CLINICAL REPORTS. Various remedies were necessary before the stubborn growth gradually disappeared. The hearts abnormal action became almost normal, and the eyes settled back into their, orbits, restoring to the patient her own sweet expression. Her general health has been very fair considering the damage perpetrated before homoeopathy rescued her.


The head surgeon introduced a poor, miserable specimen of manhood to the class. In a very astonished manner he exhibited the patients thumb; he said, “Look, students, I cannot understand why this growth should appear here, when I removed a similar one from another part of his anatomy.”


Thus we build up a mental picture of the indicated remedy, fitting it to the story just related; thus we reasonably hope for success, if we have weighed carefully the close relationship between the remedy and the patient; hope is born again in the physician and from him radiates a health giving tonic, peace and comfort to the frayed nerves or lacerated tissue, or whatever the case many be.