MY TEN MOST IMPORTANT REMEDIES IN FIFTY YEARS PRACTICE. During this period we have seen many cases of inflammatory iris promptly wiped out by sodium salicylate from oil of wintergreen, gr. 20 every three hours, to give physiological effect of ringing in or stopped ears. Eighty or one hundred grains usually necessary. Atropine sulphate 5 percent locally to break up adhesions to lens, together with adjuvant hot applications.


MENTAL. The role played by mental symptoms has gradually been shown in our practice, quite as brilliant as the action today, demonstrated in an acute abdominal inflammation with severe continuous pain, responding promptly and bringing quiet restful sleep to this harassed man who otherwise in modern practice would have been treated surgically.


POTENCY. Something over a century ago, one of the foremost analytical chemists of that time, also an M.D., reducing dose to avoid evil drug effects, ground in a mortar one grain of drug to one hundred of innocuous substance, to yield as he said a mixture every part of which was the same, grinding three or four hours, a laborious process. He found a small bit of this gave the usual curative drug effect.


PARADOXES. Homoeopathy experiments on well individuals of both sexes with the administration of a single remedial substance or drug. After its administration note is taken of all changes from the normal in the mental and emotional spheres, also changes in the blood chemistry, to form a complete picture or chart of the power residing in each proven remedial agent employed.


Have had three other severe cases of meningitis where Hell. given, especially on the urinary symptoms, brought complete recovery. Another unconscious with hemiplegia, where Bell. 2M, was the curative remedy. And one more of a boy of twelve whose pain was in the upper occiput. Here, after failure of several remedies, Lyc., 6M, two doses, cured”.


The remedy held for five months when a severe attack of la grippe plainly called for Merc. c., which, 2c., gave prompt recovery from this, but the next menstruation failed to appear and a profuse discharge with rapid growth of the tumor and severe pain with reappearance of the toothache, pain in hands and back and general weakness.


In acute disease the exteriorization of cure or relief is rapid; in chronic slow and tedious and if there is not enough vitality to exteriorize, the patient is on his way out of this world’s troubles. I wonder if any of us realize the range of harm done by local treatment, suppression. Here is a list of fifty conditions due to local treatment or other suppressive things, with their remedies, mostly from Kent.


The usual treatment of septic conditions is quite energetic. A trip to a well equipped hospital, classification of the infecting organism; intravenous medication or transfusion, local treatment, surgery. For some time now sulfanilamide and more lately one of its near relatives. Some patients get well, and those who do not, leave behind the great satisfaction of the knowledge that everything science has evolved has been used.


Time of collection, part used and especially the soil from which it gets its nourishment are important. Proper dosage must be worked out as well as best time to give it, when to repeat and when to discontinue, etc., etc. All these details and others have to do with its applications in disease.

Discharging Ears

In pre-homoeopathic days we have many times cured (suppressed) chronic aural discharge and so far as we know, without the untoward sequelae one would expect. But we have a feeling that a careful follow through of these cases would show that in benefiting the ear we had visited upon these patients worse conditions deeper in. How one does flounder about trying to get somewhere in this world.


Homoeopathy, in the last analysis, is but a means to an end. It is not fantastic, just common sense, to expect homoeopathy to play an important part in constructive evolution, raising man to a higher plane physically, and mentally, where finally his eyes will see more radiant beauty and at last he will hear the message, ringing in his ears since the beginning of history, “Peace on earth, Good will toward men”.


In like manner, hundreds of years ago, was uncovered an unusual stone. It was not observed with sufficient care to discover its worth and was laid aside, to be found generations later by a brilliant young German. It had unusual attraction for him. It had taken hundreds of years to develop the seeing eye for threat stone. He polished a surface of it and was fascinated.