In such a case the homoeopath endeavours to get an exact knowledge of the course of the special neuralgia attack, of the circumstances which provoked it and influenced its development. In other words, he has to find out where the pain starts, how it moves, where it settles down, what site of the body it attacks, whether the pain is throbbing, boring, stitching or otherwise, whether or not it appears at certain hours of the day.


This question may be very difficult to answer in complicated cases and I would prefer rather to communicate with an expert, before the patient is condemned to loose all his teeth, to have his tonsils removed or his sinuses operated on. I stress the point, that indiscriminate eradicated of diseases tonsils or wholesale extraction of teeth is unjustified and does not in the least prevent relapses of rheumatic diseases.


In contradistinction to the weak, thin and undernourished Gartner child, the Sycotic child is generally fat and slack with typically increased nightly perspiration on the head (similar to the Calcarea carbonica); warty skin eruptions or typical impetigo are common with these patients; they are very liable to get rheumatism; their face is pale or pale yellowish with long dark eyelashes, a picture often met with in tubercular patients.


The patient improved visibly from week to week; in about ten weeks all her troubles had gone. By examining the patient I found that the womb was still in the same position, but it was entirely decongested and it was not sensitive to any pressure at all. The patient was quite another human being; she was happy and cheerful, able to do her housework and laughed about her previous suicidal thoughts.


In such serious cases the urine contains two other components, i.e. acetone and acetone-acetic acid; their presence in the urine we may conclude already from the winy smell of the urine or from the patients breath. If the patients breath has the characteristic unpleasant pomaceous smell, we may be sure that acetone and acetone-acetic acid are not only in the breath, but also in the urine of the patient.


My mother was unwilling to have the operation performed, and, having read books on Homoeopathy, took me to a famous London Homoeopath. He examined me thoroughly from head to foot and surprised me by the number and the minuteness of his questions. He inquired into the whole of my past history from birth and into the medical history of my parents and brother and sister.


In conclusion, I must discuss the surgical treatment. An immediate operation is necessary if the thyroid gland compressed the trachea to such a degree that suffocation may be imminent ; such a condition sometimes occurs during pregnancy ; in order to save the patients life the pregnancy must be interrupted at once.