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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Glonoin in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      Nitro-glycerine is an explosive substance, therefore its action is quick and violent; with bursting and expansion; a tempestuous remedy. It acts upon the CIRCULATION where it causes VIOLENT PULSATIONS, EBULLITIONS and irregular congestions. BLOOD RUSHES UPWARDS. General pulsations; with numbness. Bursting, expansion or enlarged (or even being smaller), feeling in different organs; eyes; head; tongue etc. Pains that come long after injuries. Convulsions; epileptiform, from cerebral congestion or suppressed menses. Burning in small areas or single parts. Climacteric disturbances. Clothing seems tight. Ill effects of sun heat, bright snow; fire heat; fear or fright. Old scars break out again. Sunstroke. Apoplexy. Working under electric or gas light. Eclampsia. Sea-sickness. Walks in shade or with an umbrella.


      Loses senses, sinks down unconscious. Confused, bewildered loses himself in well-known localities. Frantic, with pain, attempts to run away or jump out of a window. Shudders and weeps during intermissions of pain. Fears she has been poisoned. Shock, sudden attacks of terror, dares not go out into the street. Recognizes nobody; repulses her husband and children. Disinclined to speak.


      WAVES OF TERRIBLE, BURSTING, POUNDING, HEADACHE; with feeling as if standing on the head; with expanding and contracting sensation or as if blood were surging back and forth in the head; from carotids to heart; better vomiting, alternating between temples worse sunshine, damp days. Cracking, snapping, shocks, explosions or soreness deep in brain. Head heavy but cannot lay it on a pillow. Headache before, during, after or in place of menses. Numb; sore; hot; vertex. Veins of temples swelled. Headache better from long sleep. Holds the head tightly. As if skull were too small for the brain.


      Red, lower eyeballs or lids. Eyes protrude, look wild. Eyes, upturned or rolled outwards and upwards, in convulsions. Sees everything half light and half dark. Lids stick to ball. Blind spells. Eyes sunken. Eyes dry. Lids red. Black specks, sparks, flashes, before the eyes. Letters appear smaller.


      Throbbing; each heart beat is heard in the ears. Sharp shooting behind ears. Mastoiditis. Deafness; paralysis of auditory nerve.


      Bleeding on going out in the heat of sun.


      Bluish. Flushed, hot. Pain at the root of the nose. Chin feels too long. Pain in malar bones, ending in headache. Lower lip feels swollen; or numb. Jaws clenched in sunstroke.


      Throbbing pain in teeth; teeth feel elongated. Tongue; heavy; cannot protrude straight; conversation difficult with confused ideas. Saliva; increased; thick, in a.m. Froth at mouth.


      Feels swelled; collars must be opened.


      Nausea and vomiting. Horrible faint feeling at the pit of stomach; with throbbing. Rumbling in hypogastrium esp. Worse lying on left side. Diarrhoea, with sudden stoppage of menses.


      Profuse pale, albuminous urine; more frequent at night.


      Climacteric flushing. Headaches after profuse menses. Sudden cessation of menses with congestion to head. Eclampsia. Throbbing pain begins in breast (left), darts suddenly to head worse motion.


      Heavy laboured breathing. As of a load on chest. Takes deep breath. Sighing. Numbness moves upwards in chest and down left arm. Oppression of chest alternating, with headache.


      Violent palpitation; throbbing carotids. Heart seems full, quivers. Pulsations in the whole body to the finger tips. Purring noise at the region of the heart. Cardiac pain radiates to all parts, towards arms worse leaning back or taking wine. Full tense pulse. Venous pulse. Boiling sensation in the region.

Neck and Back

      Neck feels full and stiff; weak and tired; cannot support the head. Hot sensation down back; along spine; burning between the scapulae.


      Trembling hands. Knees give way. Thighs and knees weak and knock together, during headache. Unsteady gait. Fingers and toes spread apart during convulsions. Sciatica better flexing legs on abdomen.


      Awakes with fear of apoplexy.


      Heat with hot sweat. As if warm water running upward from nape of neck. Flushes of heat.


      Itching all over, worse the extremities.


      Open air. Elevating head. Cold things; cold application.


      HEAT ON HEAD; OF SUN. Overheated. HOT WEATHER. MOTION. JARRING, SHAKING. Bending head back. Injury. Suppressed menses. Fruits. Weight of a hat. Wine. Gas light Cutting hair. Peaches.


      Amyl-n; Belladonna