Homeopathic remedy Alumina Or Argilla drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Pure Clay. HAHNEMANN. AlH.3 O3.


      Mistakes in speaking, using words not intended.

Must be changed into some one else before he can see or speak.

Consciousness of his personal identity confused.

Time passes too slowly.

Seeing blood on a knife, she has horrid ideas of killing herself, though she abhors the idea.

Crying, against his will.

Low-spirited, trifling things appeared insurmountable.

Apprehensive of losing his reason.

Dread of death, without thought of suicide.

Variable mood, at one time confident, at another timid.

Peevish and whining, with heat of the ear lobes.

Sufferings follow anger.

Mental symptoms worse in the morning on awaking.


      Vertigo : everything turns with him in a circle with nausea, worse before breakfast, on opening the eyes, on stooping; better after breakfast, from wiping the eyes.

Great dullness, dread of falling forward.

Heaviness of the head, with pale, languid face.

Inability to walk, except with eyes open, and in daytime.

Cloudiness and drunken feeling, alternating with pain in the kidneys.

Inner Head

      Throbbing frontal pains, worse going up stairs, or stepping.

Burning, pressive pain, with heat in the forehead, while standing or sitting, better in the open air.

Severe stitches in the brain, with nausea.

Headache, with constipation.

Headache relieved by lying quiet in bed.

Outer Head

      Itching of scalp, with dry, white scales.

Humid scurf, worse about the temples, bleeding when scratched, worse in the evening, or at new and full moon.

Scalp feels numb.

Pressure on forehead, as from a tight hat.

Pain if the hair were pulled, with nausea.

Falling off and excessive dryness of the hair, scalp sore when the hair is touched.


      White stars before the eyes, with vertigo.

Dim-sightedness, like looking through a fog. objects appear yellow.

Burning and pressure in the eyes.

Eyes inflamed, itching at inner canthus, agglutination at night, and lachrymation by day, yellow halo around candle; hot or acrid tears.

Spasmodic closure of the lids at night, and burning in the eyes in the morning and evening.

Eyelids thickened, dry, burning, smarting.

Nictitation from large papillae of conjunctiva.

Inclination to share.

Strabismus of either eye; loss of power of internal recti.

Sensation of coldness in the eyes, in the open air.


      Humming; roaring; whistling; sound as of large bells.

Redness and heat of one ear, evenings.

Sensation as if something lay before the ear: on blowing the nose it is felt, on swallowing it is removed; snapping in the ears when chewing or swallowing; dull hearing; eustachian tubes plugged.

Stitches in the ears, evening or night.


      Sense of smell weak.

Disposition to colds in head.

Fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing, free from one nostril, the other obstructed; lachrymation.

Chronic nasal catarrh, with scurfy, sore nostrils, and discharge of thick, yellow mucus.

Discharge of dry, hard, yellow-green mucus from nose; nose swollen, red and sore to touch, worse in the evening.

Violent pain in root of nose.

Copious, yellow, sour-smelling mucus, with sore nostrils.

Septum narium swollen, red and painful to touch.

Redness of the nose.

Point of nose cracked.


      Gloomy, pale, or alternately red and pale.

Itching of various parts of the face.

Tension of the skin of the face, as though white of egg had dried on it.

Bloated places, like bulbous excrescences.

Blood-boils on face and nose.

Lower Face

      Tensive pain in articulation of Jaw, when chewing or opening the mouth.

Involuntary spasmodic twitching of lower jaw.

Hemorrhage of bowels.

Upper lip covered with little blisters.


      Toothache, teeth feel loose and elongated, worse from chewing; in open air; evening.

Drawing toothache, extending to other parts, as down the larynx, neck, or shoulders.

Teeth covered with sordes.

Swelling of gums, they bled and ulcerate.

Tongue etc.

      Taste : sweetish, or fatty; almost lost.

Tingling, itching on the tongue, must scratch it.


      Musty, bad odor from mouth.

Small ulcers in mouth. Saliva increased, although mouth may feel dry.

Sensation of soreness in mouth.


      Pressure in throat as from a plug, with soreness and dryness.

Sensation of swelling in the sides of the throat.

Tightness from pharynx down to stomach, as if food could not pass.

Pharynx looks dry, glazed and red.

Great dryness of throat, especially on awaking, voice husky; sneezing, hawking, and sensation of lump in throat.

Feeling of splinter in throat.

Copious, thick, tenacious mucus in throat, evening and morning.

Thick, mucus, dropping from posterior nares.

Ulcers in fauces, spongy; secreting a yellowish-brown, badly- smelling pus; with boring pains from fauces to right temple and head.

Desires Aversions

      Longing for fruit and vegetables, potatoes disagree.

Aversion to meat; to beer.

Thirst all day.

Appetite for starch, chalk; clean white rags; charcoal, cloves, acids, coffee or tea-grounds, dry rice, and other indigestible things.

Eating and Drinking

      Worse from eating potatoes.

Worse from tobacco smoke.

All irritating things, like salt, wine, vinegar, pepper, etc., immediately start cough.

Throat sore after using onions in food.

Easily drunken from the weakest spirituous drinks.

Mucus in throat, tasting sweet, after dinner.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations: sour; bitter, after potatoes; worse evenings.


Nausea, with chilliness, pale face, desire to lie down, faintness; better after breakfast.

Mucus vomit.


      Constriction and twisting in the stomach, extending up the oesophagus to the throat.

Stitches in pit of stomach, extending upwards to chest.

Drawing or oppressive pain going upward to chest and throat.


      Liver pains as if bruised, when stooping; stitches when rising again.

Tearing from the liver to hip.

Shooting pain in the region of the spleen.


      Abdomen seems to hang down heavily, like a load, when walking afternoons.

Reaching too high strains the abdominal muscles.

Pains worse sitting bent.

Pressing in both groins, toward sexual organs, evenings.

Stitching, pressing pain in region of abdominal ring, like from hernia.

Flatulent colic; painter’s colic.

Colic in the morning.

Stool etc.

      Inactivity of the rectum; even the soft stool requires great straining.

No desire for and no ability to pass stool, until there is a large accumulation.

Stools : hard, dry and knotty like sheep’s dung, with cutting in anus, followed by blood.

Constipation of sucklings.

Diarrhoea; with urging in rectum; when she urinates.

Clots of blood pass from the anus.

Hemorrhoids worse in evening, better after night’s rest.

Itching and burning at the anus; fistula ani.

Perineum : pressure when blowing the nose; sweats and is tender to touch.


      Pains in the kidneys, in alteration with a cloudiness, as if drunken.

Tenesmus vesicae.

Urine voided while straining at stool, or cannot pass urine without such straining.

Urine : scanty with red sediment, in arthritic affections; copious and pale, in nervous diseases; with thick, white sediment; more frequent, copious and dark.

Feeling of weakness in bladder and genitals in the evening, with fear that he will wet the bed.

Male Sexual Organs

      Excessive sexual desire.

Involuntary emissions, followed by all his old symptoms.

Left testicle hard and very painful.

Tickling on the genitals and thighs.

Female Sexual Organs

      Menses: too early, short, scanty and of pale blood; too early, preceded by headache; delay, finally appear, being pale and scanty.

Leucorrhoea : acrid, corrosive; acrid, profuse, relieved by cold washing; transparent, profuse during the day.

Painful throbbing in left side of vagina.

Stitches in left side of vulva, extending up to chest.


      Gastric and abdominal symptoms during pregnancy.


      Sensation of tightly adhering phlegm in larynx, removed by hawking or cough; wheezing on inspiration.

Tickling in larynx, with irritation to cough.

Rawness in larynx, awaking.

Sudden complete aphonia.

Hoarseness evening and night, especially toward morning.

Voice : has a nasal twang; husky and thick..


      Rattling, asthmatic breathing, worse coughing.

Oppression worse when sitting stooped; better straightening up or walking in open air.

Talking or singing makes him cough.

Breathing arrested by copious, thick, tenacious, saltish mucus.


      Cough: dry, hacking, with frequent sneezing; from sensation as of loose skin hanging in throat; from elongated uvula; from talking or singing; short; causes pains in right temple and top of head, sometimes also difficult breathing; soon after waking in the morning; every morning a long attack of dry cough, ending in difficult raising of a little white mucus; with tearing pain and involuntary emission of urine, in old or withered looking people.


      Violent, oppressive pain in chest, worse at night.

Chest feels constricted, worse from sitting bent or stooping, better on straightening up or on walking.

Congestion of blood to chest and head, with redness of face and one ear, caused by suppressed hemorrhoidal flux.

Shooting stitches right to left in the afternoon, worse on going down stairs.

Talking increases soreness of chest; lifting aggravates or produces soreness in left chest.

Riding in a carriage gives pain in chest.

Heart Pulse

      Awakes with palpitation.

Palpitation irregular, large and small beats intermit.

Pulse either unchanged or full and accelerated.

Neck Back

      Shooting in right side of neck, posterior portion.

Pain in the back and small of back as if beaten.

Pain in back as if a hot iron were thirst through lower vertebrae.

Violent stitch in the middle of the back.

Gnawing pain in the back.

Upper Limbs

      Pain, as from a sprain, in shoulder-joint, especially on raising the arm.

Sense of tightness in the arm, like from cold.

Burning on the arms and fingers, and in the left elbow, like from a glowing iron.

Arms feel heavy, as if paralyzed; go to sleep.

Rhagades worse in winter and from washing.

Nails brittle or thick.

Panaritium, with brittle nails, lancinating pains and tendency to ulceration of the finger tips.

Lower Limbs

      Nates go to sleep when sitting.

Great heaviness in the lower limbs, can scarcely drag them; when walking he staggers, and must sit down evenings.

Burning and smarting-itching on the thighs, better from scratching.

Tearing in the knees and patellae, or from knee to toes.

Numbness of the heel when stepping.

Pain in the sole of the foot on stepping, as though it were too soft and swollen.

Itching and redness of the toes.

Limbs in General

      Arms and legs feel heavy.

Frequent stretching of limbs when sitting.

Trembling of the limbs.

Jerking and twitching of the limbs.

Position etc.

      Better from moderate exercise in the open air.

Feels moderately well at night, but cannot lie on right side, on account of cough.

Motion of jaw : Raising arms : Reaching : Stepping : Walking : Going up stairs: Going down stairs : Lying quite in bed : Sitting : Must sit down : Sitting stooped : Standing : Stooping : Straightening body up :.


      Much fatigued by talking.

Faint and tired, must sit or lie down.

Involuntary movements of single parts. Impaired co-ordination.

Spasms with attacks of laughing and weeping; sudden jerks, starts from sleep; paralytic weakness; obstinate spastic anaemia.

Paralysis from spinal disease.

Rheumatic and traumatic paralysis in gouty persons.


      Sleepiness, with inclination to lie down.

Restless sleep, turns frequently, feels too warm, lies uncovered in unrefreshing slumber, with many dreams and frequent awaking.

Restless sleep, always awaking with palpitation of heart.

Dreams: anxious of boat foundering; of ghosts; of thieves; confused.


      Morning : Afternoon: Evening: Night : Toward morning : Day : New and full moon :.

Temperature and Weather

      Generally better in warmth, worse In cold air, out-doors.

Worse in-doors, while sitting.

Better walking, out-doors, in mild weather.

Warmth in bed : Open air : Winter :Cold washing :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill, with great thirst.

Internal chill and shivering, with desire for warmth of stove with stretching and bending of limbs, worse after warm drink.

Chill during the day, heat at night.

Heat at night, with anxiety and sweat. Heat in the evening, commencing in and spreading from the face, sometimes of only the right side.

Sweat at night, toward morning most profuse in face, frequently only on right side of face.

Entire inability to sweat.


      At intervals sudden sharp pains, like a stab.

Worse new and full moon, skin symptoms.

Worse in winter, skin symptoms.


      Right : Left: Right to left : Below–upwards : Upper left and lower right side most affected.


      Sensation of constriction of internal organs.

Some parts of body feel larger.

Some parts–lower jaw and arms–feel shorter.


      Emaciation; spare habit, and old people.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch : Pressure of foot on ground: Scratching:, Riding in carriage :.


      Intolerable itching of whole body, especially when getting warm and in bed: scratches until the skin bleeds, which is then painful; itching and formication with flatulence, dry stools or diarrhoea.

Eruptions humid, scabby, sore, gnawing.

Ulcerated surface secretes yellow-brown, badly smelling pus.

Blood-boils : Rhagades : Bulbous excrescences :.

Stages and States

      Infancy : constipation, especially when artificial food is used.

Cholera infantum, stools green, acidity of primae viae.

Constipation of sucklings.


Puberty : chlorosis, with longing for indigestible substances.

Dark complexion, excitable.

Mild disposition.

Lack of animal heat.

Spare habit.

Old people, hypochondriacal.


      Similar to : Baryta Carb. (hypochondriasis of aged; constipation); Bryon. (peevish, irritable; gastric and abdominal symptoms; constipation; throbbing headache; dry cough with vomiting; stitches in chest; dryness of mucous surfaces; fever; etc.); Calcarea ostr.; Chamom. (useful as an intermediate remedy); Conium. (old people; loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Ferrum (chlorosis; relaxed abdomen; disgust for meat, etc.); Ferrum jod (profuse, transparent leucorrhoea); Graphit. (chlorosis; skin rough, chapped, itching; nails, blepharitis, etc.); Ipecac. Laches. (sad on waking; climaxis); Pulsat. (tearful, peevish; heat, etc.; better in open air; ozaena: taste lost; averse to meat; chlorosis; scanty menses; complaints at puberty; lack of animal heat; soles of feet sore, worse walking; toes red, itching, etc.); Plumbum. (colic; constipation, etc.); Ruta (loss of power of internal recti of eyes); Sepia (irritable, tearful; ozaena; scanty menses; puberty, prolapsus uteri; inactive rectum; weakness in urinary organs, etc. Silicea, Sulphur., Zincum (inner canthus; granular lids).

Compare with the following in clergyman’s sore throat : Argentum nitr., Kali bich., Lycop, etc.

Alumina follows Bryon., Laches., Sulphur; and is followed by Bryon.

Alumina and Bryon. are complementary.

Chamom. is useful as an intermediate remedy.

Antidotes to Alum : Bryon., Camphor., Chamom., Ipecac.

Alum antidotes : lead poisoning, as in painter’s colic; ailments from lead.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.