HYSTERIA — Aconite, Agn., Ambra, Am. val., Apis, Aquil., Asafoetida, Aster., Belladonna, Cact., Cajup., Camph. monobr., Can. ind., Castor., Caulophyllum, Chamomilla, Cim., Cocc., Conium, Croc., Eup. ar., Gelsemium, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Kali phos., Lilium t., Magnesia muriatica, Mosch., Mygale, Nux moschata, Orig., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Platina, Poth., Pulsatilla, Scutel., Senec., Sepia, Stramonium, Strych. p., Sumb., Tar. h., Theridion, Val., Zincum met. v.



Fancies, hallucinations, illusions: Acute vivid (See Hallucinations.) — Absinth., Aconite, Agaricus, Ambra, Belladonna, Can. ind., Dub., Hyoscyamus, Kali carb., Lachesis, Opium, Rhus t., Scopal., Stramonium, Sul., Verbascum a.

Away from home, must get thereBryonia, Calcarea p., Cim., Hyoscyamus, Opium

Bed occupied by another person — Petrol.

Bed sinking — Baptisia, Belladonna, Benz., Kali carb.

Bed too hardArnica, Baptisia, Bryonia, Morph., Pyrogen, Ruta.

Abused or criticized, beingBarayta carbonica, Cocaine, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Pallad., Staphysagria

Assassinated, being — Absinth., Kali br., Plumb. m.

Broken in fragments, scattered about, beingBaptisia, Daph., Petrol., Phosphorus, Stramonium

Crushed by houses, being — Argentum nitricum

Dead, being — Apis, Lachesis, Mosch., Opium

Demon, curses, swears, being — Anacardium

Doomed, lost to salvation, being — Aconite, Arsenicum, Aurum, Cyclamen, Lachesis, Lilium t., Lycopodium, Meli., Opium, Platina, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Stramonium, Sul., Verbascum a.

Double, (dual personality), beingAnacardium, Baptisia, Can. ind., Petrol., Stramonium, Thuja., Val.

Enveloped in dark cloud, world black and sinister, being — Argentum nitricum, Cim., Lac caninum, Pulsatilla

Frightened by a mouse running from under a chair, beingAethusa, Cim., Lac caninum

Guilty of some committed crime, being — Arsenicum, Cina., Cyclamen, Ignatia, Nux v., Ruta, Staphysagria, Verbascum a., Zincum met. m.

Hollow in organs, beingCocc., Oxytr.

In strange surroundings, beingCicuta, Hyoscyamus, Platina, Tuberculinum

Light, spirit-like, hovering in the air, beingAsarum europaeum, Dat. arb., Hypericum, Lac caninum, Latrod. has., Nat. ars., Opium, Rhus gl., Sticta, Val.

Made of glass, wood, etc., being — Eupion, Rhus r., Thuja.

Occupied about business, beingBryonia, Opium

Persecuted by his enemies, beingAnacardium, Cinchona, Cocaine, Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Lachesis, Nux v., Plumb. m., Rhus t., Stramonium

Poisoned, beingHyoscyamus, Lachesis, Rhus t., Verbascum v.

Possessed of two wills, beingAnacardium, Lachesis

Possessed of brain in stomach, being — Aconite

Possessed of two noses, being — Mercurius per.

Pregnant, or something alive in the abdomen, beingCroc., Cyclamen, Opium, Sabad., Sul., Thuja, Verbascum a.

Pursued, beingAnacardium, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium

Separated body and soul, beingAnacardium, Acid nitricum, Thuja.

Swollen, being — Aconite, Aranea, Argentum nitricum, Asafoetida, Baptisia, Bovista, Can. ind., Gloninum, Opium, Platina

Under superhuman control, beingAnacardium, Lachesis, Opium, Platina, Thuja.

Very sick, being — Arsenicum, Podophyllum, Sabad.

Very wealthy, being — Phosphorus, Platina, Pyrogen, Sul., Verbascum a.

Dimensions of things


Larger — Aconite, Agaricus, Argentum nitricum, Atrop., Bovista, Can. ind., Gelsemium, Gloninum, Hyoscyamus, Opium, Paris.
Reversed — Camph. monobr.
Smaller — Platina

Duration of time and space lost or confused — Anhal., Can. ind., Cicuta, Gloninum, Lachesis

Duration of time changed


Passes too rapidlyCocc., Theridion
Passes too slowlyAlumina, Ambra, Anhal., Argentum nitricum, Can. ind., Medorrhinum, Nux moschata, Nux v.

HallucinationsAbsinth., Agaricus, Ambra., Anacardium, Anhal., Antipyr., Arsenicum, Atrop., Belladonna, Can. ind., Cantn., Chamomilla, Chloral, Cim., Cocaine., Crot. casc., Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Lachesis, Nat. sal., Nux v., Opium, Phosphorus, Stramonium, Sul., Thea, Trion., Zincum met. mur.

Auditory (bells, music, voices) — Agaricus, Anacardium, Antipyr., Arsenicum, Belladonna, Can. ind., Carbon. s., Chamomilla, Cocaine., Elaps, Mercurius, Naja, Nat. p., Pulsatilla, Stramonium, Thea.
OlfactoryAgn., Anacardium, Arsenicum, Euphrasia amy., Opium, Paris, Pulsatilla, Zincum met. mur.
Tactile — Anacardium, Cantharis, Opium, Stramonium
Visual (animals, bugs, faces)Absinth., Agaricus, Ambra, Anhal., Antipyr., Arsenicum, Atrop., Belladonna, Calcarea c., Can. ind., Cim., Cocaine., Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Lachesis, Morph., Nat. sal., Opium, Pastin., Phosphorus, Platina, Pulsatilla, Sant., Stramonium, Sul., Val., Verbascum a.

INSANITY (See Mania, Melancholia, Dementia).

LOQUACITYAgaricus, Ambra, Belladonna, Can. ind., Cim., Cocaine, Eug. j., Hyoscyamus, Lachesis, Opium, Pastin., Physal., Stramonium, Tar. h., Val., Verbascum a.

MANIA — Absinth., Aconite, Agaricus, Anacardium, Arnica, Arsenicum, Atrop., Baptisia, Belladonna, Bryonia, Can. ind., Cantharis, Chloral., Cim., Cinchona, Croc., Crot. casc., Cuprum ac., Cuprum m., Gloninum, Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Lachesis, Laur., Lilium t., Lycopodium, Mercurius, Natrum mur., Nux v., Opium, Orig., Passifl., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Piscidia., Platina, Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Secale, Solan. n., Spigelia mar., Spongia, Sul. hydr., Sul., Siram., Tar. h., Ustilago, Verbascum a., Verbascum v.

Erotomania (nymphomania, satyriasis) — Ambra., Apis, Baryta m., Calcarea p., Can. ind., Cantharis, Ferrula gl., Ginseng., Gratiola, Hyoscyamus, Lilium t., Mancin., Murex., Orig., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Platina, Robin., Salix n., Stramonium, Tar. h., Verbascum a.

Lypemania — Arsenicum, Aurum, Causticum, Cicuta, Ignatia, Nux v., Pulsatilla

Monomania (kleptomania, etc.)Absinth., Cicuta, Hyoscyamus, Oxytr., Platina, Tar. h.

Puerperal — Agn., Belladonna, Cim., Hyoscyamus, Platina, Secale, Senec., Stramonium, Verbascum a., Verbascum v.

MELANCHOLIA — Aconite, Agn., Alumina, Anacardium, Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum, Aurum, Baptisia, Belladonna, Cact., Calcarea c., Camph., Causticum, Cim., Cinchona, Coca, Coffea, Conium, Cyclamen, Digitalis, Ferrum m., Gelsemium, Helleb., Helonias, Ignatia, Iodium, Kali br., Lac caninum, Lachesis, Lilium t., Lycopodium, Mercurius, Natrum mur., Nux moschata, Nux v., Opium, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Platina, Plumb. ac., Plumb m., Podophyllum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silicea, Solan. c., Stramonium, Sul., Tar. h., Thuja, Verbascum a., Verbascum v., Zincum met. m.

Puberty — Antim crud., Helleb., Mancin., Natrum mur.

Puerperal — Agn., Belladonna, Cim., Natrum mur., Platina, Verbascum v.

Religious — Arsenicum, Aurum m., Aurum mur., Kali br., Lilium t., Meli., Plumb., Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Stramonium, Sul., Verbascum a.

Sexual — Agn., Aurum, Cim., Conium, Lilium t., Nux v., Picr. ac., Platina, Sepia



Forgetful, weak or lost — Absinth., Aconite, Aethusa, Agn., Alumina, Ambra., Anacardium, Anhal., Argentum nitricum, Arnica, Aurum, Azar., Barayta carbonica, Caladium, Calcarea c., Calcarea p., Camph., Can ind., Carbo vegetabilis, Cocc., Conium, Glycerin, Ichthy., Kali br., Kali carb., Kali phos., Lac caninum, Lachesis, Lecith., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Mercurius, Natrum carb., Natrum mur., Acid nitricum, Nux moschata, Nux v., Oleand., Opium, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Plumb. m., Rhododendron, Rhus t., Selenium, Sepia, Silicea, Sul., Syphilinum, Tellur., Thyr., Zincum met. m., Zincum met. p., Zincum met. picr.

Familiar streets [cannot remember] — Can. ind., Gloninum, Lachesis, Nux moschata
Names [cannot remember]Anacardium, Baryta ac., Chlorum, Euonym., Guaiac., Hepar, Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Sul., Syphilinum, Xerophyl.
Right words (amnesic aphasia, paraphasia) [cannot remember] — Agaricus, Alumina, Anacardium, Arag., Argentum n., Arnica, Calcarea c., Calcarea p., Can. ind., Chamomilla, Cinchona, Diosc., Dulcamara, Kali br., Lac caninum, Lilium t., Lycopodium, Nux moschata, Phosphorus ac., Plumb. m., Sumb., Xerophyl.

Difficulty or inability of fixing attentionAethusa, Agaricus, Agn., Aloe, Alumina, Anacardium, Apis, Arag., Argn. n., Baptisia, Barayta carbonica, Can. ind., Causticum, Conium, Fagop., Gelsemium, Gloninum, Glycerin, Helleb., Ichthy., Indol, Irid., Lac caninum, Lycopodium, Opium, Natrum carb., Nux moschata, Nux v., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Pituit., Sepia, Silicea, Staphysagria, Sul., Syphilinum, Xerophyl., Zincum met. m.

Omits letters, words — Benz. ac., Cereus serp., Chamomilla, Kali br., Lac caninum, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Meli., Nux moschata, Nux v.



Rapid — Anacardium, Belladonna, Can. ind., Cim., Cinchona, Coffea, Ignatia, Lac caninum, Lachesis, Physost.
Slow — Agn., Caps., Carbo vegetabilis, Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Nux moschata, Opium, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Plumb., Secale, Thuja.
Vanish while reading, talking, writingAnacardium, Asarum europaeum, Camph., Can. ind., Lachesis, Lycopodium, Nux moschata, Picr. ac., Staphysagria
Unable to think — Abies n., Aethusa, Alumina, Anacardium, Argentum nitricum, Aurum m., Baptisia, Calcarea c., Can. ind., Caps., Conium, Digitalis, Gelsemium, Glycerin, Kali phos., Lycopodium, Natrum carb., Natrum mur., Nux moschata, Nux v., Oleand., Petrol., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Rhus t., Sepia, Silicea, Zincum met. m.

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