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Fibrosis, Fibroids and Adenomata

Fibrosis, Fibroids and Adenomata


LIKE cancer growths and cysts, fibroids and adenomata are the effects of causes. What the causes of cancer and cystic growths are, has already been considered on the results of chemical and clinical investigations. Caustic mineral salts formed by hydrolysis of deposited mineral carbonate give rise to cancer growth evolution and proliferation; cysts are receptacles into which the body deposits mineral carbonates to remove them from harm’s way; fibroids or the continuous proliferation of fibroid tissue mainly in the uterine wall is due to what? Again, as with cancer growths and cysts, the only avenue of ingress of a continuous cause necessary to bring about the fibroid effect is the blood and tissue fluids. Therefore the fibroid cause is blood borne and can only give rise to the fibroid effect when it is deposited, and for continuous effect this deposition must be continuous. Only by blood analysis in fibroid cases can the question as to their cause be answered. What abnormal condition of the blood plasma is invariably associated with the local presence of fibroids in the uterus?.

Research investigation again reveals the excess of blood carbonates and the deficiency of the acid buffer radicals of free chlorine and phosphorus. The question of fibroid causation is brought into direct association with the causes which give rise to cysts and cancer growths. Carbonates, in excess in the blood plasma through deficiency of free chlorine and phosphorus and the sodium habit of civilization, when deposited in serous lined spaces give rise to cysts; when deposited in tissues where hydrolysis occurs, are converted into caustic mineral salts and give rise to cancer growths, but when deposited in such tissues as the musculature of the uterine wall where hydrolysis does not occur, the mineral carbonates act purely as foreign agents giving rise to continuous fibrosis., or fibroid growths. A microscopic examination of these fibroids reveals a circular fibrosis round a central axis. This condition is exactly that which would be produced by continuous deposition from lymph spaces. The first fibrosis is that which constitutes the fibroid centre and as the fibroid grows in size the site of lymphatic deposition becomes more and more removed from this central or primal deposition site. The increasing pressure of the enlarging fibroid on the contiguous tissues brings about the lymph stasis which is requisite for and is followed by deposition from the lymph stream. Pressure and lymph stasis, however, will not cause deposition and its sequela- fibrosis, unless there is contained continuously in the lymph stream the agent whose continuous deposition causes continuous fibrosis or fibroid formation. In no way other than this concentric lymph stasis and deposition can the concentric fibroid formation be explained. And from a chemical analysis of the blood fluid of victim of fibroids the only substances present continuously whose continuous deposition will cause fibroids are mineral carbonates.

Cancer growths, cysts and fibroid growths are all manifestations of what? Of the universal sodium habit of mankind. Without the presence of excessive blood carbonates none of these pathologies are possible, because without the blood carbonates, deposition cannot occur to cause fibroids or cysts and the possibility of caustic mineral formation and its cancerous sequela is removed.

To remove surgically a fibroid growth without paying any attention to its basic blood carbonate cause is not scientific and, moreover, is dangerous, why? Nature has deposited the excessive blood carbonates to remove a danger. Cysts and fibroids result and may be serious from their pressure and hemorrhagic complications, but these dangers are small compared with the result which so often follows the surgical removal of nature’s protective measures namely the deposition in another body localization of the blood carbonates, still maintained in excess in the blood plasma by continuance of the “sodium” habit and without a safe receptacle for their lodgment, and in these new deposition sites the carbonates undergo hydrolysis to caustics and the dread sequela of cancer growth results.

These sequelae fibroids, cysts and cancer growths of the sodium habit of civilized mankind are proven facts, not theories. They rest on scientific investigations easily corroborated. They are the inevitable sequelae of the sodium habit, which must bring about excessive blood carbonates., which when deposited in serous sacs must give rise to the formation of ovarian, hydrocele, thyroid, renal and other types of cyst formations, which when deposited in such tissues as those of the uterine wall must give rise to concentric fibrosis or fibroids, and when deposited in tissues where the carbonates undergo hydrolysis, must result in the formation of caustic mineral salts with their sequelae of burning ulceration, cancer cell evolution, proliferation and malignant growths.

Cysts are protective reservoirs, fibroids and fibrosis are protective tissue reactions to protective carbonate deposition, even cancer cell evolution and growths are the protective outcome of the demands of the body for protective acid radicals, buffer or protective salts when the normal buffer or protective salts have been rendered deficient by prolonged continuous ingestion of mineral salts, mainly the salts of sodium, which from time immemorial man has ingested mainly as common salt (NaCl), but with the habits of civilization he has added in ever increasing quantities the sodium salts with which he cooks and preserves his food.

Through his alimentary and respiratory tracts, civilized mankind pours and inhales in ever increasing quantities mineral salts which must give rise to fibrosis, cyst formations or cancer. Every action must have its resultant, and the resultant of the sodium habit is inevitable pathology. Between the fibroma and the cancer growth is the adenoma the so- called benign growth. What is its cause, because like the fibroma and the cancer growth, it must have a cause? It is not merely fibrosis, nor is it the evolution from local cells of cells with new metabolic and other characteristics with which the cancer cells are endowed. The adenomata are localized proliferations of cells which retain the characteristics of those from which they arise. Again the cause of these adenomatous new growths must be blood borne because the blood and tissue fluids are the only sources or avenues of ingress to the tissues in which adenomata occur. Again the same blood carbonate chemistry occurs when these adenomata are present. Cysts, fibroma, and even cancer growth are essentially protective in their essential formation, at the dictates of this abnormal carbonate blood chemistry. Are adenomata also local protective measures designed by nature to protect the body against its abnormal blood carbonate chemistry? Only by a study of the metabolism of these growths and a knowledge of the product of the metabolism of their cells can this question be answered. Unlike the metabolism of cancer cells the metabolism of these adenomatous cells has not been investigated. The metabolic product of cancer cells lactic acid produced by the glycolysis of glucose has been amply prove. The contents of cysts have been examined and their carbonate nature proved: the fibrosis from carbonate deposition is readily proven, it is therefore not mere supposition to believe that on investigation the metabolism of adenomata will also prove to end in the production of an agent to protect the body against what? the ever increasing blood carbonates, continuously being, added to by the sodium habit of civilized mankind.

The writer has not had the opportunity amply to verify this viewpoint of the cause and purpose of these so-called benign growths the adenomata.

It is sufficient here to say that surgical ablation of these adenomata, although proven not to lead to recurrence, is neither logical nor scientific when it is fully realized that their causation must necessarily be blood borne, this cause must be continuously in the blood to produce continuous adenomatous growths as their effect and the removal of the effect without attempting to remove their cause from its blood borne source, defeats a protective objective of nature the manifestation of which objective is the adenoma itself.