Materia medica

Urinary Organs. Constant desire to urinate with intense pain; urine scanty, dark, high colored, excoriating external genitals; urine often coffee colored, loaded with mucus or albumen. Urine suppressed with no desire to urinate whatever (Opium).

Male Sexual Organs. Syphilitic ulceration of penis; fungoid chancre on glans penis; chancre shiny; odor from ulcer fearfully, malignant looking; buboes, with much pain. Gonorrhoea with intermittent pain in the middle or posterior part of urethra. Mixed venereal diseases; chancre with gonorrhoea, or chancroid and gonorrhoea, malignant types of venereal diseases; diphtheritic-looking chancres or chancroid ulcers, with much pain, great sensitiveness and nervousness. Ulcers round usually, greyish white or shiny, glistening in appearance.

Aggravation – touch, motion, standing, being alone.

Amelioration – menses, during flow.

A single dose should be given, not under the thirtieth potency; if it is necessary to repeat give at the same time of the day. Suitable to tall, slim, dark-haired people of a marked nervous temperament. MANGANUM We have but few symptoms so far in the proving of this remedy that bear upon the urinary tract or the sexual sphere, but it is such a profound tissue remedy and has such power to break down the blood corpuscle, that it will probably prove itself to be a wonderful curative agent in all sycotic patients, especially for those that have a marked pseudo-psoric basis. It acts upon every tissue of the body. It produces nearly all the skin lesions and breaks down such tissues as bones and lung tissue. It may be classified with Silicea, Tuberculinum, Calcarea C., Calcarea phos. and Hepar.

These pseudo-psoric patients are the ones who have least resistance to venereal diseases, and when they do become affected, they experience the worst forms and are the most difficult cases to cure.

Mental Symptoms. Great fear with anxiety. Very apprehensive and anxious about their conditions; fears something awful is going to happen. Let this patient become affected with Sycosis with all its train of mental phenomena, and we can readily see what a disturbed mental state would result. Women with this profound tubercular taint affected with Sycosis, especially in the second stage, are inconsolable. They are sad, despondent, weep easily and find no peace of mind. Dr. Kent says this remedy in its mental symptoms is similar to Argentum nit., Phosphorus, Graphites, Sulphur, and we may add Tuberculinum.

Urinary Organs. Frequent urging to urinate, with cutting all along the urethral canal. Darting pain in uterus when passing flatus. Urinary sediment earthy, or violent colored.

Male Sexual Organs. Urging to urinate with pain in cord. General sensation of weakness in the organs with pain in the spermatic cord. Discharge copious, greenish-yellow, offensive and tubercular like.


Urinary Organs. Frequent, scanty urination with urging, yet he cannot empty the bladder. Urging to stool and to urinate at the same time; full feeling in the region of the bladder with urging.

Suppressed gonorrhoea with cystitis from strong drugs, such as Copaiba, Cubeba and any of the vegetable or mineral poisons. Gonorrhoea aggravated by over-eating, from rich food, wines, beer or liquors of any kind, sexual excesses or excesses of any kind. Straining and painful urging; urine passes in drops (Cantharis). Strong, acid urine after debauches, increasing at night or upon lying down. Burning and tearing in the neck while urinating, or burning about the meatus; constipation with urging to stool (Mercurius cor.).

Male Sexual Organs. Painful erections increasing in morning. Very excitable but power weak. Gonorrhoea, with burning and urging to urinate, with desire to stool. Discharges copious, mucous with swelling of the testicles. He is cross, irritable, peevish, becoming better by warmth and after breakfast or as the day proceeds. Discharges, slimy, mucous, or tenacious and purulent.

Orchitis. Left testicle hard and swollen, with drawing or tearing pain along the spermatic cord. Constipation, irritable; sleepy; drowsy when sitting or reading; dirty-brown, coated tongue; bad taste in the mouth.

Female Sexual Organs. Menses dark, profuse and scanty, quite often irregular. Constipation with urging to stool. Stool scanty, dark, often with nausea and vomiting and marked gastric disturbance.

Leucorrhoea. Fetid, staining linen yellow; weight and heaviness in the uterus with stinging and burning in the vagina. Very irritable; wishes to be alone and close to the radiator or stove; feels better when warm; feels < in the morning by cold and after eating; improves towards noon, by warmth, rest, or when not performing any mental labor.

Case 1. C.E., age 20. Gonorrhoea suppressed, with swelling of the left testicle; feels chilly all the time, decreases when warm; is constipated with loss of appetite. Patient is cross, irritable and disgusted with himself. Pain in testicle ad spermatic cord relieved by heat. Speaks in a short, snappish way to his friends. Discharge suppressed ten days. Reproduced within twenty four hours, with relief of all his symptoms.

Case 2. N.B., age 35. Swarthy complexion, dark hair and eyes. Contracted gonorrhoea two months before, had taken Copaiba, and the usual remedies given in that disease by the regular school, with injection of zinc sulphate, which suppressed the discharge within twenty four hours. One week later he had sexual intercourse with his wife, to whom he conveyed the disease, although there was no discharge to be seen for four or five days. The patient then complained of left-sided temporal headaches, was chilly all the time and had a desire, to sit near the radiator. Sleepy in the evenings, yet could not sleep at night. If he did sleep he awakened early and could not go to sleep again; was very much constipated, very irritable and cross in the morning; wished to be left alone.

No discharge since the use of the zinc. Three days later there was a slight mucous discharges from the urethra. General symptoms better. Four days later severe chordee and pain on urinating, with desire to stool, when a profuse muco-purulent gonorrhoeal discharge was established; mental symptoms first improved, then the gastro-intestinal and finally the discharge ceased.


Tearing pains on the bladder with a constant desire to urinate; desire to urinate irresistible on hearing the sound of running water; burning in the urethra before and after urinating; pain running from perineum to middle portion of the penis, or a sharp pain in the testicle awakening him at nights; discharge, jelly like or glairy mucus.


Urinary Organs. This remedy produces a severe form of nephritic colic; pain shooting down the ureter, especially the left, with violent tenesmus, accompanied with nausea and bilious vomiting. Urine passes drop by drop and only when kneeling or with head pressed against some hard substance. Dreadful pain with straining. Patient screams out with pain (Cantharis), shooting or burning pains at or in the orifice or urethra.

Male Sexual Organs. Constant ineffectual urging when urine passes in drops, burning hot in the urethra. Severe urethritis with prostatic complications. Perspiration breaks our when urinating. Discharge thick white mucus; indicated in the first and second stage of a severe spasmodic form of gonorrhoea.


Urinary Organs. Desire to urinate frequent, caused by a crawling stitch-like pain in the navicular fossa (T.F.Allen). After urination, cutting and biting. Burning in the navicular fossa when urinating; better when standing or sitting.

Male Sexual Organs. priapism without curvature of penis; voluptuous tingling in navicular fossa. Gonorrhoea with strangury and irresistible desire to urinate with crawling in the navicular fossa. Acute cystitis following the use of medicated injections in gonorrhoea (Cantharis, Nux v., Pareira brava, Medorrh.) Discharge is milky, albuminous, and sometimes yellow.


Urinary Organs. Bladder; tenesmus very great with stinging in the neck; frequent desire to urinate with sharp cutting pains in the region of the bladder; burning in the neck with chilliness; better by gentle motion, walking slowly about. The urging and straining to urinate in this remedy is similar to Nux. vom.

All the bladder symptoms are worse lying on the back; better lying upon the sides, especially the left. In Pulsatilla we have involuntary urination in women while coughing or sneezing. Like Bryonia or Causticum, the child has involuntary urination as soon as it goes to sleep (Sep). Dribbling of the urine in women (old men Carbo. Veg.)

Male Sexual Organs. Seminal emissions worse in the morning; orchitis with aching and burning in the testicles, with or without much swelling; orchitis form suppressed gonorrhoea, orchitis worse in left testicle (right Bryonia, Medorrh., Rhus., Arsenicum, and Cyclamen) Orchitis from suppressed gonorrhoea (Bryonia); from getting wet (Rhus); by medicated injection in the early stage of gonorrhoea. (Nux. Medorrh). Discharge thick, yellowish or yellowish-green. (Similar to Hepar, or Nat. sulp.) with burning and tenesmus on urinating and severe morning chordee. Gleet has also a yellowish discharge. A good remedy for rheumatism, gonorrhoeal arthritis, acute or sub-acute following suppression of gonorrhoea in the acute stage; sub-acute forms of inflammatory rheumatism, affecting the knees or ankles, after the suppression of the discharge by medicated injections or douches.

We are apt to find this remedy indicated in mild, gentle, bashful, timid, yielding disposition, who are forever craving sour things and desiring fresh air. They want open windows and out-door exercise and are worse afternoons and evenings, worse lying on left side or back with head low, in a warm close room, before and during menstruation, from eating fats or rich foods.

Better in open air, walking slowly about, or gentle exercise; (violent exercise, Sepia); similar to Tuber, in the desire for fresh air.

Case 1. Emma B., age 22, suppressed gonorrhoea in the first stage, followed by gonorrhoeal rheumatism, of left ankle joint of a sub-acute form. The leucorrhoea in the beginning was thick, milky in color, bland. There was no thirst at any time, although the fever nose as high as 102. Pain worse in the afternoon and evening; pain relieved by gentle motion by cool bathing. Tongue coated white. The patient weeps easily and craves cool air.

Case 2. Alice M., colored; suppressed gonorrhoea followed by salpingitis; a tumor the size of a small orange found in the tube, accompanied with fever, pain and much suffering. She had previously had a yellowish leucorrhoea with sharp cutting in the neck of the bladder and frequent urging to urinate, becoming worse when lying on the back or left side. Pulsatilla 50m relieved all her symptoms up to that time. I lost sight of the case after that.

Case 3. Geo. F., age 22. Gonorrhoea for three weeks; treatment by regular school. Symptoms–pain in left testicle which is very much swollen, small bubo of left side also. Discharge very scanty, milky mucus, much burning and cutting in neck of bladder or urinating; symptoms otherwise quite negative; no thirst; no appetite; works every day, but feels very tired and exhausted every afternoon after three o’clock. Tongue coated white; bad taste and no desire for water. Cured with Pulsatilla 1m.


This is a valuable remedy in the rheumatic expressions of gonorrhoea or from diseases brought on by getting wet, in patients with a sycotic constitution, whether the disease was acquired or not. Sycotic patients (men especially) suffer at every change of the weather, and at every falling barometer with stiffness of the joints, pain in the tendons or sheaths of muscles. Such patients become stiff, sore, lame and scarcely able to move, because of a severe muscular prostration that accompanies the disease. Lumbago from the least exposure from sweating or from getting too warm while at work, or from sitting in a draft. Notice how frequently these imperfectly cured patients have lumbago. Rhus has a broad field of usefulness in rheumatism caused by suppressed or hereditary Sycosis. The symptoms are aching, restlessness, uneasiness, desire to move constantly; pains relieved by motion or change of position; the relief is momentary, however, yet the patient is compelled to move.

Urinary Organs. Urging to urinate with great tenesmus and pain in the region of the prostate, this is like Nux; in severe cases there is also a desire to stool; symptoms are all better by motion; urine hot, scanty, often bloody; either complete retention or it flows very slowly.

In women we have frequent desire to urinate, which cases not day nor night and occasionally it dribbles away. This is worse in cold air or when cold, better by getting warm or from motion. Rheumatic or uric acid patients needing this remedy frequent, urgent desire, the urine is dark, scanty, becoming turbid on standing and depositing a white sediment. Urine passes in drops with straining and great suffering, Apis, Cantharis, Mercurius, or Nux); urinary difficulties with much aching, stiffness and soreness about back or kidneys.

Male Sexual Organs. Chordee with desire to urinate. Red spots size of a pin head or larger on the surface of the glans penis. (Medorrh., Thuja, Sulphur)

Orchitis from suppressed gonorrhoea with much oedema and accompanied with rheumatic symptoms; erysipelas of the sexual organs, scrotum in particular, after acute suppression, or during the gleety stage of the disease; erysipelas gleet or the suppression of the discharge.

Female Sexual Organs. Soreness of the uterus with rheumatic pains in back or limbs; aggravation before storms, in all pelvic difficulties Leucorrhoea worse after menses, in women with a rheumatic element present. Leucorrhoea, thin, dark, scanty, like dirty water, biting the pudenda. It may be thick, creamy, and acrid, accompanied with backache in the small of the back, and much burning and pruritis of the vulva, causing soreness, redness and swelling of the parts passed over (Ars).

Case 1. Erysipelas of scrotum following suppression of Sycosis in the first stage; began on left side and spread down over perineum and towards the right; temperature 103; much aching and restlessness with shooting pains in lower extremities. Burning, itching, biting, smarting in the skin. Rhus 1m cured in one week.

Case 2. Mrs. R., age 53, contracted Sycosis in the second stage from her husband who was a travelling man. Symptoms, burning, biting, smarting on urinating; urine scanty with urging; desire quick, frequent; discharge from vagina, thin, scanty, excoriating the pudendum; erythema produced wherever the discharge touches, this smarts and burns like erysipelas. Backache continuous, can scarcely rise from a sitting position, but better when she moves about; better by hot douches and from hot baths, worse during wet or stormy weather; cured with Rhus tox, given in the 1m then in the c.m. potency, followed by Sulphur c.m.


Acute or chronic gonorrhoea with burning at the root of penis when urinating. Frequent urging to urinate.


This remedy is syco-syphilitic and is indicated in old men at the close of the secondary and at the beginning of the tertiary stage. It is one of the remedies for old debauchees enfeebled by intoxicants and venereal disease.

It may follow Nux and may be compared with thuja in gonorrhoea. Symptoms-spasm of the sphincter when sitting down to urinate; relieved by standing; he tries to grasp the neck of bladder with his fingers at the close of urination. There is a severe pain or spasm at the close, which causes him to cry out. Children scream when urinating, but it is usually caused by the passage of sand or a lithic deposit from the bladder. Offensive odor from the genitals (Psorinum, Thuja); rheumatism following the suppression of the discharge (Arsenicum, Bryonia, Rhus, Dulc). Gonorrhoea checked from getting cold or wet and is followed by rheumatism. Indicated in the tertiary stage when warts, gouty nodules, and gouty pains follow a suppression in the first or second stage of gonorrhoea; moist eruptions on the genitals; headache, with pain in the back of the head the pain settles at root of nose. Adapted to dark- haired, nervo-bilious temperaments.


Suitable to tall thin women with lax, muscular fiber. She is without natural affection or sexual appetite, especially after child bearing. She is excitable, nervous and fidgety, worse when alone. The face is often freckled or has many moth patches and pigmentary spots. Gonorrhoeal discharge milky or thick greenish- yellow; discharge painless; indicated frequently at the close of the secondary stage. It has a drop of discharge of a milky or yellowish color which appears only on the morning and is generally painless.

With stricture it has the same symptoms; discharges stain the linen yellow or yellowish-brown. Frequent desire to urinate; urine milky and burns like fire (female); cutting like knives on urinating it passes involuntarily while sneezing or coughing (Bryonia Causticum) Gonorrhoeal discharge at night only in men, staining the linen yellow; painless drop; no burning on urinating; urine loaded with urates. Chronic gonorrhoea with loss of sexual power. Great weakness after coition. Urinary organs; feeling as if a drop was coming out of the bladder, constant pressure on the bladder with inclination to urinate, urine deposit a brick dust sediment, sensation as of enlargement of the bladder. Gleet, no pain, no soreness, subacute or chronic stage of the disease, with only a single drop in the morning, yellowish staining the linen. Meatus glued together in the morning; sexual organs fee weak.


A syco-syphilitic remedy useful after mercurialization; the patient is easily excited and aroused to anger. Hardness, induration and chronic enlargement of the glands. Prostate gland greatly enlarged causing frequent urging to urinate, passing it in drops with burning before and after. Impotence and complete loss of sexual power; legs and back weak with loss of mental and vital energy. Sensitive warts about the genitals; testicles atrophied, very small; periosteal pains in the long bones; worse at night.


Urinary Organs. A stopped up, clogged sensation in the male urethra; urine scalds; itching at orifice, (Sulphur); urinates very slowly, therefore has to strain, (secondary Syphilis); color, golden-yellow, (Kali carb.); infrequent scanty, slow. After chills, urine quite profuse. Urinary troubles increases at night, (Syphilis).

Male Sexual Organs. Chancres about the glans penis, quite small; lardaceous floor, everted edges; glans of a purplish color. Suppressed chancre, where the disease attacks the organism in other places. Pricking or sticking in the chancre is quite a common symptom. ( Acid nitricum) Bubo, left inguinal, small, fluctuating, purple, painful; increased by standing and at night, or from midnight until morning. Inflammation and induration of the spermatic cord.


Urinary Organs. Kidneys secrete very little urine, often none in acute febrile diseases of children. Great desire to urinate, often in acute diseases or after labor or miscarriage. Bladder- retention of urine, after great staining a few drops pass. Not painful like Cantharis, flow increased by drinking vinegar; urine discharged in drops, after straining and urging. (Cantharis Mercurius Cor. Nux. Apis.) Urinates profusely at night, while during the day it is scanty and only passed with great difficulty. Urinary suppression to reflex spinal irritation, brain or spinal disease. Urine very profuse after the delirium of this remedy. Urine often involuntary or dribbling in severe fevers or brain troubles. Temporary paralysis of the bladder sphincter; bladder empty, no urine secreted. Copious passages of pale, watery urine following acute delirium or nervous attacks.

Gonorrhoea. Great irritation of urinary passages; unusual straining and urging in order to empty bladder; flow cases often, then starts again; shuddering when urinating; urethra feels narrow, as if a band were about it; streams start freely after drinking vinegar; no power in bladder to expel urine.

Male Sexual Organs. Constantly uncovering the genitals (Hyoscyamus), a mental symptom. Temporary loss of sexual power; extreme sexual passions; onanism following or causing epilepsy; young boys are constantly handling sexual organs; cannot keep hands off them. (Coffea). Intense chordee with unendurable sexual desire. In gonorrhoea it often serves as a palliative.


Anti-psoric. Sulphur is purely an anti-psoric remedy and it is known as the king of anti-psorics. It stands at the head of remedies for Psora.

It often cures chronic disease when Syphilis and Sycosis are blended or banded with Psora, by virtue of its removing the psoric taint or separating the bond of Psora from the other miasms. The symptoms are menstruation too profuse, too early, and too long lasting. Not infrequently the menses will stop completely the fourth or fifth day and then return, and the patient will flow two or three days longer. This to me has been a very reliable symptom of Sulphur. Other remedies have it, but Sulphur has it very markedly. Chronic uterine hemorrhage, with oppression of the chest; distention of the abdomen; constipation; often a dry evening cough; burning of the hands and feet, especially while lying down on first going to bed; great restlessness and tossing about at night, with desire to uncover the feet and limbs, or to find a cool place in the bed. Hot flashes followed by a slight perspiration during menses, about, or the beginning of the climacteric period. She cannot endure a warm room, wants the room about 60 or 65 degrees during menstruation. Severe colic during menses; pains in sides; flashes of heat and feels faint.

Congestion of the blood to the heard or chest, heat on the vertex; burning on the vertex during flow. Faint gone feeling in stomach about 10 or 11 A.M., < by eating a few mouthfuls. Bleeding hemorrhoids during menses; flow profuse in the morning with severe colicky pain in the bowels. Standing increases all her sufferings, and at the close of the flow the discharge produces much itching of the pudenda and vulva. Often it excoriates the vulva and perineum; gnawing hunger; fainting spells; hands and feet cold; flashes of heat to the face, restless and sleepless nights; wakens often in the night; peevish; in great haste in doing anything; anxious and in doubt about her salvation; great dryness of the skin; itching of the eye lids, and of the whole body when in bed and covered up warm; lips very red; skin of face and body has a dirty, unwashed look. The lower extremities feel heavy; she is easily fatigued; worse ascending a height; < when standing; < from heat, bathing when at rest, at night and from changeable weather. ((>)) lying on right side, from cool air, and dry warm weather

John Henry Allen
Dr. John Henry Allen, MD (1854-1925)
J.H. Allen was a student of H.C. Allen. He was the president of the IHA in 1900. Dr. Allen taught at the Hering Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Allen died August 1, 1925
Books by John Henry Allen:
Diseases and Therapeutics of the Skin 1902
The Chronic Miasms: Psora and Pseudo Psora 1908
The Chronic Miasms: Sycosis 1908