IODINE. In the past few years we have all seen the growth of the health food movement. This has undoubtedly been a result of the failure of orthodox medicine to take more interest in diet and partly due to the disappointing results particularly in chronic disease. Recently I saw a lady who was a health food enthusiast who was quite concerned over the sudden appearance of a goiter and was at a loss how to explain it.


INDICATIONS FOR THE CORRECT POTENCY. The problem of the correct potency has been puzzling homoeopaths for a long time. For the low potency group there is not much of a problem for they deny that there is any action to a high potency other than suggestion. They object to high potencies on theoretical grounds, or having tried them in a slipshod manner have been disappointed with results.

Why Remedies Fail

Recurrent winter colds, especially if more than one member of a family is affected, should suggest an injury as to the atmospheric condition. A humidity indicator in your own home may show some startling facts. Nowadays the humidity indicators are so simplified and inexpensive that it is money well spent to buy one. Often a pan of water on radiator or register will remedy the situation much better than Alumina for dry mucous surfaces.