Homeopathic remedy Actaea Racemosa drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Black Cohosh. JEANES. Ranunculaceae.


      Desire for solitude; to wander from place to place.

Answers questions hurriedly and evasively.

Would not answer, at other times very loquacious.

Declares she will go crazy.

Weeping mood; dejection; anxiety; apprehensiveness.

Melancholia from hyperaesthesia of nervous centres: hence with women, with inebriates, etc.

Fear of death-thinks she is going to die.

Mental depression, with suicidal tendency.

Suspicious, in different, taciturn, takes no interest in household matters.

Irritable, least thing that goes wrong makes her angry.

Mania following disappearance of neuralgia.

After fright, threatened abortion.

Aggravations from mental emotions.

Mind affected by business failure; by disappointed love.


      Constant dull feeling in vertex.

Vertigo: head feels large and heavy; when stooping, head swims; on rising in morning; nausea when raising the head from the pillow.

Fainting fits.

Inner Head

      Rush of blood to the head, brain feels too large for the cranium; after suppressed uterine discharges or suddenly ceasing pains.

Waving sensations in the brain.

Dull frontal headache relieved by pressure.

Great pain in head and eyeballs, increased by the slightest movement.

Severe pains in right side of head, back of orbit.

Aching and shooting pains in vertex, occiput left temple, eye and ear; worse lying down; hysterical crying.

Top of head feels as if it would fly off.

Head feels too large and throbs. Intermittent fever.

Intense pain as if a bolt had been driven from neck to vertex, worse at every throb of the heart.


      Dark spots before the eyes, dilated pupils, double vision.

Intense pains in the eyeballs; worse from moving the head or eye, and in the evening.

Severe pain in the centre of the eyeballs; worse in the morning, lasts all day; worse going up stairs.


      Sensitive to least noise.

Singing in the left, later in both ears.


      Coryza, dry in the evening, white mucus during the day; sneezing: aching pain in the head and eyes, sensitive to cold air, every inhalation seems to bring the cold air in contact with the brain.


      Wild fearful expression.

Face pale; eyes large, sunken, surrounded by dark rings.

Forehead feels cold; deadly pale.

Neuralgia affecting, the malar bone, pain goes off at night, reappears the next day.

Frequent flushes of heat, wants to be lie in the open air.

Lower Face

      Under-lip cracked, as if bitten.

Jaw sunken.


      Toothache in neuralgic and rheumatic patients.

Tongue etc.

      Taste: disagreeable; coppery.

Cannot speak a syllable, though she makes the effort.


Tongue: clean, but pointed and trembling; swollen; coated light brown, in the middle.

Inner Mouth

      Breath offensive.

Mouth and tongue feel hot and dry.


      Dry spot in the throat, causing cough; dryness of the pharynx, with constant desire to swallow; fulness in the pharynx; uvula and palate swollen.

Hawks up a viscid, coppery tasting mucus.

Desires Aversions

      No thirst, slight feeling of hunger in stomach; rumbling in abdomen.

Appetite variable.

No appetite for dinner, wants to drink cold water; little at a time suffices.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructations, with nausea, vomiting and headache.

Vomiting of green substance; groans, raves, presses both hands to her head for relief.


      Acute darting pains in the stomach, Sinking or “goneness” in the epigastrium.


      Periodically colicky pains, bending double and after stool.

Flatulence, causing sensation of fullness.

Severe pains in bowels, small of back and down the limbs.

Excruciating pains in bowels, much rumbling and wind.

Sharp pain across the hypogastrium.

Abdominal muscles sore.

Stool etc.

      Frequent, thin, dark, offensive stools.

Spotted fever.

Morning diarrhoea, of children.

Pains go from limbs to bowels, producing diarrhoea and partial retention of urine.

Alternate diarrhoea and constipation.


      Pressing in region of kidneys and small of back.

Irritable bladder.

Urine; profuse, pale, watery; bloody, frequent, scanty, feels hot.

Female Sexual Organs

      Spasms of the broad ligaments.

Ovarian pains shoot up to the side.

Severe pain in lower part of abdomen, worse by motion.

Bearing down in uterine region and small of back; limbs feel heavy, torpid.

Great tenderness on pressure over the uterine region.

Menses :profuse, early, dark, blood coagulated; scanty, slightly coagulated; sharp pains across abdomen, has to double up; labor-like pains; debility between periods, scanty flow between menses; suppressed by mental emotions, from cold, from fever.

Rheumatic dysmenorrhoea.

Epileptic or hysterical spasms at time of menses.

Leucorrhoea, with sensation of weight in the uterus.


      Complaints in pregnancy; nausea; false labor-like pains; sharp pains across abdomen; sleeplessness; insanity.

Labor-pains severe, tedious or spasmodic, with fainting fits or cramps.

Cardiac neuralgia in parturition.

Convulsions in labor from nervous excitement.

“Shivers,” first stage of labor.

After pains, worse in the groins: oversensitiveness; nausea and vomiting.

Lochia: suppressed, by cold or emotions; watery, mixed with small clots.

Inframammary pains, worse left side.

Burning in the mammae.


      Hoarseness, worse in the evening; very sensitive to cold air.

Tickling in throat, with violent cough.


      Frequent sighing.


      From a dry spot in the throat, spasmodic with pain in back of neck.

Cough at every attempt to speak, dry, short, constant at night.


      Severe pain in the left chest, below fifth or sixth rib.

Pain in right side of chest; must lie quietly on back and press with the hand; breath short; slight cough.

Heart Pulse

      Pains from the region of the heart, all over the chest and down the left arm; palpitation; unconsciousness; cerebral congestion; dyspnoea, face livid; cold sweat on the hands; numbness of the body; the left arm numb and as if bound to the side.

Heart’s action ceases suddenly; impending suffocation.

Pulse weak, irregular, eighty per minute; feeble in the morning; with trembling and weakness.

Neck and Back

      Cramp in the muscles of the neck on moving the head.

Violent, lightning-like pains in the posterior spinal sclerosis.

Stiff neck from cold air, pain from moving even the hands.

Sensitiveness of the spine, especially in the cervical and upper dorsal regions; pressure causes retching and nausea, soreness of all the muscles. Spotted fever.

Heat in back of head extending down the back; during spasms, muscles of neck and shoulders sore afterwards.

Pain under left scapula.

Head and neck retracted. Spotted fever.

Severe pain in the back, down the thighs and through the hips, with heavy pressing down.

Violent aching in small of back.

Upper Limbs

      Pains in the muscles, worse from motion.

Left arm feels as if bound to the side.

Constant irregular motions of the left arm; arm useless.

Cold sweat on hands.

Hands tremble, especially when writing.

Lower Limbs

      Joints swollen, heat in them.

Fearful pains through the lower limbs, like growing pains.

Limbs in General

      Aching in the limbs.

Excessive muscular soreness.

Rheumatism affecting the belly of the muscles; cramping, stitching pains.

Uneasy feeling in limbs, causing restlessness.

Position etc.

      Motion : of head: of eyes: of handwriting: Stooping:Bending double : Raising head : Rising: Going up stairs: Lying: on back:.


      Trembling of the legs, twitching of the flexors.

Great debility between the menses.

Irregular motion of the limbs, worse left; legs unsteady.

Alternate tonic and clonic spasms.

Epilepsy, periodical convulsions, uterine diseases.

Hysteric spasms.



Sleeplessness; with excited brain; after nursing the sick.

Starts during sleep; restless.

Cannot sleep, because she feels numb all over.

Unrefreshing sleep.


      Day: Morning : P.M.:” Evening: Night :.

Temperature and Weather

      Cold air: Open air :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chilliness down the back, from 11 to 12 M.

Chilliness, then heat; languid, stretches her limbs, 10 A.M.

Feet and hands cold, then hot.

Chill, then heat, then sweat, alternating dry skin, 5 P.M. Night-sweats Diarrhoea.

Sweat smell offensive.


      Periodical attacks of colic.

Pains come on suddenly.

Headache at intervals.


      Right : side of head, of chest,

Left : temple, inframammary pain, chest below 5and th ribs, from heart down the arm, arm as if bound to side, motions in it, asleep, comp. back below scapula.

Singing in ear : left them both.


      Pricking all over.

Like electric shocks here and there.

Sharp. lancinating pains in various parts, associated with ovarian or uterine irritation.

General bruised feeling as if sore.

Whole body, especially the arms, feels numb.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Pressure :.


      Eruption of white, pustules over the face and neck; sometimes large, red, papular.

Prickling itching, heat of the whole surface.

Stages and States

      Climacteric years.

Nervousness from anxiety or overexertion.

Rheumatic persons.

Children, teething. Diarrhoea.


      Collaterals : Actea Spic., and other Ranunculaceae.

Aconite relieves the sleeplessness.

Actea spic., Bryon and Pulsat. similar in rheumatism. The first is preferable in rheumatism of small joints, tearing pains; joints ache after exercise.

Baptis relieved headache and nausea.

Cauloph. similar in uterine and rheumatic affections.

Compare : Pulsat, Sepia, Natr.mur. Liliumtig and Ignat.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.