J.h.Clarke in his book Catarrh,cold and grippe described how troublesome is simple cold, it has variety of symptoms and Homeopathy offers many medicines for each type of cold….

Cold catching

There are innumerable ways to catch cold, some people catches so early when others are not able to feel this slight change in temperature. Homeopathic medicine differ on the basis of sensitivity of the patient to catch cold….


J.H.Clarke in his book Catarrh,cold and grippe described the various methods of preventing cold in vulnerable state….


Curing a cold with Homeopathy is needs proficiency of a physician in all little things while taking a case and deciding a remedy.j.H.Clarke gave the guidelines to physicians for correct homeopathic prescription….


Important Homeopathic medicines have been describe with their particular indication for Acute stage of colds by J.H.Clarke in his book catarrh,cold and grippe.


J.H.Clarke in his book on Catarrh , cold and grippe discussed the chief remedies for chronic colds which are Hydrastis, Calc, carb., Natrum mur., Dulcamara, Mercurius, Sulphur….


Nasal Polyps are one of main consequences occure after chronic irritation of the nasal mucous membrane . J.H.Clarke discussed important Homeopathic medicines for the condition. This includes Calcarea carb., Thuja ,Nitric acid, Sanguinaria, Phosphorous, and Teucrium….


Hayfever-In summers when the grass is in flower, a number of people become affect with violent irritation of the nasal mucous membrane, accompanied with more or less constitutional symptoms, prostration and fever, with catarrh, oppression of the breathing.This condition lasts throughout the summer whenever the individual comes in contact with effluvia of hay. J.H.Clarke gave the Homeopathic approach for this condition…


J.H.Clarke described various types of influenza and distinguish it from grippe and all sorts of oter influenza in his book Catarrh, cold and grippe….


Treatment of influenza is as various as it’s variety of symptoms. Homeopathy has some preventive medicines like Arsenicum Album has important role in prevention. J.H.Clarke gave a list of homeopathic medicines used for influenza….