For a man weakened by dissolute living I prescribed (aside from other homoeopathic remedies) Phosphoric acid in Hahnemannian doses. The action was minimal. Then I prescribed the same remedy unpotentized 12 drops in water, several times. The result was excellent, general well – feeling and happiness enlivened the patient; the former long – lasting night – sweats disappeared, and coitus was again normal.


ASTHMA. Convulsive shortness of breath; mucous rales increasing breathing difficulty without sensation of fear, when patient has not expectorated for a long time; relief from coughing up mucus.


HYSTERIA. It is suitable in an hysterical attack accompanied by the “globus hystericus” which is very pronounced with pressure in the esophagus, tightness in throat, rising in throat with desire to frequent acts of swallowing; nausea, fullness in pit of stomach; contracting pressure in abdomen (Hartmann).


URINARY INCONTINENCE. Dr. Bellokossy calls for Hahnemannian Provings of these Bowel Nosodes, a plea which Dr. Paterson has repeatedly made. In fact, in the issue of the BRITISH HOMOEOPATHIC JOURNAL 1953, and quoted by Dr. Bellokossy, Dr. Paterson says, “If you have any clinical provings from the use of your Nosodes, I appeal to you to come forward with the evidence–that is what is required before one is justified in publishing a book on nosodes,” and that was in spite of the pleadings of his colleagues. Perhaps Dr. Bellokossy would care to forward his personal provings and any other which he may have.


SPEECH DEFECTS. Sponsored by the medical staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, the seminar will provide another link in the comprehensive educational research program established at the 14 month old institution. The hospital already has been fully approved by the American College of Surgeons and recently was approved for intern training by the American Medical Association.

Excerpts from Clinical Experiences

Following an attacks of facial erysipelas in a boy of eleven, which also involved the interior nose, leaving the mucous membrane swollen, closing the nostrils entirely. After the accompanying headache and fever were cured homoeopathically, a painless swelling protruded from the left nostril . Using the triturated fresh leaves of Teucrium as local application the trouble was remedied in six days.


Theodore Johann Rueckert was a prominent Homoeopathic physician in Herrnhut, Germany. He died in 1885 in his 85th year. We quote from Bradfords “The Pioneers of Homoeopathy” published by Boericke & Tafel: “With him passes away the last of the direct students of Hahnemann and the oldest of all Homoeopathic physicians. By his participation in the provings of drugs under Hahnemanns guidance he has left behind him a lasting monument and by the lively interest for our cause which he evinced to the end of his life, he has become a shining model.