Tertiary Lesions

Thus it is with these sycotic patients. they have lost that power of resistance, that before their fall, was a genetic principle in the life force. If it rained they heeded it not; if the atmosphere was surcharged with moisture, it mattered not to them. The storm came and went the winter and the summer passed but they suffered no special inconvenience. But what do we find is the case in or sycotically infected friend? He has lost all that which gave him protection, that which fortified him to, them all, and now he becomes subservient to their influence and their power. When it rains he has pain; when the atmosphere is filled with moisture it suffers; when the elements clash, his organism is at war with itself; the rain, the snow, the cold, the barometer’s rise and fall are his enemies. The planetary changes that before were his friends, his supporters in life, are now his peace disturbers and his combatants. In health, his organism, his system was in harmony with the whole solar system and its countless changes, numberless variations, and infinite relationships. Now, like a slave, he cringes and writhes and whimpers under them, and we see him seeking relief or palliation in countless ways; from the use of drugs, sedatives, anodynes palliatives of all kinds, hot fomentations, baths-thermal and electro-thermal, mineral, medicated and non-medicated.

All kinds of local measures are employed in the rheumatic and gouty individual. There is an army of them today at the numerous mineral springs of this country and of Europe. Sulphur and alkaline waters seem to palliate them, yet frequently they are only slightly or temporarily benefited. Again they received, in some cases, much relief and benefit, and to are tided over, as it were, until something else arises; some of the reasons that may be attributed to the relief they received at mineral baths, are first, the prolonged or persistent use of heat, cabinet baths, hot mineral baths, such as those of White Sulphur Springs of Hot Springs, Mt. Clemens, Mich., or the mud baths of Mudlavia, Indiana-those of Europe, Carls bad, etc. Secondly, the drinking of water in excess which is generally of the best and purest quality, often of an alkaline character, or of a lithic nature, neutralizes to some degree that excessively acid condition of the blood, from which the majority of these patients suffer hence the great sale of lithic waters, such as London derry, Buffalo, etc., which today have been to some degree abandoned, and their place filled by the Lithia tablet, or the Vichy and Kissengen waters. Again, their excessive drinking of water at the mineral springs is a rule insisted upon by the the medical advisers at these places, helps to flush out the kidneys, and throw into solution this excess of acid, and this excessive accumulation of the salt of the blood and lithic condition of the system. Thirdly, the change of diet and the rest, of course benefits them much. Such patients, especially those have have the necessary wealth, go up and down he earth, seeking relief. As the seasons change they suffer in multitudinous ways, especially from acute attacks of gout and rheumatism, which have a tendency to become more frequent or closer together with age. These are the sensitive, irritable patients, who have so stimulated and palliated the nervous systems that they are now super-sensitive to pain.

John Henry Allen
Dr. John Henry Allen, MD (1854-1925)
J.H. Allen was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Allen died August 1, 1925
Books by John Henry Allen:
Diseases and Therapeutics of the Skin 1902
The Chronic Miasms: Psora and Pseudo Psora 1908
The Chronic Miasms: Sycosis 1908