Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum muriaticum symptoms. Dr. Phatak describes the confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Natrum Muriaticum in his Concise Materia Medica….

Editor’s note: Natrum muriaticum is a very commonly used homeopathic medicine. Also known as Natrum mur or Nat mur, it is very often used for chronic headache, infertility, hairfall, dandruff, suppressed grief and depression. However, Nat mur is a polychrest remedy and it can cure any other disease if symptoms match. The Natrum mur dosage is decided by the physician, but the most commonly used potencies are Natrum mur 6x, 30 and 200.


    Natrum muriaticum homeopathic remedy  Common salt, profoundly affects the nutrition. Its excessive intake produces symptoms of salt retention, such as dropsies and oedema; but it also affects the blood causing anaemia and leucocytosis.

MIND, HEART, liver and spleen come under its influence. The patient is thin, thirsty, poorly nourished on account of digestive disturbances, and his MENTAL BEHAVIOUR and physical symptoms are hopeless or awkward in nature.

Emaciation; descending, of neck or abdomen.

MUCOUS MEMBRANES and skin may be DRY or may produce thick, white or clear, watery, acrid discharges. Dryness of mouth, throat, rectum, vagina etc. Numbness of one side; parts lain on; with paralysis; fingers, parts seem too short. Easy exhaustion. Contraction of muscles, tendons. Neuralgic pains with tears.

Trembling. Prostration. Hysterical debility. Emaciation even while living well. Great weakness and weariness. Tendency to take cold. Coldness. Children talk late; cross, irritable, cry from slightest cause. Cachexia; malarial. Oversensitive to all sorts of influences. Goitre; hyperthyroidism. Addison’s disease. Diabetes.

Natrum muriaticum has Twitching in muscles. Frequent starts in upper part of body. Chorea; jumping; after fright. Ill effects of disappointment; fright, grief, fit of passion; loss of fluids, masturbation; injury to head; silver salts; salt.

Young girls become love lorn and fall in love with married men. Paralysis; from emotions, sexual excess. Likes to be covered but does not better. Trembling of the whole body from smoking tobacco.


      Exact periodicity. 9 to 11 a.m.; with the sun. Alternate days. After menses. HEAT; of sun, summer; dampness. Exertion of eyes, mental, talking, reading, writing. Violent emotions. Sympathy. Puberty. Quinine. Bread, fat, acid food. Coition. Seashore. Chronic sprains. Noise; music. Touch. Pressure. Full moon.


      Open air. Cool bathing. Sweating. Rest. Going without regular meals. Tight clothing. Deep breathing. Before breakfast. Rubbing. Lying on right side. Talking long.

Natrum muriaticum Mind

     Natrum muriaticum mind symptoms Hateful; to persons who had offended him. Detests consolation or fuss. Depression; during menses; without cause. Natrum muriaticum personality is Reserved. Easily angered worse if consoled. Company distresses. Hypochondriac. Weeps bitterly; or wants to be alone to cry.

Weeps involuntarily, without cause or can not weep. Cheerful, laughs, sings, dances, alternating with sadness. Boisterous grief. Dwells on past unpleasant memories. Anxiety. Apprehension. Fear or dreams of robbers.

Awkward; in talking; hasty; drops things from nervous weakness. Absent minded. Scattered thoughts. Revengeful.

Natrum muriaticum (Nat mur) thinks he is pitied for his misfortunes and weeps. Immoderate laughter with tears. Abrupt. An idea clings, preventing sleep, inspires revenge. Alternating mental conditions. Extremely forgetful. Aversion, of men (females).


      Vertigo; as if falling; worse standing near a window, on closing eyes; better lying, with head high.

HEADACHES; bursting; on coughing; maddening; hammering, heavy; over eyes; on vertex, with partial numbness or disturbed vision; worse on awakening; from sunrise to sunset; during, before or after menses; motion; even of eyes; frowning, reading; better sleep; pressure on eyes, lying with head high, sitting still.

Nodding motions of the head. Headaches of school children. Migraine. Falling hair. Injured part tender to touch.


      Painful, on looking down. Letters run together while reading. Stricture of lachrymal duct, escape of mucous when pressing on the sac.

Lachrymation; with redness; burning; acrid; from affected side, from sneezing; coughing; laughing etc. Eyes feel drawn together. Itch and burn, must wipe them.

Ptosis on lying down. Vision blurred, wavering. Hemiopia then headache. Eyelids close with headache; spasmodically.

Natrum muriaticum person cannot read by artificial light. Sparks, black spots, fiery zigzag before eyes. Incipient cataract. Protruding eyes; due to goitre. Retinal images are retained too long. Eyes give out in reading and writing.


      Noises, buzzing, humming, ringing. Painful cracking in the ear when masticating. Itching behind ears.


      Violent fluent coryza; lasts one to three days then stoppage of nose high up, making breathing difficult. Sneezing early in the morning.

Alternate fluent and dry coryza. Cold commences, with sneezing; gushing of fluid. Little ulcers in nose. One side numb. Loss of smell and taste. Nosebleed; on stooping or when coughing, at night.


      Pale, muddy, or shiny as if greased.

HERPES; about the lips or at the edge of hair; pearly. Crack in the middle of the lower lip. Lips tingle, feel numb. Throbbing in lower jaw worse biting; heat and cold.

There is down on the face in hysteria but passes away as the patient improves. Upper lip swollen. Prosopalgia. Falling of whiskers and beard.


      TONGUE MAPPED; beaded or striped along edges. Aphthae. Loss of taste and smell. Numbness and stiffness of one side of tongue.

Tingling of the tongue. Tongue, heavy; difficult speech. Children learn to talk slowly. Fistula dentalis. Epulis or small tumour on the gums.

Natrum muriaticum has sensation of a hair on the tongue. Tongue feels dry but is not dry. Vesicles and ulcers in mouth and on tongue, smart and burn when touched by food. Teeth sensitive to air or touch; pain worse on chewing. Toothache with tears or salivation.


      Hawks much mucus, bitter, salty. Uvula hangs to one side. A dry, sore spot in the throat, tickles and causes cough etc.

Food goes down the wrong way; post diphtheritic paralysis. Only fluids can be swallowed. Solids reach a certain point and then are violently ejected.

Throat glistens. Exophthalmic goitre. Sore throat; with sensation as if she has to swallow over a lump. As if a plug in throat. Tobacco smoker’s throat.


      DESIRE; FOR SALT, bitter things; for sour things, farinaceous food, oysters, fish, milk.

Thirsty, drinks large quantity of water.

Great hunger yet emaciates; with depressed mind.

Averse to bread, meat, coffee, tobacco.

Hunger without relish. Hiccough. Burning eructations, after eating. Sweet risings from stomach during menses. Anxiety in stomach rises into head.

Waterbrash. Sweats while eating; on face. White slimy mucus is vomited with relief. Heartburn with palpitation. Feels better on an empty stomach.


      Epigastric pulsation. Epigastrium swollen and painful. Sudden distension. Tense abdomen worse groins. Pain in abdominal ring on coughing. Rigidity of the left side. Colic with nausea better flatus.

Stools; dry, hard, crumbling, tears the anus or cause burning. Stools, coated with glassy mucus. Constipation on alternate days, from inactivity.

Painless watery diarrhoea; chronic; morning, on moving about; from abuse of opium. Constriction of rectum. Herpes about anus. Abdominal viscera loose and dragging as if when walking. Red spots on epigastrium. Herpes ani.


      Natrum muriaticum has involuntary urination; on coughing; laughing; sneezing, walking, sitting. Polyuria, thirst for large quantities of water. Has to wait long for urine to pass in the presence of others. Urine clear with red sediment. Must wait before the urine will start. Pain just after urination.


      Backache and weak legs; with depression after coition. Pollution shortly after coition. Sexual desire, with physical weakness. Suppressed gonorrhoea. Weakness, even paralysis, after sexual excess. Loss of hair from pubes.

Natrum muriaticum Female

      female symptoms of homeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticumNatrum muriaticum has aversion to coition; which is painful from dryness of vagina. Burning smarting in vagina during coition. Delayed first menses. Dysmenorrhoea with convulsions. Sterility; with too early too profuse menses.

Debilitating leucorrhoea; white thick, instead of menses. Prolapse of uterus with aching in lumbar region or with cutting in urethra; worse in the morning, better lying on back. Hot during menses. Mammary glands emaciate.

White leucorrhoea turns green gradually. Loss of hair in children or during lactation. Stitches beneath nipples.


      Cough from tickling in the pit of stomach; with asthma or palpitation; worse winter. Respiratory catarrh after suppressed sweats.

Sticking in liver while coughing. Dyspnoea on ascending. Whooping cough; with lachrymation. Breath; hot, offensive. Exertion of arms better breathing.


      Palpitation, shaking body or alternating with beating in head. Fluttering of the heart, with a weak, faint feeling worse lying down.

Palpitation; anxious, worse exertion; emotion; lying on left side. Pulse; full and slow or weak and rapid; intermittent every third beat; worse lying down. Coldness, soreness at the heart.

S.R. Phatak
A pioneer of Homoeopathy in Maharashtra, Dr Shankar Raghunath Phatak was born on 6th September, 1896. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College, in 1924. Started his practice but somehow not satisfied with Allopathic Treatment.

He was convinced about Homoeopathy while going through Sir William Osler's writings on 'History of Medicine' so switched over to an entirely Homoeopathic Practice in 1932. He also started working on Homoeopathic literature along with his Practice.

He has contributed immensely to homoeopathic literature. He was an ardent follower of Dr Boger. His Repertory is based on Boger's ''A Synoptic key to Materia Medica'.