VALERIANATE OF ZINC signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine VALERIANATE OF ZINC…


This remedy affects the cerebro-spinal system in a special and peculiar way, producing a state of the motor and sensitive nervous systems, similar to hysteria; and among the long list of remedies for hysteria, this is the most valuable.


In all diseases where the hysterical element predominates.

Excessive nervous excitability, during menstruation, with great fear and despondency.

Ovarian neuralgia, during menstruation.

Dr. Ludlam says: It seems especially adapted to the relief of the different forms of neuralgia, which are engrafted upon the hysterical constitution. For it obviously has some specific curative relation to the ovaries themselves, and through them, to the whole nervous organization of woman. It will sometimes put an end to the paroxysms at once, but its best effect is in preventing a return of it. It may be given in the third decimal trituration, and repeated from two to four times daily. If the patient has ovarian neuralgia before menstruation, she may anticipate its return, and avert the suffering by taking a few does of this remedy a day or two in advance of the period.

Hysterical spasms, that come on in the evening; patient wild, and imagines her head is glass, cannot move it for fear of its being broken; passes volumes of clear watery urine; sensation of a lump rising in the throat. Great prostration, cannot regain her strength.

Very sensitive; cries from the least cause.

This is my great stand-by for hysteria, have cured hundreds of cases with it, generally give it in the second decimal trituration. Higher triturations might do just as well, but I have been so well satisfied with the second, that the other attenuations have not been given.

William Burt
William H. Burt, MD