on the back.

Very faint on going up stairs.

Circulation excited while sitting.

Motion: Walking : Lying or sitting: Sitting : Stooping: Beginning to walk is toilsome, by continuing to walk he feels better.


      Paralysis of single parts.

Trembling: from every motion; from going up stairs.


      Sleeplessness from restlessness.

Could not sleep well on account of itching.

Sound sleep until 9 A.M.

Vivid dreams at night, which recurred to him during the day, as if the things dreamed of had readily happened.

Dreams: of fire: of dead bodies.


      Most prominent times of aggravation, morning, and evening until midnight.

Remission after midnight and during the day.

Morning: Forenoon:. Afternoon:. Evening: Night:, Day:,.

Temperature and Weather

      Sensitive to draught; liable to take cold.

Open air:Warm room; Prefers sunny places, feels cold.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Shivering over the back, as if cold water were poured over it, with heat of the face.

Internal chill, even in warm room.

Heat of upper body, with cold feet, internal shiverings and hot breath.

Heat from 4 P.M. till evening, daily; passing off after supper.

Heat of left side.

Evening, sweat on head, abdomen and back, even when sitting quiet.

Night-sweat on abdomen and back.

Clammy sweat in palms, particularly the left.

Cool sweat with internal heat.

Sweat lessened while eating.


      The attacks cease for one or two days and then continue again for a couple of days.

Tertian and quartan intermittents,.


      Left side, or first left, then right.

Right: Left: Pains pressing from without inwards.

Before backwards: Below upwards:.


      Heaviness and fulness of whole body from playing the piano.

Wants to lie or sit continually; can scarcely move a hand.

Drawing and pains in every part of body.

Pressing or penetrating pain as from plug, in different parts.

Sensation as of a hoop or band around the part.


      Cramp-like pains in muscles Contraction of joints.

Complaints of external parts.


Contact Injuries etc.

      Itching generally aggravated, but sometimes improved or changed in location by scratching.

Rubbing :.


      White herpetic spots.

Burning and stinging herpes.

Excessively itching eruptions.

Blisters discharging yellowish transparent liquid, hardening to a crust in the open air.

Warts even on palms of hands.

Stages and States

      Frequently indicated in nervous and Old people.

Women during pregnancy, gastric and nervous disorders.


      Similar to : [Ant] [tart] (cough in high-tempered children; gaping, drowsy after cough); [Apis] (skin); Coriaria ruscifolia (loss of memory, etc.); [Ferrum]. (occiput pains in cough); [Iodium]; [Juglans]; [Lycop].; [Nitr. ac] (cursing). [Nux vom]; [Phosphorus ac] (brain); [Platin].; [Pulsat].; [Urt. ur] (skin); [Zincum]. (brain); [Pulsat]: [Natr. mur] (dry coryza); [Caustic] (in writers, spasm).

Relatives: [Anac]. [occid]., [Comoc], [Rhus glab]., [Rhus rad]., [Rhus tox]., [Rhus ven].

Antidotes : [Coffea] and [Juglans].

[Anac]. antidotes: [Rhus tox]., especially if there are gastric symptoms, or the symptoms go from right to left.

It follows well after [Lycop]., [Pulsat]. and [Platin].

After [Anac] : [Platin]. follows well.

Belongs to the same family as the [Rhus], and there is a similarity with the Terebinthina.

Neither [Camphor] nor [Spir. nitr]. [dulcis]. antidotes its effects, but for the anger and violence of mind, the smelling of raw coffee is a very effectful antidote.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.