Dr. Fortier Bernoville gave a breif introduction about chronic rheumatism and homeopathic approach for the same in his book Chronic rheumatism by Dr, Fortier Bernoville….


Aetiology of chronic rheumatism in respect to Homeopathy and the importance of nosodes especially tuberculin in the treatment of ersons suffering from chronic rhematism….

Hydromineral and Physiotherapic cure

Dr. Fortier Bernoville described in this chapter of his book on chronic Rhematism that sulphur springs and spring of radioactive water is very beneficial along with Homeopathic treatment….


Dr. Fortier bernoville gave an idea of some ground and temperamental remedies important in the cases of chronic rheumatism. Indication of natrum Sulph., causticum, thuja, lycopodium, sulphur, silicea and cimicifuga has been described….

Biochemic remedies, local treatment

Dr. Fortier Bernoville recommended the use of several biochemic remedies according to their diathesis like uric acid, phosphric acid, oxalic acid for the drainage and local effects before any fictional remedy i the cases of chronic rheumatism….

Homoeopathic remedies

Homoeopathic remedies for chronic rhematism with their indications, time- modalities, doses have been suggested by Dr. Fortier Bernoville in his book Chronic rhematism….


best homeopathic remedies found to be effective in the cases of Sciatica described by Dr. Fortier Bernoville….