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Ferrum Phosphoricum

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Ferrum Phosphoricum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      Like Ferrum, Fer-hp. affects venous circulation causing local passive congestions and haemorrhages due to hyperaemia; so the discharges are blood streaked or meat-water like. It is suitable to nervous, sensitive, anaemic (blonds) persons. It is a very useful remedy in acute exacerbation of tuberculosis; rheumatism etc. Emaciation. Takes cold easily. Bruised soreness; chest; shoulders; muscles. Inflammation of the soft parts. Burning rawness. Ill effects of checked sweat; mechanical injuries. Initial stage of fever and inflammation. Great prostration, could hardly move about.


      Very talkative, hilarious and excited Keeps quiet. Anger. Transient mania from cerebral irritation. Indifferent to pleasurable things. Averse to company. Fear of going into a crowd.


      Throbbing headache with sensitive scalp. Headache, shooting, aching from vertex down over the sides of the head; with earache; better nosebleed, cold application. Ill effects of heat of sun. Head often feels as if pushed forward while walking; with vertigo. Empty sensation in the head, during menses.


      Red, inflamed with burning sensation. Feeling of a tiny particle in upper eyelid. Encysted tumours of the eyelids. Eyes suffused, cannot see on stooping.


      Violent earache: acute otitis media when Bell fails. Deafness; from colds, worse during menses. Tinnitus worse lying.


      Epistaxis. Bright red blood; in children. Controls soreness and bleeding after operations.


      Pales and reddens alternately. Hot cheeks with toothache.


      Hot. Toothache better cold.


      Tonsils red and swollen. Sore throat of singers. Pain worse empty swallowing. Soreness after operation.


      Vomits; ingesta; at irregular times; of undigested food; green matter. Haematemesis. Sour eructations. Aversion to meat and milk. Desires sour things.


      Distended; intolerance of clothes. Chronic diarrhoea. Stools; of bloody water; of yellow water. Dysentery with fever. Summer diarrhoea.


      Diurnal enuresis better lying down. Urine spurts, with every cough. Urinates after every drink. Urine retained, in children, during fever.


      Menses; early; every three weeks; with heavy pain on vertex. Vagina dry and hot. Pain during coition. Vaginismus.


      Laryngitis; with hoarseness; of singers. Short painful, tickling, hacking, tormenting, spasmodic cough worse morning and evening. Haemoptysis; of pure blood; in pneumonia; after concussion or fall. Chest heavy, sore or congested. Pleurisy; stitching pain worse coughing and deep breathing.


      Palpitations; with rapid pulse. FULL, SOFT FLOWING PULSE.

Neck and Back

      Crick in neck and back.


      Rheumatism attacking one joint after another; worse slightest motion. Sore bruised pain in shoulders extending to chest and wrist. Wrists ache with loss of power to grasp. Palms hot; in children. Jerking in limbs. Omodynia. Sprains of the elbows. Hands swollen and painful.


      Chill, with desire to stretch; at 1 p.m. Heat with sweaty hands. Fevers; continued; infectious, pneumonia; intermittent; measles; haemorrhagic.


      Measles. Acne.


      Drowsiness. Restless and sleepless.


      Cold application. Bleeding. Lying down.


      Night. 4-6 a.m. Motion. Noise. Jar. Cold air. Touch. Checked sweat. Cold drinks and sour food. Meat. Herring. Coffee. Cake.