What We Must Not Do In Homoeopathy – 1

The first part of the book is purely a translation of the article of Dr. Bernoville mentioned in the References. The second part of this book is a summary of ideas about the diagnosis of the patient by the help of morphology so long put forth in different journals of France by the French homoeopathic doctors and specially by Dr. Leon Vannier in his books referred in the References.

What We Must Not Do In Homoeopathy

The ulcer of the stomach, with hyperchlorhydria, syndrome of Reichman, rather a pyloric ulcer. According to the law of similars there is no other remedy but Robinia which is the best indicated by symptoms. Robinia will cause amelioration no doubt because it will act on hyperchlorhydria. Besides, Sulphuric Acid will be indicated, or another remedy of the same type may be indicated but these remedy will have only momentary effect.