Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Bufo in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977….


      The poison of this toad has a remarkable action on nervous system, and sexual organs. It arouses lowest passions; patient is not only low minded but develops low type of disease also. It is a remedy for depravities, due to bad inheritance. Early broken down, prematurely senile person. It affects circulation, causing ebullitions of heat, flushings; burnings in different parts. Bloody oozing; from nipples, bloody saliva etc. Trembling like paralysis agitans. Electric-like shocks, are felt throughout the whole body. Feels whole body as if swollen; in a.m. Festering sensation. Falls down unconscious, with a blood curdling scream. Obesity. Epileptic seizures; occur during night; connected with sexual sphere- at the time of menses, in women when sexual desire is excited; in young men due to onanism or during coition, attacks are followed by headache. As of a peg in joint. Dropsy. Paralysis. Cancer, Carbuncle. Buboes. Septic lymphangitis, due to injuries, when pain runs up in streaks. Spasms in children, after nursing angry or frightened mother. Anaesthetic spots on skin. Aversion to the sight of brilliant objects. Variety of symptoms occur before epileptic spasms. The mind remains childish, only the body grows. Foetid discharges, and exhalations. Convulsions from suppurative conditions.


      Warm room. Sexual excitement. Masturbation. Least motion. Injuries.


      Bleeding. Cool air. Cold bathing. Feet in hot water.


      Moral depravity. Idiocy; childish, silly, tittering. Feeble minded. Fears; animals, strangers. Talks nonsense, then angry if not understood. Walks the floor and wrings the hands. Desire for solitude, to practice masturbation. Inclination to bite. Deceitfulness. Music is unbearable.


      As of a hot vapour, rising to the top of head. Brain numb. Pillow hurts occiput.


      Sight of brilliant objects intolerable. Objects appear crooked. Left lid paralyzed. Pupils dilated. Eyes sunken.


      Least noise distresses. Music is intolerable.


      Epistaxis, with flushed faced and pain in forehead.


      Bloated and distorted. Bathed in sweat (in spasms). Lips black.


      Paralysis of tongue, lapping motions of tongue. Bloody saliva. Stammering. Desire for sweet drinks. Tongue; cracked, bluish black. Convulsions, after extracting teeth.


      As of cold balls running through bowels. Buboes in groins. Convulsive movements in, after spasms. Vomiting after drinking. Yellow fluid in vomit. Vomiting of blood and bile.


      Spasms, during coition. Disposition to handle organ. Disposition to masturbation. Impotency.


      Epilepsy at the time of menses. Menses, too early and too copious. Milk bloody. Cancer of mammary gland. Tumours and polypi of uterus; ulcers of cervix. Burning in ovaries and uterus. Cord like swelling from groin to knee, milk leg. Violent pain in mammae worse at night. Hydatids in ovaries. Offensive purulent leucorrhoea.

Respiratory organs

      Burning like fire in lungs. Suffocative cough. Asthma.


      Seems to float in water or air. Rapid heart action; in exophthalmos. Feels too large. Palpitation; with headache during menses.

Neck and Back:

      Jerks in nape of neck, before spasms. Lumbago worse rising up or least motion.


      Trembling of limbs. Cramps. Staggering gait. Feeling as if a peg were driven in joint. Limbs, become stiff, numb.


      Comatose, after spasms.


      Red streaks under skin. Lymphangitis. Panaris. Yellow bullae. Yellowish, corrosive fluid oozes out. Horripilation (Goose-skin).


      Bar-c; Graph Tarent.



S.R. Phatak
A pioneer of Homoeopathy in Maharashtra, Dr Shankar Raghunath Phatak was born on 6th September, 1896. He did his MBBS from Grant Medical College, in 1924. Started his practice but somehow not satisfied with Allopathic Treatment.

He was convinced about Homoeopathy while going through Sir William Osler's writings on 'History of Medicine' so switched over to an entirely Homoeopathic Practice in 1932. He also started working on Homoeopathic literature along with his Practice.

He has contributed immensely to homoeopathic literature. He was an ardent follower of Dr Boger. His Repertory is based on Boger's ''A Synoptic key to Materia Medica'.