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Croton Tiglium

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Croton Tiglium in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      It was used as a powerful purgative and irritant of the skin in ordinary practice; therefore it affects the mucous membranes of the intestines causing watery discharges. Skin esp. of FACE and scrotum is more affected. It has a peculiar feeling as if parts were drawn backwards, eyes, nipples etc. Skin symptoms alternating with internal symptoms, diarrhoea etc. Skin feels hide-bound.


      DRINKING; least food. Washing. Summer. Touch. Motion. Receding eruptions.


      After sleep. Gentle rubbing.


      Feeling of anxiety; as though some personal misfortune would befall him. Not disposed to work. Cannot think outside himself. Feels all spent up. Morose, dissatisfied.


      Weight of the hat causes headache. Vertigo worse drinking.


      Purulent ophthalmia; red and raw appearance. Pustules on cornea, with eruptions around eyes. Eyes feel drawn backwards. Tensive pain above the orbit (right).


      Otorrhoea, when there is a great itching.


      Pustular eruptions on the face. As though insects were creeping.


      Neuralgia of the tongue. Burning in oesophagus.


      Excessive nausea, with vanishing of sight.


      Pressure on the navel causes pain in the rectum or urging for stool. Pain in the anus as if a plug were forcing outwards. Gurgling or swashing as of water in bottles; THEN PROFUSE SUDDEN GUSHING STOOLS OF YELLOW WATER. worse drinking the least quantity or while eating; then prostration. Summer diarrhoea. Cholera infantum. Colic better hot milk.

Urinary organs

      Night urine; foaming, dark orange coloured, turbid on standing, greasy particles floating on top. Day urine is pale with white sediment.


      Eczema of scrotum. Vesicular eruptions on scrotum and penis. Left testes retracted, right pendent.


      Intense itching of genitals better by gentle rubbing. Pain from nipple to back as child nurses. Nodes in mammae; with pain from nipple to scapula. Breast hard, swollen. Nipples very sore to touch.

Respiratory organs

      Cough as soon as he touches the pillow, must sit up. Feels as though he could not inhale deeply enough. Could not expand the lungs.


      Neck and shoulders painful.


      Feels hide-bound, tense. Violently itching, burning, red skin; sore if scratched better gentle rubbing. Eruptions, pustular, blisters, clustered; which burst and form crusts worse genitals, temples, vertex. Herpes-zoster. Eczema.