Anemia [with]
Ferrum, Gloninum, Graphites
Backache, anxiety, despondency, sallow face [with] — Acid nitricum
Chronic gastritis [with] — Alumina, Atrop., Bism., Lycopodium
Chronic ulcer [with] — Argentum nitricum
Constipation [with] — Bryonia, Graphites, Nux v., Physost., Plumb.


To sides, then to back [with] — Cochlear.
To shoulders — Niccol.

Gout — Colch, Urt.
Hysteria — Asafoetida, Ignatia, Platina
Lactation — Carbo vegetabilis, Cinchona
Menses — Argentum nitricum, Cocc.
Nervous depression — Argentum nitricum, Gaulth., Nux v.
Pain in throat and spine alternately — Paraf.
Pregnancy — Petrol.
Recurrence — Graphites
Uterine disorder — Borax

Sickening pain — Ostrya.




Night, At — Anac, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Chamomilla, Cocc., Ignatia, Kali bich.
Beer, from — Baptisia, Kali bich.
Bending forward, from — Kal.
Coffee, from — Cantharis, Chamomilla, Nux v., Acid oxalicum
Empty stomach, fromAnacardium, Cina, Hydroc. ac., Petrol.
Food, fromArgentum nitricum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Ignatia, Kali bich., Nux v.


Warm — Barayta carbonica

Jar — Aloe, Belladonna, Bryonia
Nursing — Aethusa
Pressure — Argentum nitricum, Calcarea c., Cochlear., Ignatia
Touch — Belladonna, Ignatia, Nux v., Acid oxalicum
Walking, descending stairs — Bryonia
Water, cold — Calcarea c.
WormsCina, Granat.



Bending backward, standing erect, from — Belladonna, Diosc.
Drinks, from


Cold — Bism.
Warm — Graphites, Verbascum v.

Eating, fromAnacardium, Bromium, Calcarea p., Chelidonium, Graphites, Hepar, Homar., Hydroc. ac., Ignatia, Iodium, Kreosotum, Lachesis, Natrum mur., Petrol., Pulsatilla, Sepia
Ice cream, from — Phosphorus
Pressure, from — Bryonia, Fluor ac., Plumb.
Sitting erect, from — Kal.
Vomiting, from — Hyoscyamus, Plumb. m.



Constriction — Can. ind., Cinchona, Hepar, Nux v., Phosphorus, Ornithog., Silicea

Induration — Bism., Condur., Graphites, Phosphorus, Sepia, Strych. p.

Pain (See Constriction.) — Cantharis, Cepa, Hepar, Lycopodium, Mercurius, Ornithog., Tussil., Uran.



Anxiety — Arsenicum, Kali carb., Acid nitricum, Phosphorus, Verbascum a.

As if stomach were


Full of dry food — Caladium
Pressed against spine — Arnica
Swimming in water — Abrotanum

Burning heat — Abies c., Acet. ac., Aconite, Agaricus, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Bism., Calopt., Cantharis, Carbolicum acidum, Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Colchicum, Colocynthis, Ferrum m., Glycerin, Graphites, Hepar, Iris, Lact. ac., Mercurius c., Natrum mur., Phosphorus, Sanguinaria, Sepia, Sul., Terebintha

Coldness — Abrotanum, Bovista, Calcarea c., Calcarea sil., Camph., Cinchona, Colchicum, Elaps, Hippom, Kali carb., Kreosotum, Menyanth., Ol. an., Acid oxalicum, Pyrus, Sabad., Sul ac., Tabacum, Verbascum a.

Distended, drumlike, tightness, clothing intolerableAbies c., Absinth., Agaricus, Ambra, Anacardium, Antim crud., Apocynum, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Asafoetida, But. ac., Cajup., Calcarea c., Calcarea fl., Calcarea iod., Calcarea p., Caps., Carbolicum acidum, Carbo vegetabilis, Chamomilla, Chelidonium, Cinchona, Cocc., Colchicum, Diosc., Euonym., Fel tauri, Ferrum m., Graphites, Gratiola, Ignatia, Kali carb., Lachesis, Lecith., Lobelia infl., Lycopodium, Mercurius c., Mosch., Nat. cholein, Natrum mur., Acid nitricum, Nux moschata, Nux v., Ornithog., Pop. tr., Pulsatilla, Sul.



Faint, sinking, ‘all gone’ feelingAbies c., Anacardium, Apocynum, Asafoetida, Baptisia, Baryta mur., Caps., Carbo animalis, Carbo vegetabilis, Cim., Cocc., Digitalis, Diosc., Gelsemium, Graphites, Hydrastis, Hydroc. ac., Ignatia, Kali carb., Kali phos., Lac caninum, Latrod., Lobelia infl., Lycopodium, Mercurius s., Morph., Murex, Ornithog., Petrol., Phosphorus, Ptelea trifoliata, Pulsatilla, Radium, Sanguinaria, Sepia, Stann., Sul., Tabacum, Tellur., Thea, Thuja, Trill., Vib. op.
Aggr. 11 A.M., unable to wait for lunchSul., Zincum met. m.
Relieved by eatingAnacardium, Chelidonium, Iodium, Natrum carb., Murex, Phosphorus, Sepia, Sul.
Relieved by lying down, wine — Sepia

Heaviness, Pressure, as from stone or lumpAbies n., Aconite, Argentum nitricum, Arnica, Arsenicum, Bism., Bryonia, Calcarea c., Carbo vegetabilis, Chamomilla, Cinchona, Colchicum, Digitalis, Ferrum m., Graphites, Kali bich., Kali carb., Lobelia infl., Lycopodium, Nux v., Passifl., Phosphorus, Piloc., Pulsatilla, Robin., Sanguinaria, Sepia, Spigelia, Sul., Xerophyl., Zing.

Pulsations, throbbingArgentum nitricum, Asafoetida, Cact., Cicuta, Crot., Eucal., Hydrastis, Iodium, Kali carb., Kali iod., Lachesis, Natrum mur., Oleand., Pulsatilla, Rheum.

Relaxed, hanging down feeling — Agaricus, Hydrastis, Ignatia, Ipecac., Staphysagria, Acid sulphuricum, Tabacum

Tenderness, to contact, Pressure, jarsApis, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Bovista, Bryonia, Calcarea c., Calcarea iod., Cantharis, Carbo vegetabilis, Card. m., Cinchona, Colchicum, Digitalis, Kali bich., Kali carb., Lachesis, Lecith., Lycopodium, Mercurius c., Mercurius s., Natrum carb., Natrum mur., Nux moschata, Nux v., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Silicea, Spigelia, Stann., Sul.

Trembling — Argentum nitricum, Crot.

Softening (gastromalacia) — Calcarea c., Kreosotum, Mercurius d.

THIRSTAcid aceticum, Aconite, Alfal., Antim crud., Antim tart., Apocynum, Arnica, Arsenicum, Arsenicum iod., Belladonna, Berberis v., Bism., Bryonia, Camph., Cantharis, Caps., Chamomilla, China ars., Cinchona, Cocc., Colchicum, Crot., Cuprum ars., Dulcamara, Eup. perf., Helleb., Helonias, Ichth., Indol, Iodium, Kali br., Lact. ac., Laur., Lecith., Magnesia carb., Magnesium phos., Medorrhinum, Mercurius c., Mercurius, Morph., Natrum mur., Nux v., Opium, Petros., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Podophyllum, Rhus ar., Rhus t., Sanguinaria, Scilla, Secale, Sepia, Stramonium, Sul., Terebintha, Thuja, Uran. n., Verbascum a., Verbascum v.


Constant sipping of cold waterAconite, Antim tart., Arsenicum, Hyoscyamus, Onosm., Sanicula

Drinks seldom, but muchBryonia, Helleb., Prod., Sul., Verbascum a.

ThirstlessnessAethusa, Antim tart., Apis, Berberis v., Cinchona, Coffea, Cyclamen, Gelsemium, Helleb., Menyanth., Nux moschata, Pulsatilla, Sabad., Sarsaparilla

ULCERArgentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Atrop., Belladonna, Bism., Calcarea ars., Condur., Crot., Ferrum acet., Geran., Graphites, Grindelia, Hamamelis, Hydrastis, Iodium, Ipecac., Kali bich., Kali iod., Kreosotum, Lycopodium, Mercurius c., Mercurius, Opium, Ornithog., Petrol., Phosphorus, Plumb. ac., Ratanh., Sinap. a., Symphyt., Uran.

VOMITING, retching — Abrotanum, Aconite, Aethusa, Agaricus phal., Alumen, Amyg. pers., Antim crud., Antim tart., Apocynum, Apomorph., Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Atrop., Belladonna, Bism., Borax, Bryonia, Cadm. s., Calcarea c., Calcarea m., Camph. monobr., Can. ind., Cantharis, Caps., Carbolicum acidum, Card. m., Cascarilla, Cerium, Chamomilla, Chelidonium, Cinchona, Cocc., Colchicum, Cuprum ac., Cuprum ars., Cuprum m., Drosera, Eup. perf., Ferrum m., Ferrum mur., Ferrum p., Gaulth, Geran., Granat., Graphites, Iodium, Ipecac., Iris, Jatropha., Kali bich., Kali ox., Kreosotum, Lachesis, Lact. ac., Lobelia infl., Mag. c., Mercurius c., Morph., Natrum mur., Nat. p., Nux v., Opium, Petrol., Phosphorus, Pix l., Plumb., Pulsatilla, Ricin. com., Sanguinaria, Sarcol. ac., Sepia, Stann., Strych. et. ferr cit., Symphor., Tabacum, Uran., Val., Verbascum a., Xerophyl., Zincum met.




Nursing mother, affecting milk [in] — Val.
Indignation [with] — Chamomilla, Colocynthis, Staphysagria

Beer — Cuprum, Ipecac., Kali bich.
Bowels impacted — Opium, Plumb., Pyrogen
Cancer (hepatic, gastric, uterine) — Carb. ac., Kreosotum
Cerebral — Apomorph., Belladonna, Gloninum, Plumb. m.
Clearing throat of mucus in morning — Bryonia, Euphras.
Climacteric — Aquil.
Closing eyes — Theridion
Cyclic, in infants — Cuprum ars., Ingluv., iris, Kreosotum, Mercurius d.


Cold, can only retain hot drinks — Apocynum, Arsenicum, Arsenicum iod., Caladium, Cascar., Chelidonium, Verbascum a.
Of any kind — Aconite, Apocynum, Antim tart., Arsenicum, Bism., Cantharis, Dulcamara, Eup. perf., Ipecac., Sanicula, Silicea, Verbascum a.
WarmBryonia, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Pyrogen, Sanicula

Drunkards in morning — Antim tart., Arsenicum, Carbolicum acidum, Cuprum ars., Cuprum m., Ipecac., Lobelia infl., Nux v.
Eating, drinking — Acid aceticum, Antim crud., Antim tart., Arsenicum, Bism., Bryonia, Calcarea mur., Cina, Colchicum, Crot., Ferrum m., Ferrum p., Hyoscyamus, Iodium, Ipecac., Lycopodium, Nux v., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Verbascum a., Verbascum v.
Eruptions repercussed — Cuprum m.
Gastric irritation — Antim crud., Arsenicum, Bism., Ferrum m., Ipecac., Nux v., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Verbascum a.
HystericalAquil., Ignatia, Kreosotum, Platina, Val.
Lying on


Any side, except right — Antim tart.
Right side or back — Crot.

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