Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Lachesis in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977….


      Native American name of this snake is surukuku_(Bushmaster); and the poison of this snake was first proved by Dr. Hering. Like other snake poisons it decomposes BLOOD; affects the HEART AND CIRCULATION. NERVES become very sensitive esp. CUTANEOUS and VASO-MOTOR. Excessive sensitiveness of the surface with intolerance of touch or constriction; intense nervous irritability, restless, tossing, moving. Symptoms appear on LEFT SIDE; then go to right_THROAT, OVARIES, GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Intensively rapid onset of the disease with great prostration. Malignant or septic states; diphtheria; gangrene, diabetic; traumatic; senile; carbuncle, erysipelas come under its influence. HAEMORRHAGES; are thin, containing dark particles like charred straw; vicarious, nosebleed, bloody urine etc. Small wounds bleed much. Blueness; of the affected parts; of hands. Discharges; acrid, OFFENSIVE. ASCENDING SENSATIONS; in throat; chills. FLUSHES OF HEAT; rushes of blood. Sensation of a LUMP, in throat, abdomen, liver, rectum, etc., rolls about in bladder. EXCESSIVE PAINFULNESS; of throat; ulcers; spots on body. Sensation of constriction; in throat; on head_as if a skullcap; of anus; drawing; vertex to jaws; in rectum etc. Great physical and mental weakness. Trembling; of the whole body; of hands, tongue etc. Hard throbbing, or hammering pains. Neuralgic pains change locality with palpitation. Epilepsy; comes on during sleep; from jealousy; onanism; loss of fluids. Left sided paralysis; after apoplexy; or cerebral exhaustion. Fainting; with pain in heart, nausea, pale face, vertigo. Chorea, from piercing ears. Awkward gait; left side weak. Dropsy; from liver and spleen diseases; after scarlatina. Cellulitis; with burning and blue colour of the skin. Purpura. Bubonic plague. Cancer. Diphtheritic paralysis; and other affections. Carriers of Diphtheria. Ill effects of injuries, punctured wounds. Grief, fright. Vexation; anger. Jealousy; disappointed love, masturbation; sprains (blueness of parts). Never well since climaxis. Symptoms develop in sleep and the patient wakes up from symptoms; at any time day and night. Hysteria. Catalepsy. As of thread drawing the part or spreading over.


      Nervous; excitable. LOQUACITY; rambling, frequently jumping from one subject to another, then sadness; or repeats the same thing. Compelling delusions; thinks herself under super human control; thinks she is dead and preparations are being made for her funeral; thinks herself pursued, hated and despised. Persistent erotic ideas, without ability. Insane jealousy. Suspicious. Sad in the morning; no desire to mix with the world. Malice. Mischievous. Mania from over-study. Delirium; tremens; from over-watching; over-fatigue; loss of fluids, over-study. Feels full of poison. Fears; going to sleep; lying down; or that heart will stop. Restless, uneasy; does not want to attend to business; wants to be off somewhere all the time. Derangement of time sense. Aversion of women to marry. Religious insanity. Talks, sings, whistles; makes odd motions. Mocks. Crawls on the floor; spits often; hides, laughs or is angry; during spasms. Weak memory. Mistakes are made in writing and speaking. Mind worse after sleep. Predicts the future correctly. Proud and lazy. Hateful.


      SLEEP; AFTER SLEEP. MORNING. HEAT; of SUMMER; SPRING; of room; OF SUN. SWALLOWING; EMPTY; LIQUIDS. SLIGHT TOUCH OR PRESSURE. PRESSURE OF CLOTHES; around neck; waist. RETARDED DISCHARGES. Start and close of menses. CLIMAXIS. ALCOHOL. Cloudy weather. Standing or stopping. Motion. Closing eyes. HOT DRINKS.


      OPEN AIR. FREE DISCHARGES. Eructation. Hard pressure. COLD DRINKS. Bathing affected part. Sitting bent. Eating; esp. fruits. Warm applications.


      Vertigo; worse turning to right; closing eyes; looking at the one and same object; from walking in open air. Headache; heavy, bursting, down to nose, side (right) feels cut off. Migraine, pain extending to neck and shoulders. Weight, pressure or burning of the vertex. Sun headaches, with glimmering of vision. Falling of hair esp. during pregnancy. Perforating tumour of the skull. Numbness, crawling (left). Does not want hair touched.


      Feel small or as if drawn together by cords which were tied in a knot at the root of the nose. Blindness with lung or heart affections. Eyes watery, from pain. Fistula lachrymalis; with eruptions on face, Intra-ocular haemorrhages. Feels as if eyes were forced out on pressing the throat. Dim sight. Unsteady look, eyes roll vacantly.


      Hardness of hearing; with want of wax. Ear wax too hard, pale, dry. Ear pain with sore throat. Pulsations in. Ear wax like chewed paper. Stricture of eustachian tube.


      Stopped coryza. Discharge, with every cough. Nosebleed, with amenorrhoea; on blowing the nose. Blood and pus from nose. Paroxysms of sneezing in hay asthma. Red pimples on nose (rum blossom); of drunkards. Cannot bear anything before nose.


      Purple, mottled; dusky, during heat. Netted veinlets on face. Neuralgia (left side); heat rises to the face. Lower jaw drops (coma). Septic mumps. Flushes of heat. Enormous swelling of lips.


      Gums; bluish, swollen, easily bleeding. Tongue; swollen; trembles when protruding; catches on teeth; lolls about; red, dry; cracked at tip. Bad odour from mouth. Aphthae and denuded patches, with burning and rawness. Much thick, pasty saliva. Thick blundering speech; cannot open mouth wide. Peppery; sour; taste. Cannot bear anything before mouth. Teeth ache extends to ears. Chattering of teeth. Teeth feel too long. Sudden forcible protrusion and retraction of tongue.


      As of a lump in throat; ascending and is swallowed back again. As of hot lump or soft body or crumb of bread. Throat pain extends to ear. Choking. SWALLOWING; painful; the wrong way; returns through nose; worse empty swallowing, less from liquids and better by solids. Excessive tenderness of throat to external pressure; must loosen collar. Diphtheria, laryngeal. Tonsillitis. Quinsy. Hawks out foul pellets from throat, in chronic sore throat; or thick mucus which cannot be forced up or down. Throat pit feels swelled or sore spot back of pit. Constriction better eating. Cannot swallow sweet or acrid things.


      Craving; for alcohol, oysters, for coffee which agrees. Hungry, cannot wait for food, or loss of hunger alternately. Thirsty but fears to drink. Gnawing pressure in stomach better eating, but returning in few hours (cancer), soreness or cramp in epigastrium. Vomits during menses, with headache. Eructations; before epilepsy; at menses. Nausea; comes on, after going to bed; after drinking ice water.


      Sore festering, throb deep in liver; cannot bear anything around waist. Inflammation of liver and abscess. Septic gall bladder. Cutting pain in right side of abdomen causing fainting. Swelling in caecal region, must lie on back, with knees drawn up; appendicitis. Pain from anus to navel. Abdomen hot, sensitive, painfully stiff from loin down thighs. Constipation of pregnancy. Anus feels tight. Pains up the rectum every time coughs or sneezes. Haemorrhages from bowels containing charred particles. Piles; protrude, painful, worse coughing or sneezing. Constant urging in rectum, not for stool. Offensive stools. Beating in the anus as from hammers; with menses. As of a ball, rolling when turning over. Diarrhoea from fruits and acids.


      As of a ball rolling in the bladder when turning over. Bloody urine. Urine, frequent, foamy, dark. Small tumour in urethra causing retention. No urine, no stool.


      Strong sexual desire, without physical power. During coition the emission is tardy or does not occur at all. Lascivious ideas without erection of penis. Prepuce thickened. Semen with pungent odour. Ill effects of masturbation. Cheerful after night emission.


      Left ovary, swollen, indurated, painful, must lift covers. Menses; black, scanty; lumpy, acrid, vicarious from nose. Uterine and ovarian pains better by flow of blood. Uterus feels as if the os is open. Mammae; inflamed, bluish. Nipples swollen, erect, painful to touch. Milk; thin, blue. Leucorrhoea; copious, smarting, staining and stiffening the linen greenish. Climacteric troubles; palpitation, flushes of heat, haemorrhages etc. Nymphomania. Less the flow more the pain. Ovarian tumours. Dysmenorrhoea on first day. Desire to go in open air and run about before menses.


      Suffocation and strangulation, on lying down; on dropping to sleep; must spring from bed and rush for open air window. Feels he must take deep breath. Air hunger. Tickling, choking cough worse touching neck or auditory canal; better retching out a little expectoration. Cough during sleep without being conscious of it. As of a skin hanging in or a valve in larynx. As of a plug moving up and down with cough. Larynx painful to touch. Last stage of pneumonia. Abscess of the lungs. Expectoration; frothy, purulent, difficult, bloody with excessive perspiration. Loss of voice; from paralysis of vocal cords, or oedema. Cough as if some fluid has gone into wrong way; most during day.


      Palpitation, with fainting spells. Restless, trembling, anxiety about the heart. Heart; weak; turns over or too big as if, or as if hanging by a thread. Pulse; weak, intermittent; slow; irregular. Cyanosis neonatorum. Carditis; metastatic. Senile arteriosclerosis.

Neck and Back

      Neck sensitive to least pressure. Neck stiff; moves jaws with difficulty. Neuralgia of coccyx worse rising from sitting, feels as if sitting on something sharp. Sensation of threads stretched from back to arms, legs, eyes.


      Swelled glands in axilla. Left arm numb; finger tips numb. Trembling of hands (in drunkards). Garlic odour of sweat in axilla. Felon, bluish swelling. Tingling; pricking in left hand. Cracks in skin at the corners of nails. Knees cold; or as if hot air is going through. Foot sweat foul or cold. Sciatica; must lie still; worse by least motion. Tendons contracted. Toes feel broken. Pain in the shin bones, in affections of throat. Cramps in calves, from fear. Phlegmasia alba dolens.


      Sleeps into Worse. Sleeplessness; from cerebral irritation; of drunkards. Frightful dreams; of snakes. Children toss about moaning in sleep. Sleepiness yet cannot sleep.


      Chill worse drinking; with sweat. HEAT; on vertex; IN FLUSHES; on waking, on falling to sleep. Sweat; about neck; during sleep; in axilla; bloody, staining, blackish, yellow; garlicky. Feet icy cold.


      Mottled or livid; dark marks; ulcers; eating, on legs; with bluish, purple areolae. Fungoid ulcers. Varicose ulcers. Carbuncles, boils, with bluish areolae. Bed sores with black edges. Cellulitis. Erysipelas; of old age. Purpura with intense prostration. Cicatrices; redden; hurt, break open and bleed. Capillaries dilated. Small wounds bleed much.


      Caust; Sep; Zincum met.


      Lyc; Phos; Zinc-i.

S.R. Phatak
A pioneer of Homoeopathy in Maharashtra, Dr Shankar Raghunath Phatak was born on 6th September, 1896. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College, in 1924. Started his practice but somehow not satisfied with Allopathic Treatment.

He was convinced about Homoeopathy while going through Sir William Osler's writings on 'History of Medicine' so switched over to an entirely Homoeopathic Practice in 1932. He also started working on Homoeopathic literature along with his Practice.

He has contributed immensely to homoeopathic literature. He was an ardent follower of Dr Boger. His Repertory is based on Boger's ''A Synoptic key to Materia Medica'.