PLATINA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine PLATINA …


Through the cerebro-spinal system, it especially acts upon the generative organs of women, and on the spinal cord.


Very nervous spasmodic temperaments. Hysteria, with much depression of spirits.

Melancholia, in females with uterine diseases.

Much anguish; she feels as if she would lose her senses and die soon.

Anxiety, weeping, palpitation of the heart, with a numb feeling in the malar bones, as if the parts were between screws.- -RAUE.

Self exaltation and contempt for others.

The physical symptoms disappear, and the mental symptoms appear, and viceversa.

Past events trouble her.

On entering a room after a walk everything looks small; she feels large and looks down upon them.–DOUGLAS.

Sexual Organs of Women.–Excessive sexual desire, particularly in virgin females.

Voluptuous tingling in the vulva, and abdomen, with depression of spirits, anxiety, and palpitation of the heart.

Mons veneris cold and excessively sensitive to the touch, cannot bear the napkins usually applied.

Labor-pains are suspended by the very painful sensitiveness of the vagina, and external genital organs; the pains are spasmodic and excessively painful.

Menses in excess; blood dark and thick, with chilliness and sensitiveness of the vulva.

Metrorrhagia, discharge of thick, black blood.

Metrorrhagia, with sensation as if the body was growing larger every day.

Great bearing down to the genitals, with profuse menstruation.

Amenorrhoea, with painful pressure, as if the menses would appear, with pain in the small of the back.

Much threatening of the menses to come on.

Ovaritis; the pain in the region of the ovary is of a burning character, occurring in paroxysms, with stitches in the forehead, and excessive sexual desire.

Indurations of the uterus.

Albuminous leucorrhoea, only in the day time, with great sensitiveness of the vagina.

Digestive Organs.–Stool exceedingly difficult; it adheres to the rectum and anus like soft clay. This is a prominent key for Platina.

Feeling of numbness, with trembling and palpitation of the heart.

Hysterical cough, from stifling behind the upper fourth of the sternum.

Old syphilitic and sycosic affections.

This remedy is especially useful in very sensitive women, with disease of the sexual organs, complicated with many hysterical symptoms.

William Burt
William H. Burt, MD