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Mercurius Iodatus Flavum

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Mercurius Iodatus Flavum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      (Mercurius Proto-iodatus). This remedy has a strong affinity for glands, of the THROAT, lymphatic and mammary. Right side is usually affected and like Lycopodium symptoms go from right to left. Syphilis. Mammary tumours. Deep bone pains esp. at night.


      Odours. Raising up. Warm drinks. Lying on left side. Cold and damp weather. Touch.


      Open air.


      Lively, merry, talkative.


      Faint or dizzy on rising from a chair, or when reading. Dull frontal headache, with pain at the root of nose; better when mind and body actively engaged. Head pain follows heart pain.


      Keratitis; cornea looks scratched or chipped out by finger nail. Photophobia. Dark circles around the eyes. Swelling below right eye.


      Sudden sharp pain in ears worse touch.


      Mucus descends through posterior nares into the throat, causing hawking.


      Desire to clench the teeth; jaw is stiff and tired; from grinding pain in teeth; during sleep. Teeth feel on edge worse heat, cold and sweets. Teeth feel too long; cannot eat. Pyorrhoea. Tongue coated moist filmy or THICK YELLOW AT BASE; tip and edges red. Toothache after filling.


      Sore (right then left). Constant inclination to swallow. Tonsils swollen; better cold drinks. Lacunar tonsillitis. Goitre with suffocation. Cervical glands swollen. Adenitis.


      Weak empty feeling in stomach. Nausea at the sight or odour of food. Thirst for sour drinks.


      Pain in abdomen with pain in heart. Faint sick feeling in hypogastrium before stools. Black discharges with or without stools.


      Urine; copious, dark red scanty.


      Hard chancres; painless; with enlarged inguinal glands; not disposed to suppuration. Dreams of urination followed by seminal emission of which he knew nothing.


      Yellow leucorrhoea; of very young girls. Mammary tumours; with knots in axilla; blueness of the part; warm perspiration and gastric disturbances.


      Pain preceded by head pain. Palpitation with dyspnoea worse lying on back. Feeling as if heart had jumped out of its place.


      Knees numb. Laming pain in right arm worse writing. Pain in right forearm, with pain in left hip.


      Flat warts.


      Lyc; Mercurius