In the conclusion of the book Basic principles of homeopathy by GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, wrote vaous laws and finer forces in nature on which the homoeopathy based….

Based on the foregoing studies, what are the laws and finer forces in nature on which the homoeopathic school of medicine was founded.

They are the following:

First, matter is basically condensed or consolidated primary energy and all activity and changes in matter are produced by the action of energies operating in matter.

Second, man is a composite physical being, built of definite elements from the air and the earth. These elements are welded into a body, wonderfully and perfectly constructed and endowed with many qualities and a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual activities.

Third, a force or an energy, called the universal life energy, or the life force, creates, builds, supervises and maintains the body with all its organs and activities in a harmonious and complete unit.

Fourth, the life force is not an electrical or a chemical energy, nor a biological force;, but a specialized life energy, possessing the intrinsic power to build living bodies out of organic physical matter, and the forces of chemistry, electricity or biology are only servants to the controlling and vitalizing life force.

Fifth, health is a harmonious and continued activity of all the glands, organs and parts of the body in a perfect unit..

Sixth, disease is primarily a disturbance, or changes, or a disruption of thee harmonious activity within thee body unit.

Seventh, such discordant or disruptive activity within an organ or a part of the body generates within at the parts thus affected an energy antagonistic an disruptive to the harmonious activity of the life force of the body.

Eighth, such discordant energy activity within the body or part thereof causes distinct symptoms and expresses the nature and quality of the disordered activity within.

Ninth, the homoeopathic provings of drugs and medicine have established thee fact that medicinal substances have the power to derange, change, alter and disrupt the normal functional activity of the body and its organs, and to cause symptoms of ill health and disease.

Tenth, potentized medicines act by virtue of their containing liberated energy of a certain drug or medicine.

Eleventh, when the medicinal energy of a certain medicine is administrated to a sick person presenting similar symptoms to those that the m, medicine has produced in its proving on well people, it neutralizes or destroys the diseased energy activity within the body or its organs.

Twelfth, the neutralizing or destroying of the active disease energy in the body by a similar potentized medicine constitutes a cure, because when there is no irritating energy to feed the disease process, it naturally causes symptoms to disappear and this gives the life force a chance to resume its normal controlling and vitalizing influence over all the functional activity of the body as a unit.

Thirteenth, this fact establishes the law of similia similibus curantur, or that a medicine or a remedy to be curative to a disease must have produced similar symptoms in its proving on well people to those of which the patient complains.

Fourteenth, this similia implies that thee medicine must not only be similar in kind and activity to the symptoms of a disease but must also be potentized to a degree corresponding to the disease energy activity of the body.

Gustavus A. Almfelt
Gustavus A. Almfelt, MD