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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Guaiacum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      It chiefly acts on fibrous tissue of joints, a useful remedy for arthritic diathesis. Muscles and tendons are contracted resulting in painful, rigidity and swelling of the joints. FREE FOUL, SECRETIONS; expectoration, sweat, etc. Hastens suppuration in abscesses. Tonsillitis with rheumatism. Burning heat; in affected part. Gnawing or sticking pains; in chest. Muscles seem too short_eyelids, back, thigh etc. or feel sore. Contractions between scapulae; palms etc.; causing distortions; and immobility. Growing pains. Short tendons. Nodes. Unclean odour of the body. Clothes feel damp. Pains often end in stitch esp. head. Bones become spongy or suppurate. Progressive emaciation. Feeling that he must yawn, stretch, with uneasy feeling in the whole body. Exostosis.


      HEAT. Touch. Motion. Exertion. Rapid growth. Mercury. 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Puberty. Cold damp weather.


      Cold (locally). Apples. Yawning and stretching.


      Forgetful esp. for names. Strong desire to criticise and despise everything. Thoughtless staring. Indolent, obstinate, fretful.


      Pains extend to neck; often ending in stitch. Brain feels loose. Headache better walking, pressure; worse sitting, standing.


      Eyeballs seem too big to be covered by the eyelids. Hard pimples around the eyes. Exophthalmos.


      Neuralgia of the left side of the face daily from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Face like an old person.


      Dry, burning, painful to touch; acute tonsillitis. Sharp stitches towards the ear on swallowing; cannot swallow without a drink; recurrent tonsillitis; then rheumatism.


      Thick white fur on tongue. Aversion to milk; to all food; could not eat anything. Desire for apples, which relieves the gastric symptoms. Burning in stomach. Vomits a mass of watery mucus, then exhaustion. Stomach affections return every summer.


      Sensation of constriction or stoppage in epigastrium; causing cough, dyspnoea etc. Cholera infantum, face like an old person, emaciation. Distension, flatulent.


      Continuous urging even after urination. Sharp stitches while or after urination.


      Seminal emissions without dreams. Discharge from urethra.


      Ovaritis in rheumatic persons, with irregular menses, and dysmenorrhoea with irritable bladder. Cold crawling over mammae. Shuddering in the mammae with gooseflesh.


      Feels suffocated from stoppage at epigastrium, causes dry cough, frequently repeated, until expectoration appears. Foetid breath after coughing. Pleuritic stitches worse deep breathing. Recurrent pleurisy. Stitching in apex of (left) lung. Phthisis. Pain in the chest while riding in the open air, better pressure and walking, worse sitting and standing.

Neck and Back

      Stiff neck and sore shoulders. One sided stiffness of back from neck to sacrum. Constrictive pain between the scapulae.


      Tense, short thigh muscles better sitting. Pricking in buttocks, as if sitting on needles. Pain from ankles upwards. Arthritis deformans. Burning in affected limb. Hamstrings short.


      Yawns and stretches for relief of general ill feeling. Frequent waking from sleep, as if from falling.


      Sweat profuse on single parts, face etc. Night sweats. Fever with chill in the evening. Burning of body. Hot palms. Burning fever with hot face and dry cough.


      Ferr; Kali-b; Kreos; Ph-ac; Phytolacca