Homeopathic Principles

Basic principles of homeopathy; law of similia, concept of drug disease and natural disease, Potentisation, drug- proving on healthy person, docterine of hahnemann and vital force have been discussed by Sir john Weir at the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine….

Science and Art of Homeopathy

Science and art involoved in the practice of Homeopathy in different aspects of case taking, selection of medicine and potency selecion by sir John weir….

Difficulties in Prescribing

A paper read to the British Homoeopathic Society, June 7, 1923. Reprinted from The British Homoeopathic Journal 1923 by Sir John weir. he discussed the difficulties one can face in practicing Homeopathy….

Hahnemann on Homeopathic Philosophy

To-day we will leave Kent out of the question altogether, and go back to Hahnemann, and try to show that by obeying his dicta, similar results to his own can still be got by anyone, in any place….

A System of Therapeutics

all about the new therapeutic system of medicine – Homeopathy. Its utilty, philosophy and method of practising it were discussed by Sir john Weir….