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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Chionanthus in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      It has a powerful action on LIVER; and on head, where it is useful for neurasthenia; periodical; sick, menstrual or bilious headaches. Bruised, soreness is felt in various organs; liver, eyeballs etc. Pains ascend upwards, from forehead, stomach etc. Jaundice occurring every summer.


      Lying on abdomen.


      Jarring. Motion. Cold.


      Feels played out. No desire to do anything; wants to be let alone.


      Severe bilious-sick headaches worse stooping, motion, jarring.


      Eyeballs feel bruised. Yellow conjunctiva.


      Pressing at the root of nose, or squeezing on bridge.


      Dry, not better by water. Tongue; broad, with thick greenish yellow fur; feels drawn up. Salivation.


      Bitter, sour, hot; bilious; ropy, gushing; vomiting; sets the teeth on edge. Vomiting; with colic and cold sweat on forehead and back of hands.


      Liver enlarged enormously; with uneasy ache and jaundice. Gripping at navel. As if a string were tied in a stop-knot, around the intestines; which was suddenly drawn tight and gradually loosened. Cholecystitis. Gall stones. Jaundice, with arrest of menses. Weakness in hypogastrium. Stools; tarry; clay coloured or undigested. Cold sweat on forehead and back of hand during stool. Affections of pancreas.

Urinary organs

      Urine; orange yellow colour; thick black, syrupy. Bile and sugar in urine. Diabetes Mellitus. High specific gravity.

Respiratory organs

      Astringent expectoration.


      Yellow all over. Jaundice; chronic; recurring every summer; caused by drinking too much cider.


      Heat with aversion to uncover. Cold sweat on back of hands.


      Bry; Iris; Lept; Mercurius