CONIUM MACULATUM signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine CONIUM MACULATUM …


This is a special irritant to the cerebro-spinal system, more especially affecting the motor tract of the spinal cord, and glandular system.

Upon the brain according to Dr. Harley, it acts especially upon the motor centre within the cranium, and of these the corpora striata are the parts chiefly affected; its chief action is that of a paralyzer of the cranial motor centres in the first place, and secondly of the spinal centres, and not of the periphery of the motor nerves. Dr. Hughes says, it directly paralyzes the spinal cord from below upwards, killing at last by gradual asphyxia. The feet and legs become first paralyzed, and it gradually passes upwards until it reaches the chest and paralyzes the pectoral muscles, when death ensues.

Prof. Hempel says: It affects the spinal marrow antagonistically to the action of Strychnine. Conium causes prostration of the nervous power, and subsequently paralysis, whereas Strychnia causes a spasmodic excitement of the spinal marrow, and as a consequence, muscular spasm.

King says, It is supposed to effect its results by exhausting the nervous energy of the spinal cord and voluntary muscles.

It has a profound effect upon the glandular system as shown by the wasting away of the mammae. I once believed this was done by its action upon the organic nervous system, but now believe it is caused by its action on the spinal nerves, paralyzing their functional powers.

The dry hacking cough, worse on lying down, is due to its specific action upon the pneumogastric nerves. Dr. Dunham says: It alters profoundly the glandular substance, the cornea, skin, uterus and its appendages.


Adapted to the debility of old people; to diseases caused by a blow or fall, and to cancerous and scrofulous people, with tight rigid fibre.

Particularly suitable for women, with tight rigid fibres, and easily excited, as well as for those in the opposite condition.

Head.-Much troubled with vertigo, particularly when lying down, and when turning over in bed.

Dreads being alone, but avoids society.

Great concern about little things; very easily excited.

Easily intoxicated.

Digestive Organs.-Frequent sour eructations, with hardness and distension of the abdomen.

Lips and teeth have black crusts on them.

Vomiting, that looks like black coffee-grounds.

Terrible nausea and vomiting in women having scirrhosities, during pregnancy.

Stitches extending from the abdomen to the right side of the chest.

Frequent stitches in the anus between stools.

Constipation, with constant and ineffectual urging to stool, with vertigo while lying down.

Aching pain in the abdomen during pregnancy; is disturbed between twelve and three o’clock at night, by having to get up to urinate; has no affection for anybody.-J.C.M.

Much difficulty in voiding urine; it flows and stops again, then flows and stops again at each emission.

This is the most prominent symptoms of Conium.

Generative Organs of Women.-Soreness and swelling of the breasts preceding menstruation.

Great soreness of the breasts preceding menstruation, aggravated by the least jar or walking, is a sure key note for Conium.

Induration of the breasts; hard as a stone.

All cases of indurations from injuries.

Shrivelling of the mammae, with increased sexual desire.- The breasts swell, become hard and painful before the menses, when her hysterical symptoms increase greatly; the vertigo when lying down becomes very severe.

Induration and enlargement of the ovary.

Dysmenorrhoea, with aching pains about the heart.

Menses wanting.

Burning, sore, aching pain in the region of the uterus.

Rigidity of the os uteri.

Stinging pains in the necks of the uterus, with induration and scirrhosities.

Acrid, corrosive leucorrhoea.

During the menses has stinging pains in the neck of the uterus, and vertigo while lying down.

Prolapsus uteri, complicated with induration, ulceration and profuse leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea of a white, acrid mucus, causing a burning or smarting sensation.

Violent itching of the vulva, followed by pressing down of the uterus-G.; with suppressed menses, and vertigo.

Eruptions on the vulva, with violent stitches through it.

Men.-Induration of the testicles.

Chest.-The nocturnal, hard, dry spasmodic cough, excited by itching and tickling in the chest, this is a trump card.

Hacking, almost continued cough; worse at night, when lying down.

Spasmodic, dry, teasing cough, worse in the evening and at night, greatly fatiguing the patient, in sub-acute bronchitis.- DR. DUNHAM.

Generalities.-Bruises and shocks in the spine.

Pulse very irregular in fevers.

Petechia in old people.

Yellow skin, with want of action.

Symptoms worse at night; and especially when lying down.

The dizziness is sure to come on when lying down.

Better form motion, especially walking.

Depression of the muscular motility, which is increased by rest, and relieved by motion.

William Burt
William H. Burt, MD
Characteristic materia medica Published 1873
Physiological materia medica, containing all that is known of the physiological action of our remedies; together with their characteristic indications and pharmacology. Published 1881