Hippocrates and Hahnemann

Hahnemann is philosopher as well as artist; no less practical than Hippocrates, he goes down into the reasons of things in a way it was not possible for Hippocrates to do….

Analysis of the Organon

From this rapid sketch of the contents of the Organon, you will be able to see that for scope, profundity, originality, and and practicability, the world has never seen the like. There is absolutely nothing to compare with it. The little systems of other men have had their day, and ceased to be: Hahnemann;’s is built on eternal foundations….


A few passages from the Introduction of Organon which will show you Hahnemann estimate of certain doctrines and methods which are not by any means extinct to-day, and also his his estimate of the Vis medicatrix nature….


A fourth mode of employing medicines in diseases has been attempted to be created by means of Isopathy, as it is called- that is to say, a method of curing a given disease by the same contagious principle that produces it. …