ALOES signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine ALOES…


Through the cerebro-spinal nervous system it especially acts upon the liver, producing great portal congestion. The muscular portion of the large intestines is especially acted upon.

From the portal congestion the generative organs of women are especially congested by aloes.

Also the skin has quite an attraction for the action of aloes.

Digestive Organs.–The. grand centre of aloes is chiefly centered upon the rectum.

Violent tenesmus, with stools of bloody water; great faintness during and after each stool.

The patient has frequent calls to stool, which pass away in gobs either large or small, in consistence like the jelly-fish, usually dark in color, but sometimes quite colorless.

Sharp pains in the bowels, with large quantities of flatus with the stool; when passing wind, often has a stool.

Stools is consistence like jelly-cakes; a quantity of clear jelly-like substance, which may be green or white, adheres like congealed mucus.

Sense of insecurity in the bowels, as if diarrhoea might occur at any time.-.

Diarrhoea with want of confidence in the sphincter ani. The rectum seems full of fluid, which feels heavy as if it would fall out.-.N.M.

Morning diarrhoea; every summer for ten years while dressing she is seized with colic in the umbilical region; nausea, chilliness, followed by a sudden and irresistible desire for stool, can hardly get to the water closet, before a dark almost black, offensive and liquid stool passes off; usually the nausea and colic are not wholly relieved until the second stool. Aloes 3rd cured in two days.–W.S. Searle, M.D.

Dysentery, stools frequent and extremely painful, with burning tenesmus at the extremity of the rectum.–A.E. SMALL, M.D.

Fistula in ano; it never has disappointed me.–Dr. BOYD.

Diarrhoea at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.-.N.M.

Diarrhoea, pain, and soreness, and burning in the rectum; stools copious and watery, with much flatus; great exhaustion and faintness after stool; at 2 or 3 a.m. every morning is driven out of bed for stool.

Hemorrhoidal congestions; the hemorrhoids bleed often and profusely: protrude like grapes.

Generative Organs.–Fullness and heaviness in the region of the uterus.

Pressing down in the rectum during the catamenia.__G.

Profuse menstruation.

Experience has shown that this drug is among the most efficient agents for exciting the uterine vessels, and directing the afflux of blood to them, and deserves to be accounted the best remedy we possess against those protracted, exhausting and obstinate hemorrhages from the uterus, which occur in females of nervous, relaxed, and phlegmatic habits, about the critical period of life.–EBERLE.


Head.–Dull, heavy headache, with congestion of the liver.

A peculiar, heavy, dull pressing pain in the forehead, of no great severity, but which indisposes to, or even incapacitates for all exertion, especially for intellectual labor.–Dr. P.P.


Falling out of the hair in adults.–TESTE.

Aggravated early in the morning, or in the evening, or from sedentary habits.

Ameliorated from the use of cold water, and from the discharge of flatus.

William Burt
William H. Burt, MD
Characteristic materia medica Published 1873
Physiological materia medica, containing all that is known of the physiological action of our remedies; together with their characteristic indications and pharmacology. Published 1881