Homeopathic remedy Ammonium Muriaticum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Sal Ammoniae NENNING. Ammonium chloride, NH4 Cl.


      Desire to cry, and at times crying.

Disinclination to speak.

Involuntary aversion to certain persons.

Great earnestness.

Apprehensive and gloomy, like from internal grief.

Irritability or bad humor, mostly mornings.


      Vertigo and fulness of head; at times as if she would fall sideways.

Inner Head

      Heaviness in forehead, frequently during the day (internal sensation of heat and some sweat).

Pressure in forehead, toward root of nose, with sensation as if brain was torn.

Contractive pain in occiput.

Tearing mostly in right temple, thence through right side of face.

Stitches in left temple and side of head, and when stooping, in the vertex, with sensation as if head would split.

Outer Head

      Itching of the scalp.

Itching pimples on right side of occiput.


      Mist before eyes, worse in bright light out-doors; better in room.

Sensation in left eyes as if a body a rose, which impeded sight.

Yellow spots before the eyes.

Flying spots and points before the eyes.

Burning of the eyes and lachrymation, at night.

Eyes gum together in morning, with burning in canthi after washing.


      Humming and roaring in right ear.

Hard hearing, with discharge.

Itching in both ears, not relieved by scratching, with discharge of fluid ear-wax.

Stitches in the ears, also with boring or burning, mostly when walking in open air.

Digging and tearing in right ear; also at night, when lying thereon, a rooting and rolling, as if something would come out.


      Loss of smell, coryza.

Sore internally and at the edge of the nostrils.

Ulcerative pain in left nostril, with sensitiveness to touch.

External swelling of left nostril, with discharge of bloody crusts.

Bleeding from left nostril, preceded by itching.

Constant itching in nose, with irritation to blow it, and sensation as of a large, rough body up in the nose, with obstruction.

Coryza, with stoppage of nose, hoarseness and burning in larynx.

Watery, acrid coryza, corroding the lip.

Frequent sneezing.


      Very pale face.

Burning heat of face, passes off in the open air.

Tearing in bones of face, especially in malar and lower maxilla.

Swelling of the check, with swelling of a gland under the angle of lower jaw, with beating, stitching pain.

Lower Face

      Lips burn like fire.

Corners of mouth ulcerated.

Dry, Shrivelled, cracked lips, must moisten them with the tongue continually. Pimples, blisters, on upper lip.


      Pain in a decayed tooth, ceases when pressed upon with the finger.

Stitching pain in upper incisors.

Swelling of gums of lower left side, with stitches up to left temple.

Tongue etc.

      Blister on tip of tongue, with burning pain.


      Stitches in throat, during and between deglutition, also when yawning.

External and internal swelling of throat, with pressing pain when swallowing, with drawing, stitching pain in the swollen submaxillary glands.

Sore throat, with viscid phlegm, so tough that it cannot he hawked up.

Dryness in throat.

Eating and Drinking

      No appetite.

Much thirst, especially evenings.

After eating : beating in breast near oesophagus, with heat of face and restless mood; sore spot behind soft palate relieved.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Hiccough, with stitches in chest.

Nausea, with water-brash, after eating, with shudderings.

Regurgitation : of food; of bitter, sour water.


      Empty or hungry feeling in stomach.

Sensation as from fasting, yet fulness in stomach, worse after breakfast, Rooting and rolling in stomach, in morning, passes off after breakfast.

Gnawing in stomach, as if worms were in it.

Burning and stitching in scrobiculum, from thence drawing to the right axilla, and in the upper arm.


      Intermittent pains in both hypochondria.

Stitching and burning in right hypochondrium, after-noons, when walking.

Splenic stitches, while sitting.


      Bellyache, griping pains about the navel.

Heaviness in lower abdomen, like from a load, with anxiety as if the abdomen would burst, ceases after sleep.

Distention of the abdomen.

Stitches in the abdomen, above the left hip.

Pain from right side of pubes, to hip and small of back.

Cutting and stitching from both ossa pubis to small of back, with urging to urinate, evenings.

Stool etc.

      Stitching or tearing pain in perineum, when walking.

Burning in the rectum during, and for hours after stool.

Green, slimy, diarrhoeic stools, in the morning.

Diarrhoea, with soreness of anus, sore pustules near it.

Diarrhoea after eating, with pain in abdomen, back, small of back and limbs; much flatus.

Hard, crumbling stools, require great effort to expel.

Hemorrhoids, sore and smarting.

Hemorrhoids after suppressed leucorrhoea.


      Frequent urging, with frequent urination.

Urging, yet only a few drops pass, until next stool, when it flows freely.

Profuse and frequent discharge during the night.

Deep yellow urine, with light, cloudy sediment.

Sediment like clay.

Male Sexual Organs

      Stitches and beating in left spermatic cord.

Frequent erections.

Female Sexual Organs

      Menses too early, with pain in abdomen and small of back, continuing at night; flow more profuse at night; Prolapsus uteri Leucorrhoea : with tension of abdomen, without collection of wind; like white of eggs, preceded by griping about the navel; brown, slimy, unpainful, after every urination.


      Hoarseness, with burning in larynx, afternoon.

Frequent hawking, with expectoration of small lumps of mucus, with sensation of rawness in throat, back of uvula.


      Shortness of breath.

Heaviness of chest, when walking in the open air.


      Dry, form tickling in the throat, night or day;; dry in morning, with stitches in chest or left hypochondrium, becomes loose in afternoon; loose at night with stitches in left hypochondrium, lying on back, worse when turning on side; worse before eating or drinking cold things.

Expectoration of blood. following an itching in throat.


      Pressure and stitches in the chest, as if a morsel of food had lodged there.

Painful tension below the right breast.

Bruised pain in lower right chest.

Burning at small spots of the chest.

Beating, like a pulse, at a small spot in the left chest, only when standing, morning.

Heart Pulse

      Tearing in region of heart, going from there into left forearm.

Pulse accelerated.

Outer Chest

      Burning, itching, red spots on left chest, pain under pressure.

Neck Back

      Stiff neck, with pain, from nape to between shoulders, when turning.

Tearing pains in side of neck, alternating with tearing in the cheek.

Pains in small of back, as if bruised or crushed, during rest or motion, also at night, in bed, could neither lie on back nor on side.

Bruised and sprained pain between he scapulae.

Stitches in the left scapulae.

Pinching in muscles of the right scapula.

Coldness in back and between the shoulders, not relieved by feather or wool covering, followed by itching.

Severe pains in lumbo-sacral region.

Upper Limbs

      Swelling of the axillary glands.

Rheumatic pain, first in right, then in left shoulder joint.

Tearing in left arm, like in the tendons, to the fingers; ceases from strong motion.

Drawing and tearing, from right elbow to fingers.

Itching on inside of forearm, with eruption in bend of elbow.

Right forearm heavy and as if “asleep.” Tearing in left wrist, with swelling of hand.

Stitches and painful beating under nail of left thumb.

Skin peels off between thumb and forefinger of both hands.

Lower Limbs

      Languor and weakness in lower limbs.

Pain in left hip, as it the tendons were too short, must limp when walking; when sitting, gnawing pain in the bone.

Tearing in thighs when sitting.

Stitches in knee-Joints, evening, when sitting.

Hamstrings painful when walking, as it too short.

Cramp like contraction in lower part of left leg.

Violent tearing (and stitches), with ulcerative pain in heels; at times relieved by rubbing; occurs also at night in bed.

Feet feel as if ” asleep ” Cold feet, evening, in bed.

Itching in sole of right foot evening.

Stitching in toes, coming slowly and going slowly.

Limbs in General

      Tearing and painful jerks, now here, and again there, through all the limbs.

Position etc.

      Pain in limbs better form motion.

Must walk bent, with uterine displacement.

Rest : Lying : Sitting : Standing. Stooping :Motion : Turning on side Turning head : Walking :.


      Ebullitions with anxiety, weakness, as if paralyzed.

Sudden prostration after dinner when walking open air.

Great weakness, mornings.


      Constant yawning without sleepiness, mornings.

Sleepiness early in evening, eyelids fall shut; better after candle-light.

Cannot fall asleep before midnight, on account of cold feet.

Heat in head prevents sleep before midnight.

Restless sleep and waking after midnight.

Anxious, fearful dreams, starts out of sleep.

Dreams : of falling into water; of sickness; lascivious.

Wakes at 2 A.M. from violent cutting in abdomen.

Wakes at night : form sneezing, with tickling in throat causing cough; pain in small of back.


      Morning : Afternoon : Evening : Night : Day and night : Night or day :.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.